update 1:

source: dara’s me2day

wassup! just came back from macau and we immediately started preparing for the concert that’s why I’m not my right mind now. we’re practicing really hard. now that i think about it, we really don’t know how to express ourselves except singing, seems really hard. ke so we, for this concert will show you a really enjoyable performance!^^ we are always so grateful to you guys!

(Translated by: winggers@DGH)

update 2:

source: dara’s me2day

jjan! what is this~?~?!?these are the songs we’re going to sing in the concert. I am daring, am i ! we cant just show you our usual performance can we! and also this is yg’s family concert too~? hehe there are just a few days till the concert so were doing last minute practice! everyone’s dark circle are ~hwak coming out TT but im still excited…^_^ kyak!

(Translated by: winggers@DGH)

와이지 패밀리 단체 밴드연습중.. 찰칵!^.^ 선배님들과 함께 연습해보니까 배울것도 많고 정말 다들 너무너무 재밌어서 ㅋㅋ 연습하는 내내 빵빵 터지는거같아요 ㅋ 너무 웃어서 배아플정도로 ㅋ 다들 너무 잘하구~! 아 기대되요!!! 기대하세용!^.^v 굿밤!!!

YG Family’s gathering practice session *click* practicing with the seonbaenims helps me learn alot and it was really really fun.keke we were enjoying ourselves so much ke we were laughing so much our my stomach is hurting ke everybody did well~! have expectiations! please expd;ect a good performance!^.^ good night!

(Translated by: winggers@DGH)


Se7en’s UPDATE ( featuring Dara’s back LoL! )

source: Se7en's me2day

콘서트를 위해 열씨미 열창중인 둘!!! 누굴까용!?^^ 이번주 토욜 일욜!! YG FAM CONCERT 마니마니 와주숑숑숑구리당당슝당당~ 아 나 머래 ㅋㅋ

We’re working hard for the concert!!! Who is this!?^^ You’ll see this Saturday!! I hope lots and lots of fans make it to the concert~ Ah, my head ㅋㅋ


Comments on: "Me2day: Preparing real hard for the concert" (63)

  1. guys, ,maybe this might help in identifying who’s sitting beside who. I’ve seen this photo from the ygunited.com site indicating the names of the person sitting beside who..from right to left: Dara, Top, YB, Gummy, Seven then CL (in black beanie), then across from right to left : GD, Daesung, Minzy, Bom then VI….check this out…http://ygunited.com/2010/12/02/yg-family-practicing-for-the-concert-photo/

    just sad coz I want to see Dara beside GD…sorry just a daragon fan….I really miss DARAGON…=(

  2. Luv Dara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is so pretty! Haha I secretly wish that the jidarayang thing is real! Haha >.< But anyways I want them to have a concert here in LA or SF!!!! I hope they have a world tour! But guys… can you help me out please? I did a cover of 2ne1's It hurts for the mbc audition. Check it out here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrYCw6uH5bM please and thank you!

  3. Wow! Dara was seated beside T.O.P then GD beside CL or Gummy then beside her is Seungri? While Bommie is seated with Minzy & Daesung. From what the 3rd pics tell us, it really does look like our Goddess was having fun with the rest of YG family during practice. Yep, we’re anticipating for the concert alright. Seoul is such an exciting city (minus the conflict with N. Korea of course!), after the JYJ concert comes the YG family concert, then JYP family concert. I don’t know why I live in the US when I could have chosen Seoul? >_<

    • My mistake, some posters were right that it was CL that was seated beside T.O.P. coz CL’s Chrome Heart hoodie doesn’t have a design on the shoulder like the one that Dara was wearing on the first two pics. Dara wasn’t in the group photo at all coz she’s the paparazzi, she’s the one who took the group practice photo then she shared it with us thru her me2day. What a sweet Goddess! She’s just like my favorite male idol from another group whose so sweet to his fans by posting nice words thru Tweeter, his also the paparazzi in his group ha-ha..what a coincidence! ^_^

      • Green Mango said:

