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But for a pure Korean who is now based in the Philippines, Jenny, or Jin Sol Kim considers Sandara Park, now known worldwide as the member of Korean pop girl group 2NE1, as a huge inspiration. “Natutuwa ako kapag napapanood ko siya. [I feel happy whenever I get to watch/see her] I feel proud to be a Korean and also to be here sa [in the] Philippines. Nasa Korea na si Sandara [Sandara is already in Korea] and she’s making people there very happy but at the same time pati ‘yung mga Filipino dito at ‘yung ibang Korean na nandito na proud din sa success niya. [… both Filipinos and Koreans here are also proud of her success.] Sana ma meet ko siya one day.” [I hope to meet her someday]

Sandara and her Korean family had been living in the Philippines for some time when she joined the reality search Star Circle Quest in 2004. Though she only finished as a runner-up in the competition, Sandara managed to enjoy a successful career in showbiz, doing teleseryes and movies. A couple of years later, she and her family decided to go back to Korea where she became part of 2NE1. Her singing and dancing training in ABS-CBN became her edge to establish a career in Korea.


Translations by: Oh Dara!


Thanks to zaizai and contessa for the tip 🙂

I agree with some of your comments but let’s refrain from bashing, please. I also don’t agree with some statements in the article (by but those are all in the past now.  Let’s just focus on the fact that Dara is an inspiration. 🙂 Peace and love y’all. <333

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  1. like most of you here, i don’t agree with some parts of this article.
    Dara is truly an inspiration.

    i love Jenny. i was actually betting on her to be the big winner had it not been for the mistaken trust…
    now Ryan Bang ftw!!!hahaha…
    Jenny ❤ Ryan






    Let’s moved on and just appreciate Dara today!

  3. Entertaintment business in our country sucks. Always the same. There is lack of avenues for talents, movies and technologies. Why when i look at them i see gray but when i look at korean or japanese entertaiment i see colours.

    It’s on the economy i guess 😦

  4. since am not filipino, idk anything about Dara’s past beside the fact that she was famous there..
    after reading the comments here, i felt so sad :[ i thought she was really popular, how come they just cut her off? did her popularity slow down or sth?

    • Yeah, she is really popular back then but the company ignore her comeback during PBB days. there is an interview that dara said that she was pissed, but past is past. that is the real score.

    • Everything worked out for the better though because she intended on going to Korea to try and audition anyway and ABS helped make her stronger and who she is today. so all is good.

  5. Chloe Was Here said:

    I’m curious about this since I was not a Sandara fan during this period. But was ABS CBN aware that Sandara became a YG trainee in 2005? I saw in her Human Theatre documentary that the winners for the SCQ Contest were given a 3 year contract as part of their prize. Technically, she was under contract with ABS CBN from 2004 to 2007.

    Was this training considered a breach of contract or an act of disloyalty by ABS CBN? Or, was she granted special permission to undertake this priviledge? if not, is this the reason why she was working without a manager assigned by the company in 2006 when she got back from Korea?

    I always wondered why she said in her Star Diary she did not have a manager during that controversial photoshoot and it was usually her mom who went with her in her commitments. Did working without a manager to strategized her comeback in 2006 affected her re-orientation to the local biz? Who was making decisions for her?

    Another question that’s been bugging me is when she said in her Star Diary interview that artists in the Philippines consider hiatus as a career suicide that’s why she did not have a vacation until a year later. When she was in Korea in 2005 for her YG training was this considered a hiatus or did she have corresponding acivities ongoing in the Philippines because she did go back several times during that year?

    Thanks in advance.

    • contessa said:

      hi chloe, i believe abs cbn talent centre was aware of YGE invitation for dara’s training. there was no breach of contract but her career suffered a lot. she was at the peak of her career when she left and her fans were left hanging, as far as i have remembered i was terribly sad why she chose to go to korea for schooling (thats what her reason btw) and i thought it was a bad decision.
      her mother company has a very huge pool of talents, more than a hundred and the competition was tight. about the manager thing, usually abs cbn talent center provides its talent a handler, handlers are those in charge of the schedules and activities, but they are not the ones who make decisions for projects.

    • daphne84 said:

      Yes being on a hiatus is a career suicide here in our entertainment industry. The ongoing mentality here is that if one is out of sight, one is bound to be out of people’s minds. The idea is that if someone or something is easily forgotten or dismissed as unimportant if it is not in our direct view.

