2NE1’s Sandara Park will be appearing in her sunbae from the same company, Taeyang of Big Bang’s first full solo album music video. Recently, in the entertainment district, there has been a fierce battle in order to cast Sandara Park in TV dramas and entertainment shows.

YG artists have a strong sense of belonging, and their bonds are strong as well. For example, on the weekend of the premiere of TOP’s first, leading movie ‘Into the Gunfire’, more than 1 000 000 showed up, seated in the VIP area was his Big Bang band mates and of course, all the 2NE1 members showed up to show their enthusiastic support for him.

For this MV, even though Sandara Park has her regular full activities ahead of her, and is currently in the middle of busy schedules, she still made time. If it were not the title song, ‘I Need a Girl’ of Taeyang’s first full solo album (on sale on July 1st), it would not have been possible for her to participate.

Taeyang’s new song ‘I Need a Girl’ has G-Dragon featuring in it, however with the entertainment district’s hot topic, Sandara Park helping Taeyang out by making her appearance, the song is quickly rising up as this summer’s most anticipated song.

Production companies that are seeking Sandara Park for movies and dramas are quickly accelerating their paces. At the moment, the demand for her even exceeds top stars such as Kim Taehee, Jeon Jihyun, Song Hyegyo, etc.

Last year, she breathed life into her role as Rie, the daughter of a ninja in the MBC drama “The Return of Iljimae”, and she is currently at the top as a star who is equally able to succeed as an actor as well.

The 2NE1 members made their appearance in the idol world like a comet, and it has already been a long time since Sandara Park has risen to the status of a world-class top star. While she can be innocent, she can be equally sexy as well, and can even dance and sing. Any producers cannot help but to drool over her.

One of people close to Sandara Park revealed “Because of 2NE1 activities, she has had no time to appear in a full-fledged acting role”, “However because there has been a lot of interest over (Sandara Park)’s acting, even during her busy schedules, she willingly accepted the role and helps ease some of her desire to act.”

Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20100621n03054
Translated by: GEE @ ygladies.com

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  1. we all wish that you will be having a concert here in the Philippines with the group of bigbang

  2. aimee lagahit said:

    hello sandy kamusta ka na? im aimee of phillipines im your fanatic here in manila sana magconcert kayo ng 2ne1 ng concert dito kasi meron na kayong album dito please manunuod ako god bless you ^_^

  3. aimee lagahit said:

    hello sandy im aimee lagaahit of phillipines you are totally amazing lady you always keep your feet on the ground and never forget your fans here in manila just as you promise to be an artist in your own country when you left here in phillipines you have your word of honor hope you would still stay in that way and be happy you coz you deserve what you are achieving right now and finally your music is already out in the market here right now your truly a blessed lady ^_^

  4. size bişi sormak istiyorum tae yang dara ile çıkıyomuş bu doğrumu

  5. i really like her….

  6. i like so much…. i really love her krung krung memories in the philippines… she’s really pretty and i find her simple….

  7. GD-DARA-YB.. FTW!!! Counting the days..hurry up July 1!!!!

  8. CarlaHearts2ne1 said:

    reading the rest of the comments, everyone’s excited!! can I just sleep the entire week and wake up on the 1st?!! This is gonna be the longest 9 days of my life! ever!!!!!!!

    D-DAY!!! 2010.07.01


    • my-opinion said:

      hahaha! how about there’s more exciting news between d 9 days u sleep? u will be late then… kekeke!!!

      • CarlaHearts2ne1 said:

        lol you have a point… right now, i live for more teasers from Dara on her mitu, and more updates here. The only news that’s gonna be better than her being on the mv is, if, it turns out she will be doing a collab w/ YB after all. Gawd! it’s a long shot but… who’s gonna be on the last 5 tracks?!

  9. oh my!!!!!

    w8 i cant breath!!i thnk im going 2 have a heart attack!

    .,wow!now i cant w8!


    im in heaven!!!…LOL

  10. i would like to think that Dara will be partnered with neither GD nor YB in the MV. it’s not good for her career (i think) if she’ll be partnered with either of the two hottest Bigbang members. Fangirls would cry and might say something about her. So for Dara’s career… i hope she’ll have another actor as partner in the mv.