        I have never seen CL wear a beanie only Dara and Bom. Although Dara wears them more often and has loved them since time immemorial. 🙂 Dara also has a skinny frame which is unmistakable here. CL has a thicker and wider torso. If it is CL then it would be the first time for her to be wearing a beanie. 🙂

        • guys, ,maybe this might help in identifying who’s sitting beside who. I’ve seen this photo from the ygunited.com site indicating the names of the person sitting beside who..from right to left: Dara, Top, YB, Gummy, Seven then CL (in black beanie), then across from right to left : GD, Daesung, Minzy, Bom then VI….check this out…http://ygunited.com/2010/12/02/yg-family-practicing-for-the-concert-photo/

          just sad coz I want to see Dara beside GD…sorry just a daragon fan….I really miss DARAGON…

    • additional remember the last episode of 2ne1 TV? dara was wearing a red binnie.

      so it was and indeed Dara sitting beside TOP 🙂

  4. guys, the one with the red binnie is Dara. check se7en me2day – it was dara. or check Daragon at FB. there is this photo Dara wearing a red binnie.

    so Dara- Top-so on…

  5. […] Me2day: Preparing real hard for the concert update 1: source: dara’s me2day […]

  6. Rest More Dara.hehe

  7. YGFamily Concert is near.
    i’m very excited even though i couldn’t watch it..kkk~
    it so cute that Dara is beside TOP
    and the fact that they were awkward to each other. :p

  8. Take care of yourself Goddess D and keep enjoying your practicing of the concert. I hope the concert turns out to be a big success!! Dara unni fighting!!

  9. So I kept staring at the 3rd update! GD is the 1 wearing yellow, then Daesung, Minzy, Bommie, the 1 sitting w/ Park Bom seems Se7en to me, coz of the black hair! And then SR, Gummy, Taeyang, T.O.P and Dara! I just realized that she is really our Dara, coz I remember Cl said that she’s not really into benie’s or hats! And the way she seats is just so Dara! What do you think guys?

    • yhamzel, i think you are right.

    • you’re almost right, except the red benie girl! that girl sitting beside T.O.P is no other that Cl, Dara is sitting beside Seungri, you can see her BLACK benie!

      • imjustacuriouskittycat said:

        Nope u are wrong her when she updated her 1st and 2nd me2 it is from the other day. She only updated recently using those pics, then the 3rd update is the current day, check out se7ens me2.

        Dara is very distinct, that small frame is Dara and I never fail to figure out Dara.

        • yes it is dara your right

          • remember when dara posted mitus that shes sad fans didnt recognized she has a new hair color? Thats when she turned blonde, i guess some people dont recognize it because their stylist puts her hair up(which i dont like hmpf!). But theres no mistaking that thats dara..CL’s hair color is now ash brown,and i think shes sitting beside dae at the end on the left, the one who’s on hood on TOP’s right side is YB. Look at Yg Family so stylish even when training. Theyre one big HipHoppy Family!!! So Cool!!

  10. Thanks for the translation. wingger’s and AA’s trans are so different, I sometimes get a headache trying to decipher which one is correct. oh well~~~

  11. Oh wait, I was wrong! I think the red benie girl really is Dara, Cl is sitting at the left side of Park Bom! GD is at the farther, the 1 wearing yellow and Minzy sitting beside him!

  12. I think the 1 sitting beside TOP is CL, as you can see her hair looks different compared to Dara’s hair on her 1st photo! Maybe Dara was the 1 sitting w/ Bommie at the right side, see that black, it seems black benie to me! And on the 1st and 2nd photo, Dara is obviously wearing a black benie!

  13. pinkprincez_mya said:

    is the 3rd update from dara or from seven???
    nweiz, i think the girl on a red beanie is our dara unnie,
    the one beside TOP…. keke

  14. were not shown 😦 wahh sorry 😦

  15. aigoo sorry its not cut.. i posted the url of the pic without resizing it that’s why some parts were not show.. aigoo mianhe =( i resize it though so that you can see it fully 🙂

  16. Dara ra rah! said:

    is the photo in her 3rd update the original one? i just saw it in aa-chan’s blog and it’s either CL/Dara (i dont know who it is yet) sitting beside TOP. so Dara changed the pic?

