Girl group 2NE1 member, Sandara Park reveals her nickname for her brother, MBLAQ’s Thunder, arousing the laughter of fans and netizens.

Dara Park, on the live broadcast of KBSTV2 “Entertainment Live Weekly,” appeared with the rest of the 2NE1 members, showing an interview and behind-the-scenes for their CF of cosmetics brand, Etude.

In the interview, Sandara Park was asked to leave a message to her brother, MBLAQ’s Thunder, on the request of the VJ. She started her message with, “Gaettong-ah” (meaning, Dog Poop-ah), arousing much laughter. She then added, “When we were young, I called him ‘dog poop.'” explaining the nickname. She added, “Gaettong-ah, please do not be stingy with your reply,” with a smile, the words of advice attracted attention.

2NE1’s leader, CL, also says, “Sandara-unnie’s brother, Thunder, and I are born in the same year, and we call him, Mr. Dog Poop,” once again arousing laughter.

Fans responded with,“Well, can I have that dog poop, unnie?” “Marry me, Mr Dog Poop!” (I bet Mushy would want to know where you live so she can smother you with your own pillow. ThunderMuff FTW!!!-Belle) “Their relationship is enviable!” “Park siblings are so cute” showing fondness and hilarity.


Source: Various Nate articles
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Comments on: "News: Sandara Park Reveals, “I Call Thunder, Dog Poop” Envoking Laughter" (21)

  1. please continue voting for unnie….just click at unnie photo..deadline until 16 of september…71637A&rs=1

  2. “mr. dog poop”
    haha:) super funny!:)

    i agree with one of the fans’ comment,
    ..park siblings are really cute!:)
    love their closeness with each other:))

  3. 2ne1shabam said:

    ^_^check this out!!!

  4. Guys please vote Dara in this poll… The competition is kinda tight..

  5. mblaq is going to the philippines this september with papa rain!

  6. that was cute but what a foul-smelling name, lol.

  7. lol! i remember my sister and i called each other random ugly names too when we were young, like “tae, butiking pasay, mata (cause she got big eyes), bagli (libag)” and more..i love these siblings!
    “Gaettong-ah, please do not be stingy with your reply,” maybe makDoong doesn’t reply often to her text that’s why she said that..

  8. i wonder whats the story behind ‘ poop’.
    it would be fun to know.

  9. dara unnie never fails to amaze me

    dara unnie saranghae

  10. Ahahah, so even the other members call him DOG POOP!
    They must be close w/ him too!
    I wonder if DOG POOP is close w/ bigbang boys,
    I saw se7en is kinda close w/ him,
    Since he patted his back when they were at MNET MUSIC SHOW!
    What does she mean by that?

    • tangerine_24 said:

      hi..I think she was asking Thunder not to be too harsh if ever he decides to retaliate or tease her back..

    • I think thunder is so busy he barely reply on her text or when he reply it must be short that’s what understand don’t be stingy on ur reply. The opposite be generous with ur reply.. Maybe noon was not busy harassing dog poop with many txt mags dog poop can’t keep up lol

  11. sweepberry said:

    Anyone explain what are the meaning of the nick ‘dog poop”? well in korea what does it tells? for me its literally the word itself, but in other meaning it might not be bad at all. So yeah wanna know the alternative cause/meaning behind it ^.^

    PS. what’s the connection of calling it a name, if CL & chundong are born same year? *clueless* XD

  12. Park siblings is love!!
    i really wanted more of their interaction..kkk~

  13. Hahaha! “Dog Poop”? They really are siblings! XD

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