source: dara’s me2day

the apple hair that makes me hair look fresh and cute again! i slept for 13 hours straight that why the cute glasses is used to hide the puffyness of my eyes ke. its great! we have completed overseas preparation. we finished up in thailand and came back on plane straight to korea so i was without sleep! we did inkigayo yesterday so i was very tired and fell alseep right away. i slept ke and now its a litlle puffy kekekke euhahahhah!!! (Translated by: winggers@DGH)

Comments on: "Me2day: Dara and her cute apple hair" (33)

  1. I like her eyeglass, her hair, her skin, her baby face, her shirt, her simplicity, I like everything about her. She’s more than an idol. aahhh! I really don’t know how describe her. gaahh! 😀

  2. Dara Cutie Baby with the Dorky Shades FTW!!
    She looks soo cute as always..
    *sigh* wanna pinch her cheeks!! 😛
    hehehe.. can’t help how adorable she looks on this one..:)

  3. pinkprincez_mya said:

    she looked so fresh!!!!!! and that pouty lips…(i’m becoming a lesbo,. yikes!!!!! hehe) i’m glad she updated, i missed her… rest well dara unnie… and adv. merry xmas!!!!! i’m excited for the 28th… hehehehe

  4. […] Me2day: Dara and her cute apple hair source: dara’s me2day […]

  5. Crazy4Dara said:

    I miss Dara’s Me2Day updates. I’m glad she updated today. She looks like a high school student w/ her hair like that & w/ her eyeglasses. Too adorable.

  6. peOple there’s a video of their performance in inkigayo… its not in YT..

    i cant remember the exact url.. but what i did was… i googled egloos 2ne1 cant nobody 101219..
    and i click on zombiepeople account… hope you can watch the performance..

  7. Oh wow!!! She looks cute, smart, dorky & beautiful at the same time. But she also looks like the girl from the “Butterfly” MV in this picture. ^_^

  8. Dara unnie is selfis…she doesn’t share the elixir of youth to anyone else…jowk..haha..

    love you dARA for ever and ever and ever and ever…muwah!

  9. dara looks so thin. i can see her collar bone! or is it just me?
    please eat more!
    anyway, you look way tooooooo young in this picture. did she found the fountain of youth? he!he!

  10. and the fresh-faced goddess strikes again! keke!:)
    i am aware that she is always cute but c’mon! ..can she be any cuter!? keke. she does get younger and younger each day:) keep getting rest unnie:))

  11. she looks 16!!!! yikes!!

  12. nya..i thought she will look mature in her hair but..waaaah….she looks younger by 1o years…^^

  13. ahhh…my day is already complete because of her update…thanks dara for updating your mitu…

  14. She is wearing Harry Potter glasses!!! Cute!!

  15. ♥JEAN♥(≧▽≦) said:

    awww…she’s so busy…
    she’s still cute w/ her puppy eyes

  16. Dara unni is Super Duper Cute!!! I like her big nerdy glasses 🙂

  17. she looks “amazing” haha 🙂 thats all thank you 🙂

  18. Yeah i kno my eyes would turn puff!-lol too..that well i guess its asian eyes~when you cry really badly it turn puffy Too!-Haha lol
    I dont look and think at dara as this asian girl~she doesnt look asian..

  19. Uhhh. They performed inkigayo?!
    Her hairstyle’s growing on me!!! 😀

  20. Ahhh! SOB SOB, She was without sleep, but I’m glad that she slept for 13 hours already!.
    Dara is cute, she doesn’t look puffy at all, she looks even more cuter.

  21. Omo, although she looks tired on the photo, she still managed to look cute and yes super young! But then again, when does she not, right?
    And thank god she updated, missed her so much!
    Love seeing her w/ glasses!

  22. i’m amazed at how young she looks!
    i’m 18, but people say i look younger. but still i think i might grow to look OLDER than dara one day!!! :O

    she’s so cute though!
    i love her x3

  23. ahhhhhh…how cute ^^ ..our baby dara is getting younger everyday… nice glasses d… i’ll find one..hehehe ..we love you.. ^^

  24. It’s great that 0ur goddess have rested long…

  25. but u guys dont post the inkigayo perf….

  26. *screaming in awesomeness* CUTE!!!

  27. she looks so young and innocent…like her better this way though of course she needs to be made up for every performance

  28. *sob sob* Why does she keep getting cuter and cuter and prettier and prettier. My heart Dara~yah!!!

  29. she looks so cute and young 🙂

  30. SUPER!!!! CUTE!!!!

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