    • yes!it is dara beside TOP if you enlarged the pic.the person beside Top has slim body and her hair is blonde hair so it is dara.from left to right seungri g-dragon taeyang TOP and dara

  17. ohmy..so everyone was working really..as in really hard in this coming yg concert..
    dara take care of your health..
    we don’t want you to be sick..

    i noticed in the 1st pic..her eyes was covered w/ a beanie.
    so perhaps her eye is…(to what she was saying DARK CIRCLE)
    oh..this workaholic goddess gives me pity..but i know
    she did this for us…for the yg fans as well.

  18. se7en updated his me2day.. i think it’s dara’s back..

    • yes i saw it too beside TOP is none other than dara i thought in a white t-shirt is gdragon but it is gummy and G-dragon is beside daesung..

  19. awww..everyone’s are tired..take care!

  20. pinkprincez_mya said:

    waahh…. i missed you dara unnie…. keke
    your me2days are my medicines….
    be well and gudluck!!!!!

  21. TO ALL BLACKJACKS and OTHER FANS of 2NE1 NOT IDENTIFIED AS BLACKJACKS but simply loving Dara and other members: LETS ALL UNITE in voting 2NE1 in Golden Disk Award. lets prove to all competing artists that 2ne1 deserves all the awards they received in MAMA. so once again LETS ALL WORK HARD TOGETHER SO THAT THEY WILL RECEIVE AGAIN ANOTHER AWARD IN GOLDEN DISK AWARD. ..
    here’s the link: http://isplus.joinsmsn.com/goldendisk/en/

  22. Lol!:) she really has a small face doesn’t she? cute goddess!:)

    goodluck with the YG fam concert dara unnie!:) i know you and 2ne1 and the rest of YG family will give us another awesome performance..just like the one in MAMA!:) stay healthy and please don’t overwork yourself!:) Fighting unnie!!:))

  23. daragonyangtop said:


    • Tae-D-ee! said:

      Actually ONLY Taeyang was the ONLY ONE FIGHTING FOR DARA…Top shot dara and thats why Taeyang pointed a GUN at Him since He shot Dara but GD came to help top since a Gun was pointed to his face so in the end Taeyang had two guns one pointed at gd the other one is top and Both of GD and TOP gun was aim at taeyang…~taeyang who was gonna kiss dara but top shot her and taeyang came back and get his revenge but gd came to help top so that be very hard for taeyang…~hehe

  24. it’s kinda ironic…
    that haters..think…”gaahh..here we go again.’ everytime Dara’s updates gets to news…

    but for us…for me…everytime dara updates…*cofetti!!! *fireworks!!!..lOL….party! party!..
    a day without Dara’s updates is soooo…boring…and lonely…
    there is really something missing in my day if i don’t see any news about her..

  25. supersta79 said:

    i decided to read her soompi thread this morning *currently on page 40* and oh my! my love for her just quadrupled! amazing girl she is! i am not usually like this but just like the TEAM MAMACAU (welovedara), i am also one dara obsessed fangirl! so obsessed that i breathe and drink this site (and all other sites related to her)24/7 LOL

    she went through all sorts of pain in life – physical, emotional. it’s sad that she probably have lived the past 8-9 years of her lilfe constantly proving herself to people. she had a lot of bashers even when she was still in the phils. and when she left and debuted with 2ne1, her bashers doubled, questioning her talent and all.

    others probably haven’t gone through even half of what she experienced in life. yes, she’s not the best singer or dancer in town but dang, if she is…believe me, she’d defy the universal agreement among people – Nobody is Perfect – because she’ll define PERFECTION! she’s very level-headed, pure, very beautiful inside out and very talented! my god, she speaks 4 languages, 4 as in 4, when i can only speak 1 fluently and barely understand another!!! and she’s really really super nice to her fans treating them as friends (so i guess, we’re all lucky!)

    haters look at her! look at her now…she’s definitely one of the most promising and brightest stars in korea and you can’t do anything about it! she worked too hard, harder than we all can imagine, to get to where she is now! i now understand why some of you says she’s your inspiration. Reading her stories inspired me in so many ways that I want to become the best version of myself too!