  11. […] News: Sandara Park to appear in TaeYang’s Solo MV 2NE1′s Sandara Park will be appearing in her sunbae from the same company, Taeyang of Big Bang’s first […] […]

  12. Can I just spazz again here?
    LOL! Super duper excited!

  13. So all the news and articles about dara’s possible acting in dramas were not rumors even in that nine tailed fox with LSG were somewhat true. YG is picky, lol. the best words in in that news posted above are these “the demand for her even exceeds top stars such as Kim Taehee, Jeon Jihyun, Song Hyegyo, etc.” omg!..these are not just ordinary actors of the country, they are superstars!!!, dara you made me proud. In every single day that youve started being active in Korea, everyday there is always an element of surprise, a very pleasant surprise.

    GD, Dara and YB…nothing can beat this three..epic collab from these top idols. DDay is July 1st!!

  14. kalorkesh said:

    what a great news!!!omg..i love yg more because of this..
    excited for the mv!!!!sundaragon ftw!!*_*

  15. tamtamie said:

    waah~ i want to see the MV….hahah~
    i’m spazzing right now…*faints*
    i’m not shipping but i smell love triangle if ever Dara-unnie will appear on the song I Need a Girl…
    i’m really anticipating this…waah~ ^^

  16. Woah! Just by reading that article, I can say that Dara is one of the VIPs in S. Korea or at least that’s how they described her. =))

    She has some haters but she also has an undeniably lots and lots of fans, their whole country loves her plus the other fans from foreign countries or in short, the whole world love her. hahaha… Well, she should continue what her doing and just train more and more on her singing so people who criticize her singing talent eat their own words.

    I love her voice in ballads =) just sharing. It matches her sweet voice, that’s what I think.

  17. Spazzing like a madman!!!!!!!! WAAAAH! I so anticipate this!

    July 1, come quick! GYAAAAH!!!!

    I can’t effin breathe! Dara is killing me…. WAAAAAH!!!!!

    Go Dara Go! Hwaiting Taeyang! I hope GD will appear in the MV also (of course, right!). Love triangle~ xD

  18. Oh goshhh.!
    as in OMG! yihiiiie.
    this news made my day.
    I’m soooooo excited.
    I hope I can see a very lovable sandara (always) .
    I can’t help but to wait this MV.. GDYB and DARA WOW.. they were like having a reunion. hihi…
    they are friends. right? yaaaah. I’m so excited.

  19. This made my day!
    This is one great news for all of us!!
    Love it!
    been waiting for this since ever!! LOL!
    always wanted to see these three work together
    the close friendship they have since 2004!! yesh!! ^__^
    Excited and very proud of Dara
    especially as to how these producers wants Dara, and they sure are fighting who will get Dara in their production~
    Waa!! YG must be having a hard time choosing which is which,
    YG wants nothing but the best for his babies and I’m glad that Dara is in good hands with YGE, they plan things very carefully and they take care of their artist, which is great!
    Wonder what the concept is, and I can’t wait to see it as soon as it is release!! yay!!
    you deserve all the blessings, wishing and praying for more great things to come to you and 2NE1!!
    YG FAmily FTW!! ^__^

  20. i don’t know why but the moment i read this news! i was spazzing like crazy! maybe because i wasn’t expecting dara to star on another idol’s mv again…but still im excited! and it’s taeyang’s album!! i was hoping for her to star in gd’s album but it’s okay…this is still a very great opportunity!! dara go go!! im excited!!!

  21. wanna comment again, lol. this is the biggest and most anticipated event in my kpop fandom, i am so excited to the highest level. the three bffs are collaborating, somehow i am confident there will be no more crazy fangirls in korea that will likely hunt her. definitely GD will have a cameo too since he is going to do the rapping part, and obviously YB is the main character alongside with Dara…i know this is too much to handle.

  22. enidglare said:

    LOL!!! YG really knows how to slap our faces with good news noh? I don’t mind if my cheeks are swollen as long as my hunger of YG family is more than satisfied. I’m giddy then calming again then giddy again. YAH YG!!! Don’t tease us too much. Our poor hearts have enough to handle all the good news about YG family. First Gummy,TOP, Se7en, Taeyang, and now Dara on the MV??? Aigoo!!!

  23. tmsquare said:

    I’ve been a silent lurker here ever since but I really can’t let this GREAT news pass! First time to comment here! Waahhhh! I really wanna join the party though I still have to study for a test tomorrow. I really can’t wait!!! Goddess D is really the best. I can’t wait to see her acting in YB’s new music vid. Knowing that gd will also be featured makes me spazz harder ~Jidarayang & Daragon! Waaahh *faints*

  24. OMG! DARA with taeyang and GD. I just heard the news and I already can’t help but to spazz over it. I just hope GD makes an appearance in the MV. I can’t wait for it.

