Comments on: "Fan Accounts : [WeLoveDara] Day of MAMA !" (45)

  1. you’re so lucky!! im so jealous!! T_T

  2. i hope i can meet you in the YG FAM concert! ^^

  3. Soo happy For TEAM MACAU!!
    Enjoyed reading the fanaccount!!!
    I totally can't wait for the fanaccounts they will have NEXT for the YGFAM CONCERT!!
    Best of Luck Girls!! Dara Fans REPRESENT!! 😛
    😀 ^__^

  4. WoW a totally great MAMA experience! Are you the same fangirls we met in Bangkok?

    Are you going to YG Fam Con?

    ” I thought that GD, YB and TOP were just going to perform “normallly”. I already saw them before in Bangkok and I already got goosebumps from their performance but their MAMA stage was something else.

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  6. Great experience you had there!! It seems like i’m also with you guys @ MAMA!! Thanks for sharing!! =)

  7. my throat hurts upon reading the scream lol ^_^
    good day/night everyone here @ ohdara

  8. […] Fan Accounts : [WeLoveDara] Day of MAMA ! FAN ACCOUNT OF MAMA PART 1! I sincerely hope that I can give justice to our whole MAMA experience! […]

  9. there’s no harm in trying, at least we tried our best, other’s might say the same thing with yg artist during MAMA. biased or not, we have to work hard together the way we work hard for MAMA. No Pain No Gain. here’s the link;
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  10. wow!!! i read every piece of it and not a boring word was in there….i really envy you guysss
    i can really feel your excitement!!!
    Sooo lucky!!

  11. Congratulations on geeting to meet Dara unni!! What a wonderful experience!! Thank you for taking the time to share this with us in such clear detail…Made me feel like i was there with you, except i wasn’t and i am just a wee bit jealous, but so happy for you.

  12. Im really happy for you!!!! If i was there also, I would cry and even fainted if i saw 2ne1 especially.. Nakz! exxageration! hehe.. But Dara’s been realy a part of my life. Ever since she debuted in SCQ I really admire her. I even skipped my homeworks until now just to watch 2ne1.hahaha!
    Dara is my inspiration.
    You are so lucky!!! I want to see Dara too. I wanna join with you and shre those euphoria youve experience….

  13. Wow! this fan account is just awesome! there’s so much Dara love!!! everytime i come across her name, which u fittingly wrote in bold hehe, im like eeeehhhh!!! it made me want to scream as well ^^ thank you for sharing! it made me feel as if i was living the moment with u ^^

  14. reading your fan account is like im in macau too…screaming…..hahaha…i love what you said that in yb performance fans went top performance fans screams like thunder and with gd the arena will collapse…

  15. peachymomo said:

    I can feel the excitment when i was reading this, as if i was there feeling the same.

  16. W-O-W!!:O
    reading your fan account makes me feel like i’m present at the MAMA awards. ..and i must say, even though i did not see the performances, you did give justice to them!:) the way you described was just awesome:) i’m jealous:P keke. i wish that there will come a chance that i would see 2ne1 in person too. thank you for this!:))

  17. TO ALL BLACKJACKS and OTHER FANS of 2NE1 NOT IDENTIFIED AS BLACKJACKS but simply loving Dara and other members: LETS ALL UNITE in voting 2NE1 in Golden Disk Award. lets prove to all competing artists that 2ne1 deserves all the awards they received in MAMA. so once again LETS ALL WORK HARD TOGETHER SO THAT THEY WILL RECEIVE AGAIN ANOTHER AWARD IN GOLDEN DISK AWARD. ..

    • mary_pink31 said:

      i dont know…..but almost all netizens said that GDA is SM biased so voting for yg and jyp artist their will be useless. but lets just vote…heheheheh

  18. wow!!!! a big WOW!!!

  19. starappler said:

    WOW! Super duper lucky fangirls! Amazing fan accounts! *jealous*

  20. mary_pink31 said:

    MYX will be premiering 2ne1’s 4 videos on take 5 this december 3… so it means we can now vote for them to be included in myx daily top 10 and myx international top 20… Finally i can now see their video on myx charts!!!

    • Really??? OMG.. I should watch it!!! I will really vote for them on MYX. Filipins love 2ne1 much…OMG.. I cant wait for them to explode there music here again.. Another music trendsetters for Filipinos!!!

    • I was wondering why 2ne1 is not in the daily top 10 or in mit 20….

  21. superstar79 said:

    Sandara fans are the best!!!!

  22. wow!!! thanks for sharing girl ^_^ i really appreciate your blog!! i’m so happy and jealous in your experienced!! wow so cool.. and your rich!!! my sis say that ticket in venetian hotel are really expensive… it’s very exclusive ^_^….

  23. oh my gosh, i am so jealous…TT.TT
    I wanna do some fangirling too!
    but these fan accounts gave me goosebumps…
    it’s like reliving their experience,
    thank you so much… though my daraheart is dying of jealousy and envy with your experience.
    gaaahhh, i need to do something like this soon,
    2NE1 wait for me…<3

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  25. I had fun reading your comments…

    2NE1 THE JjANG!!!


  26. Green Mango said:

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Kinda envious…

  27. omg i envy u guys so much for having those amazing experiences. i will just wait for my turn hopefully next year for our gurl’s aussie visit .. fingers crossed..

    thank you so much for sharing with us..

  28. tangerine_24 said:

    Dara’s fangirls and fanboys are simply amazing!!!!

  29. you are a true-blue dara fan! thank you for taking the time to share with us your one-of-a-kind experience. i am so happy and thrilled for you!

  30. wow! i could picture myself with you guys stalking YGFam! great fan account!

  31. you give justice to it, thank you..i got a pretty picture of what you saw..

  32. wow! that was a great experience.
    watching them live.
    how i wish i could do the same.
    i have work that day and stuck in the office.
    good thing allkpop has the live stream of it and I watch it there.
    i can say that 2NE1 and Big Bang Perf are EPIC.
    Beyond EPIC
    they trully great artist.
    YG Family really dominate that night.

  33. i gotta congrats you for making it @ mama and able to see our goddess dara ^_^ and yeah i lol @ your screaming its like im also there lmao, the writer’s throat must be hurting right now lol but yeah its awesome experience and 2ne1 is jjang! well the whole YGfam rocks! 2ne1-Taeyang-GD-Top simply love ’em all ^_^ kya!

  34. i admire you sia.i wish that i am there Love dara ❤ forever

  35. GD, YB and TOP are completely a different story altogether! They were partying the night away and flirting with the fans left and right!

    —oh may gad!!! were you one of them.???…gawwwd….i’d die

  36. Jive believe Dara is a Saint said:

    Whew!!!! What a story!! The longest and most pumped up account i ever read you could almost take a break in between! I can imagine how great the experience was. I get dazzled thinking about Dara so glorified now, so damn famous!

  37. loving it like no one’s business… glad they got the chance to see them live….kudos chingus!!! proud of you!!!

  38. THANKS SO MUCH FOR SHARING @WeLoveDara and ohdara! you guys are the best! ohdara family ftw! SANDARA FOREVER ❤

  39. ladyskeptron said:

    oh my gosh im so jealous at the same time envious…arrggghh! how i wish i was there to witness everything..too bad im in dubai >.<….. nwey kudos to you for updating us everything! gaaaahhh i so love you!

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