    Dara, i want you to be happy always. i am grateful too for knowing you because you never fail to brighten my day. You humor, passion, humility and genuine spirit, even your imperfection, I embrace them with all of my heart. I love you ’til death and if i’m a guy, I will cross 1,631 miles just to see you!


    • hi supersta79,

      comments like yours makes me super proud of dara. it pays to study hard! she has dedication, determination and discipline to get what she need.

      haters are just like lazy people envying what a great person is doing.hehe…

    • Amen…hmmm..those haters are probably looking at her Me2day right now and thinking,,,hmmm “what can i say this time”. They’re probably running out of adjectives..!!!!

      • kkk, tell the haters to do first what dara has accomplished before they give a negative comments. tell them to show us the proof that they are way better than DARA. tell them to look at their mirrors first and ask theirselves if they can do the dancing while singing or vice versa before they bash Dara. if they can’t accomplished what DARA has accomplished, its merely envy and jealousy. and that makes them a bad, bad, bad person. HATERS JUST ENJOY THEIR MUSIC. and admit it “DARA IS BLESSED” because she is good.

        • CarlaHearts2ne1 said:

          i agree, she may not be the best singer/dancer, but she is the BEST as a PERSON.. her determination is uncanny and is really inspiring.. even YG acknowledged that. i wish i have half of her guts and passion. love you Dara-yah! ^^

    • wow….

      quote: “Reading her stories inspired me in so many ways that I want to become the best version of myself too!”


      i have the same feeling…your words were bullseye…
      i’ll love Dara unnie forevah!!!

    • me too to all your comments.
      we share the same sentiments.
      it’s like your reading my mind.

    • Your comment is pure AWESOME, pure LOVE, and pure WIN! 🙂

    • Rather than hoping for Dara coming across comments like this why not compile all your testimonies and fan account to make a book!! It will be a good gift for her! Our words matters and should not keep getting buried so lets put them in a printed form and make her proud by what we say. I’ve seen enuf of her character and effects on people for us not to even record it properly. We are talking about Sandara here. Cant find another person like that at least in a million years. 🙂 So if you are in a publishing business or can write a book take the chance of carrying such project. It woud be a good tribute to make.

    • babylicious said:

      hi supersta79…
      may i know the link of her soompi thread?
      Thanks… 🙂

    • Amen to this!

    • supersta79 said:

      hello fellow dara lovers! dara fans are awesomeeee! glad that we somehow share the same sentiments. happy that she is really loved by many!!!

      @babylicious, here is the link to her soompi thread – http://www.soompi.com/forums/topic/164866-sandara-park/

      enjoy reading!

      • Jive loves nora aunor ^_^ said:

        I like your comment friend. But i cant access the link you gave. It’s telling me to get lost T.T wanna see it bad

    • your comment made me cry… i totally agree with you. as her fan since 2004, i’ve seen how she worked hard in order to prove herself. she has given her best and never stops improving. she may not be the best singer or dancer but her reinvention and improvement proves that one could always be better. she proved her detractors wrong. she will always keep on improving because she has passion in her craft. she will always be loved because of her truthfulness, perseverance and character.

  26. imjustacuriouskittycat said:

    Oh how I missed you my Goddess. Just be yourself, don’t aim for perfection in your concert. Perfection may be ideal, but genuineness is always better.

    You may not be the perfect/flawless entertainer ever, but u are the best cause you are who you are. You don’t pretend to be anyone else, LOVE U D-AH.

    • imjustacuriouskittycat said:

      P.S. Don’t stress yourself too much. Just play and enjoy the concert like you always do. (I sound like a Mom-we have the same age BTW) LMAO!

    • Green Mango said:

      Very well said. Two thumbs up!!!

      • imjustacuriouskittycat said:


        • She’s a scorpio isn’t she? Not the first time i see someone born under that sign who aim for perfection. But then like you said genuineness is much better. Serves her well all these years

  27. daragoddess said:

    aw! so sweet! 🙂 dara so pretty,

  28. DARAAAAAAAAAAA I MISSED YOU! (thats how addicted i am lmao) cant wait for the ygfam con! keep up the good work goddess! we love you :* >:D<

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