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thanks to czen for the tip! 🙂

P.S. Let’s wait for the official YG  Life upload of 2ne1 at Inkigayo ( Yesterday) before I post it here.

Comments on: "Photos: [BATCH 2] 2NE1 at Fiore Night Party in Thailand" (23)

  1. She looks soo cute like a little rabbit in some pics then she looks really hot and smexy on the’s amazing~
    this girl rocks any style all the time! 🙂

  2. no bad angles.

    “OH! dara”, indeed!!!

  3. aigoooooo !!!
    So pretty ^^
    Just wanna snatch her and keep her >_<
    Ssantokki I ❤ U

  4. oh my! If I were a man, I’d totally want to marry her.. ahhh… *wishful thinking*

  5. hmm, will hair gel be d’s next friend? 🙂

  6. sandara park said:

    Dara FTW!!!

  7. You can totally tell her and Thunder are related if you look at the first pic ^^

  8. hayyy…it’s just a boring day without an update from dara’s mitu…i really miss her…hope she will update this day…dara,don’t use extension on your hair again…we know you’re beautiful with a long hair but you’re also pretty with your short hair now…

    • ikr?
      i keep coming back to check if she’s updated but…nothing 😦

      i love the 1st pic btw!!! :3

  9. i love her outfit:) it matches well with her hair:))

  10. mary_pink31 said:

    i am really really suspicious about dara getting a haircut.. Why cut your hair if you wont show it off? like in the fiore party night, why would they put extensions? her hair is fine without it. in their cant nobody performance in inki yesterday? they also tied it up and create a weird hairstyle again? i mean why would she cut her hair if they wil put extension and tied it up in the end? maybe they cut it off for a role in a drama or movie?
    sorry about these but i really dont get it..hehehehehehehe

  11. no problem Deshi. I am glad to share those.

    I Love Dara Park!

    if I found out something interesting I will definitely inform you.:)

    BTW are you also a member of YGL? whats your nickname there?

    Comment related to the post: Dara was amazing! Her smile is innocent and captivating. Like what Bom says a human vitamin!

  12. looks chubby @ the 1st pic ! Loves her eyes

  13. Dara unnie’s face in the first pic is mesmerizing!

  14. LuVuDara_4evr_a_Parker said:

    Love the smile! Goddess gaining sum weight!! Kya, so glad Thailand took good care of our gurls, and in return d crowd had fun..:-)
    OTP: peeps,wats d current rankng of 2ne1 on MYX? Im dying to know! Tnx!

    • LuVuDara_4evr_a_Parker said:

      *had fun w/ the gurls performance. Sorry. 😀

    • pinkprincez_mya said:

      they are still no.1 at daily top 10 and no. 18 and 17 for can’t nobody and clap your hands respectively and no.1 for go away at MIT..

  15. kyaaa~ i think our Goddess D gain weight. and im loving it. she’s gorgeous as ever!!

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