  25. Chloe Was Here said:

    Just got back from school and wham! I hope the MV’s story is a love triangle with YB, GD and DARA! Shippers are going to have a field day! LOL

  26. starappler said:

    OKAY! THIS NEWS REALLY MADE MY DAY AS IN REALLY! Thank you so much YG!!! With all the stress my thesis is giving me this news just made me so happy! DARA FTW! 🙂

  27. South Korea and Philippines have really something SPECIAL in common — it’s Sandara Park! !!

    May God Bless our Beloved T T

  28. pinkgirl said:


  29. 2ne1doll said:

    OMO! I hope I see some Daragon in the MV!!! I absolutely agree with this article! Who wouldn’t want to see her act and appear more in dramas aside from perform with 2NE1! ^-^

  30. OMG. I just came from my school’s parade plus other strenuous activities then when I read this *BAM, all the soreness of my body went away. AHHH. I can’t wait for July 1. Seriouslyyy. It’s JIDARAYAAAAAAANG. ♥ This would be epic, I’m sure. I bet a lot of fans will be waiting for this.



    I LOVE YOU MR. YG !!!



  32. aHhhhhhhhh july quickkkk i need nowww hahahahah
    im tOO excited by thiss……..

    spazzing like crazy here………..

  33. wow cant wait..:) im super excited!

  34. Clementinen said:

    I just have to join the party 🙂 JiDaraYang FTW and finally for real. Finally, YG has decided to capitalize on the “rumors” that are going around and are going for a “titillating” style promotion for YB`s album!!! Am liking it very much!!! With Dara`s fans spread all over the world, her being in the mv will surely widen YB`s fanbase too.

  35. toxic3madness said:

    finally an mv with YB and DARA in it..I love it.. hehe
    aww i wanna see gd in it too… spazz spazz spazz…kekekek..
    can’t wait for july 1st.. yay… wow she’s growing day by day. she’s shining so brightly up there. 😀

  36. Bubblegum said:

    P.S. Hopefully, the stylists won’t make her wear her Hello uniform… (large tshirt + jogging pants).
    For once, I wanna see her in a beautiful dress and her hair down.

    I’m so excited. weeeeeeeehhhhh!

  37. in my own opinion guys, dara is very popular now a days……but i hope this will not end up like her career her in the philippines….sikat n sikat sya noon grabe ang stardom nya pero anung nangyari……pero hnd pa rin sya ngpatalo she proved them wrong…..n isang sandarang ndapa kyang bumangon mas mataas pa…….wish her all the luck in her career…..go go go……can’t wait for the mv……..i hope n my kissing scene cla…….anu kya ang feeling ni mr. k……….=)

    • Clementinen said:

      Gahhh a kissing scene? Did not even think of that – just the 3 of them in an mv was exciting enough for ma poor heart!!!

    • Bubblegum said:

      I agree with what you’re saying, I definitely hope it’s not a short term success or fame.

      I think she’s handled better there, they don’t spoil the fans with too much Dara programs, movies, exposure, etc. So us fans learn to be more patient and at times when she’s given breaks like this, we really appreciate it more.

    • yes i wish she surpass (mahigitan) her stardom before (Phils) in korea now… Im pitied her when she comeback last 2008 but its look like ppl not interested anymore to her, but good thing she went back to korea… she hav a strong personality even tho she’s immature (cuteness, dorkiness) sometimes…

    • Mathel828 said:

      I was so much into and thinking about a kissing scene too… Let us see, who will be the lucky guy… I am just too excited!!
      Epic, Epic, Epic….

      May the best man wins… ke ke ke…

  38. Bubblegum said:

    I can somewhat predict the haters emerging once again with their statements like leave GD or YB alone! Calling her names. Whatever haters!
    hahahaha. Hate all you want but all your hating just proves that our Baby Girl’s indeed getting famous. (da*n haters, even criticizing her fans. Mind your own business. To each his own. OKAY? Find your own favorite and don’t bother us. Sheesh.)

    I’m so happy for her. as in sincerely. Reading these kinds of articles make me feel so happy. This shows that it’s not only us, her Filipino fans who are going crazy over her but her fellow Koreans too. You deserve it Sandy. 2 countries are enamored by her. Her home country and of course her loyal fans here. Go go go!
    We always have your back, Sandy…

  39. oh my GOD !!!! JIDARAYANG on my birthday i wont forget that date ever!!!! wahhhhh!!! i love this article so much..its so dara biased..and the part where it says shes bigger that tae hee , and he kyo ,oh my!!!shes so great! im happy for you dara !!! and thank you for that gift on july 1…its nice to know what my gifts’ gonna be..JIDARAYANG FTW!!!!!!!

