“The pose that’s never awkward! It looks so natural ke ke ke”

SOURCE: Dara’s Me2day + Translated by GEE@YGLadies.com

Comments on: "Me2day: Dara’s Natural Pose" (27)

  1. Dara’s new ‘do really suits her. love it!!!!
    then again, any hair do looks good on her but in this ‘do.. she looks even more gorgeous!!!!!

  2. jay_usa said:

    i had a funny feeling der in LA becoz of yg auditions and i had a feeling dat their adding 1 member for 2ne1..isnt that cool..another 2ne1 member,i hope..hahaha..me dreaming..hahaha….hehehe..

  3. arianna said:

    I think sometimes it’s just how the picture goes? what type and colors the outfit that she’s wearing, I mean look on her other me2day the one with bom and the tittle was “kung fu pandas” if you look on that picture she look sooo fine, I mean she had this little muscle..^^ because her top was color white and the size was fit her, and now she’s wearing an black outfit and black color is supposed to look you have lost some weight.

    way back in the philippines i have a problem on my weight like dara but when i come here in europe my mom always insisting me to drink fresh milk every morning so now my weight is right for my age and height. so if you really want to be healthy it’s up to be yours, don’t blame it on your fast metabolism just it healthy food and be “responsible”.

  4. dara's fan said:

    Do you remember/see her father? its in their genes… Thunder really looks like his father’s built…tall and skinny too… But they’re really needs more meat actually!

    Sandara pls. eat and eat more tasty, healthy and delicious food ok?!

    • chinita said:

      as what benjo, aigook have said.. it was in their metabolism, even you eat 4 kg of meat if you have a very fast metabolism it wont show in your body… lol as if dara’s never eat tasty, healthy, and delisious food… i think she eats more that i do .hahahaha

      Dara FIghting!!!

  5. jhana_usa said:

    coming from the same body type, we have no choice its really hard 2 gain weight..dara is the natural skinny type..and usually our weight just bounce from 40-45..so we cant do nothin about it..lets just support her and ignore those haters who r just jealous of our daras charm, haha 4 them,they r so fix with the steriotype of a sexy body and yet their not as popular and as loved like dara hahaha..blackjack fighting mode..

  6. jhana_usa said:

    hmp…i thnk i learned to love dara becoz we hav the same body type and eventhough we eat 2 much i dnt gain weight..at first i have tried every damn method 2 gain weight but to no avail…nw wid daras view in life i wil stop wishing to gain weight..just live my healthy life..im 22 nw but i love my body,thanks dara 4 inspiring me to accept this body..labyah..;)

  7. scarlet said:

    i am just so worried about dara …. i really think dara lost her weight while on hiatus ….though i think she is healthy but still wont mind really if she just got some meat … yes, she is naturally skinny and all but that’s no excuse in making yourself more meatier … and i know YG fam is taking care of her but you cant stop other people to notice the weight and be concerned about it …..if you see all other comments from other site fan or non fan will take notice of it and even comment about it…. although i know she is healthy, hope somehow she will do something about getting more meatier when they do their comeback …..though gorgeous as she is still now, it wont hurt to see the round cheeks on dara that i saw in her pre-debut pics ….

    • There are just some people that have a hard time to gain weight the same way that there are some people whose weight fluctuates from one moment to the next. 😀 I think there is nothing wrong with it. If fans are “worried” about her what more so YG family who continuously monitors their artists? I think we shouldn’t push our own standards of what “looking healthy” and “meatier” is to other people who really have a different body chemistry than ours. Plus let’s not forget the fact that she has been so busy lately probably compared to the other girls. She works hard and most probably her weight is just a reflection of her hard work. Let’s not get worried to much. She’s happy. She’s healthy. She’s successful. She’s loved. She’s taken good care of. Right YG family? 😀

      • And just as what Jive said… Let’s not get too hung up on her weight! 😀

        She’s happy. She’s beautiful. She’s healthy. She’s successful. She’s loved. She’s taken good care of.

        • That’s the point… Im sure that fan is not the first one to ever notice Dara’s weight . Of course YG is aware of that but do you think her being thin is affecting Dara or YG…you guys are talking about it nonstop like she is sick……She is living a healthy and happy life and not to mention her being famous and living a more comfortable life than most of us here so ….So what if she is skinny …but who amongst the 2ne1 members that has a more positive outlook in life, whose smile brightens all our days, who cheers the members when the going gets tough, who captures every korean and dara’s fans with her sincere words , who captivates our attentions when she appears on tv or every news in korea…..That is Dara…only Dara… So i’d rather be thin and be happy than live with that freakin’ fat you guyys are talking about but be miserable……
          So please stop taliking about their weight….her weight or Bom’s ..
          And to her so called fans who goes to every site/blogs/furoms and just talk about Dara being thin and nothing else…you are the ones that need help……Why don’t you take Dara as an example and live a happy lives like Dara’s

  8. she’s so thin here.
    is it the hair or the shirt?

  9. I loove her outfit!!!
    She looks soo laidback and very simple yet it still brings out personality and style~
    Love her pants and those LV belt, ^^
    what designer brand is Dara’s jeans by the way? LOL!
    i want those!!
    She has always been skinny, so i’m not surprise really,
    but I think she is healthy, some people just have fast metabolism that she never gets fat easily, lucky her~
    Dara has been updating a lot these days,
    And I’m lovin’ it, more more more LOL!

  10. The real natural pose for dara is when she is standing on the top of the chair making faces.

  11. cool very cool

  12. DrunkenUnicorn said:

    I want that LV belt and the Taeyang shirt she wore on the last post soo much T_T

  13. she looks soooooooooo thin. o.o

    • She may be thin but she’s healthy. As a fan who loves her shouldn’t we just be happy that she’s healthy? 😀 She is naturally thin and skinny. Nothing wrong about that. o.o

      Just as long as she is eating and living healthy… Go Dara! 😀

      • Hey guy, i like your name. Thats the best nick in the world… Lol u can only guess why 😀

        btw thats what i’m about to say. She is naturally thin and we can only support and love her no matter what

      • relax..dont get too hung up on that ^.^

        • Looks like fe’s comment and mine are being push down all the time….or am i just trippin???? Weee what a ride ^_^

      • If i hav a magic i put her some meat! kekeke

  14. mitchy_82 said:

    haha.. she still looks awkward..lol
    thats why i like her..shes different

  15. I’m loving her new look she totally look even more gorgeous. A true vAmpire as she gets old she gets younger not a vampire a “curious case of sandara park”

  16. dara GODDESS!Hehehe..2ne1 is coming back..whew im excited..lets support yg artists guyz..

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