      When she left to study in Korea, I was one of those fans who feared for her career because the competition was really very stiff. No matter how great you are, the station believes that their talents are easily replaceable

      However, I commend Dara for pursuing what she really wanted and other people might call it stubbornness but I still believe that this so called “stubbornness” lead her to where she is right now.

  6. hey guys! chill! relax! let’s not bash on ABS-CBN. I agree that there once a time that they had ignored Sandara just because a new artist has arose. I feel bad about it as well. But we must not take for granted that because of this station, we have known of the existence of Sandara Park if she hadn’t join that reality show and made Sandara known worldwide. That’s why Dara has the largest fanbase. Well, they somehow had a little contribution to her success. So Chill!

  7. hmp..i really dont like television but u knw without abs cbn show scq i dnt thnk dara wil be known..thats y everythng that happened is really daras fate so i wont bashed on abs-cbn..everythng happend 4 a rison,when dara decided to rest thats was really a big blow becoz pbb dat tym was really a hit and then der was kim chiu..the only fault of abs der is dey didnt thnk of a way for dara to comeback,philippine showbiz is a killer if pipol is cold to u then u wil really struggle..and also the thng abwt her fathers problem..anyway dat made dara decide to go back KOREA dats still a gud thng becoz dats the best decision shes done becoz GOD has a gift in store 4 her thats YG,f daras career is gud in phil she wil not be in 2ne1.i accept everythng dat happened..dats part of our Goddess journey,dara didnt hate ABS when she came back in the phil she was very happy, she forgot everythng lets just be thankful now..blackjacks fighting..

  8. TaeminSHINEE said:

    Yeah, as long as you’re pretty, You are going to SHINE in Korea with the help of the company like SM, YG or JYP. because their training is very different.

    Jenny, work very hard for you to success like Dara!

  9. I AGREE W/ ALL OF YOU!..hehe,,
    i actually see jenny in real life because she study at my school when i was a high school student..she’s very pretty and simple..i hope she will work hard and one day become like DARA♥.
    well i don’t actually hate ABS or blame them for everything because w/o her being famous at SCQ their wouldn’t be any Documentary about DARA that made YG got interest in her..i still think ABS is the stepping stone for DARA’s success and also Dara’s hardwork and determination!!!….fighting fighting ya ya ya!!DARA!!ppyong!!!

    • Stepping stone, yes… Sandara started to ABS, make a name and she did, her project left and right. But when her partner (Hero) did a wrong turn and she admitted too that she actually didnt like hero and she’s with Joseph, (i like Dara’s honesty)…I think ABS-CBN didn’t want what Sandy xposed at that time… After that her career became lame, and ABS forgot her… (Di na sya mapakinabangan eh, pinabayaan na sya)…. Thats was also started that i hate ABS-CBN then….

  10. Mishel-chan said:


    – comment edited – (pinkyasumi)

  11. oh nice read, thanks jenny kim. (if i were the jenny or ryan, i will look for a korean agency and get

    it is in the past that they forgot sandara. but her fans was not asking for her to be famous again. her fans asked abs to give her work coz she is helping her family. oh yes, dara was broke that time, commercial endorsement didnt renew her contract, no regular show for almost 6 or 8 months?,no guestings, less out of town shows. she was so sad she has no clothing sponsor.(but look at her now? all those luxury brands.heheh…) she always save money to pay for the housing rent.

    i know holding grudges is a bad attitude. dara never hold grudges against abscbn. but i am happy that those people who looked her down, made her down emotionally are looking her up today. it is true bukas luluhod ang mga tala. hehe…

    sandara is my inspiration too. our inspiration.

  12. daebak_ssantokiiiii said:

    what the….who made this article?
    abs-cbn is reall an epic fail

    “Her singing and dancing training in ABS-CBN became her edge to establish a career in Korea.”????

    are you really sure. Its not the real score. are you talking EDGE?
    It took time before Dara to debut as an Idol because she lacks skills.

    Star Magic is not helpful at all. Why use Abs-cbn for Dara’s success? I’m starting to hate Abs more now.

    first, they ignore dara during PBB times. then now…claiming that its because of ABS? It’s all because of her attitude. yeah workshops are really helpful, but Workshop with ABS is not really helpful. Why use that in Article…Damn…

    She trained with YG as an actress, which is the real score. ABS-CBN news is an epic FAIL…


    Jenny thanks for liking our Dara. since you’re a Korean too… don’t expect ABS will give you all the attention coz.. they are just using you to make news in Korea.. what a bad move ABS

  13. elsieds said:

    what she’s saying is true. I’m a Filipino but I’m very happy for Dara.

  14. -daeGilbak02- said:

    Dara is really popular now. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
    LOL. I agree that ABS just use Dara for their company's name. hahaha
    that is why they invited Teenters in PBB to make another Dara
    LOL… ABS is an epic fail
    Dara is very different..LOL

    Dara achieved her dreams because she is willing to learn and because of YG. 😛 😛

    Jenny thank you so much for inspiring Dara noona.

  15. beibei04 said:

    Yeah, me too, I’m not watching TV anymore. I’m just watching Online…

    They don’t need to be feature in any TV station here in Philippines just to promote. I don’t want Dara to return here in Philippines because ABS will just use her. Maybe like what SUJU did.. Concert then return to Korea. ABS = user.

    Jenny saranghae<3
    I like you now…thanks for liking Dara…i just wanna kiss…never wanna miss

  16. I hope Jenny attend training classes if she still want to be in entertainment (or someday)…. Maybe a korean company eyeing her now like Dara before right? Dara did her documentary for korean nework in 2005, so they aware in d phil. showbiz.

  17. aznichan said:

    It is only hard for Dara here in Philippines because of her filipino and english language. But Dara has her skills before, it just that her language is different. Our Talents here in Philippines really sucks.Dara just debut here in Philippines, that’s all. Being a star here in Philippines is part of her destiny, that she may use to reach her goal in korea, It’s her dream to be an actress since her childhood days. workshops here in Philippines is far from YG’s acting lessons. I agree that her hardships is the key for her success in Korea, but the main point is that DARA IS REALLY HARDWORKING with the Help of good words and advice from President YG.

    Note: Jenny work hard too.

  18. thebest said:

    jenny should work hard like dara, jenny’s lifetime in showbis is limited.
    Jenny must not depend on ABS-CBN.
    ABS-CBN ignore Dara because of PBB. I hate it.

    Dara is great now because of YG entertainment.
    Again I repeat, It’s because of YG why she is successful right now.(acting, dancing, singing) all because of YG.
    Dara experienced so much difficulty….

    Thanks Jenny for choosing Dara as your inspiration.

    • santifever said:

      yeah, you’re right
      It is not because of ABS-CBN.
      It because of Dara’s hardwork
      I still remember how ABS-CBN ignore Dara as she return in the Philippines just because of Kim Chiu.
      Then Now, because Dara is so popular, They are claiming that Dara is their hypocrite they are. Poor Dara, ABS is just using Dara’s name for their company.


      • (-Dara-Unnie~!-) said:

        yup, Sandara deserves to stay in Korea, she should not return to ABS. they are not worthy to meet Dara. I just want 2NE1 to tour here in Philippines but not to appear in ABS-CBN. They don’t need media just to be popular, cos they are already popular. Internet is the medium or tool now. Not TV. What will happen to Jenny if her star will fade here in Philippines. Duh, it will be sad for her.

        Jenny Do your best and your God will do the rest. So you won’t regret if Abs will throw you like garbage.

    • StellarDara~'3 said:

      oh i see, abs is really a user.
      anyway JENNY thanks for inspiring our beloved Dara.

      • kasaoki.tohoshinki said:

        Dara is truly an inspiration for everyone. I love her so much. she is my idol. who cares about ABS. I’m not watching TV anymore (TV sucks). I’m just using my internet to watch asian dramas. Arigatou Jenny! You like Dara? I like you now jenny!

        • Who cares about that network! Me too, I’m not watching TV anymore, i dont even know what happening around the phils (specially politics)… Really Sandara is my inspiration too, even tho maybe im the oldest among you guys here!… Browsing (for Dara) and my work is my everyday life….

          So i hope jenny improved her craft (attend training classes)… And someday she will become the next Dara Park!

    • sweepberry said:

      Yeah agree to that. But it’s also a Fact that Dara gained her will to shine and improve more through the harsh trainings and workshops she have during her time in the Philippines. As if it was her orientation to furnish her hardworks she’ve done during her H/S days as a bubbly and lively Sandara. Also I’m half sad because it is the abs-cbn who forget her because of another talent been discovered. But Gladly YG takes the opportunity to have her ^.^.

      So I think its a good thing that happened from a bad thing she received, her great hardwork will always OPEN a new career once one been closed. And yet it’s more BETTER than her Previous company in the Philippines. Now she can do whatever she wants. ^^

      Truly a good Inspiration to all People, any race and any gender. 😀

  19. i love jenny and layan bang !!!
    i love dara parkkie!!!

  20. pinkyasumi said:

    truly dara serves as an inspiration to many people. 🙂

    thanks for sharing this article.

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