  40. 2ne1shabam said:

    waaah..i’m only absent for a day, and to my surprise this news just made my freaking day awesome…i cant believed this…YG really rocks…Taeyang dream come true, omo GD toinks…hehehehe…can’t wait..

  41. i am very excited for the MV! this made me unlurk LOL!

  42. kimchan said:

    wow best news ever!!!! hahahha i feel so happy right now OMG i’m tearing up hehehe at last an mv with jidarayang in it hahahhaha
    can’t stop smiling right now

  43. [100617] 2NE1 & Big Bang arriving at Into The Fire Premiere – Trend Report

    JiDaraYang moment here. but when you pause at 0.08 u will see that GD looks at Dara and Dara looks at him too! And oh, Dara feels shy when GD looks at him. luv it!!!!

  44. smartee said:

    @Mathel, my thoughts exactly 🙂
    Best of luck to Dara, I am pretty sure she is enjoying every minute of this..she’s a hardwroking person afterall,..though it’s still immature, but being recognized this much is already a big accomplishement for a kpop entertainer who’ve entered the business in just a year, not bad, of course..iam just SOOO proud of her, i also hope dara gets to read all of our love messages here..she will be energized fosure 😉

  45. icon_999 said:

    WOOOOOOOAAAAH! Is this for real!
    *spazz spazz spazz*

  46. smartee said:

    OMyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Can i just die now? I now conclude that not only us here are daraholics, the producers and media people are all eyes on our goddess too! they are really seeing potential in her!! cant blame them..i agree, this article is abit dara-biased! and im lovin’ it! hahaha!!!

    • Mathel828 said:

      @smartee, I am just so happy that they finally saw what we have seen in Dara all along and gave her credits which she rightfully deserves… she is just a natural and sincere charm magnet…

  47. Mathel828 said:

    I am in tears… When I saw the YB’s song line-up yesterday and this song “I need a Girl” featured and lyrics by GD, I made a silent and fervent prayer that an MV with Dara in it… Somehow that girl fits Dara for both BB member’s ideal girl … Dara’s appearance will add some (or little) more interest to YB’s song. My prayer was answered…
    This MV will be one of Korea’s tsunami waiting to happen…
    I am so happy for YB, GD and Dara… YG family love!!!

  48. Hmm….I think GD won’t be in the MV. Only Dara and taeyang. Since the song is about taeyang wanting a girl, the main attraction will be taeyang and dara. Maybe something like dara CASS Mv.

  49. mnemoncz said:

    what??….do i read it ryt??….dara wil appear in the MV and featuring gd??…o god??….is dis a love triangle in the making??….oooo can’t wait for the MV

  50. LET’S PATIENTLY WAIT PEEPS/DARLINGS…, Yg knows what he was doing…. everything has a “PERFECT TIMING” and YG is very much known on that aspect… he knows the perfect timing when to promote his artistS… that’s why almost all of them are very successful….
    i think YG’s tactic on DARA’s acting career was to test first the water if it’s “cold or warm”….and i think it’s working…
    DARA is more in demand as the days goes by…. “YG’s teasing all the producer’s in KOREA… and i think that YB’S upcoming MV will prove not only to the producers but also to the haters that YG ARTISTS ARE THE HOTTEST AND THE IN DEMAND ARTISTS OUT THERE….!! AND THEY FOUND A NEW LUCKY CHARM… VERY PRECIOUS AND A PRICELESS GEM ON THEIR HAND…. AND THAT’S D-A-R-A!!! ^.^ that’s why YG don’t want to make a mistake…rushing everything for her…. ❤ ❤ ❤ ^.^

    • Mathel828 said:

      amen, amen, amen,,,

    • And to this one i agree….. 100% agree. Rushing things maybe the best option to have more successful career. But not really. In reality it doesn’t work ALL THE TIME. As choi perfectly said ‘test the waters first’. With Dara YG is not taking calculated risk though they aware of Dara’s interests… and Im sure they are. Remember nobody manage her career in the philippines and she end up in some bad choices that cost her dearly i.e.posing for mens magazine. Well I’m just saying we just have to keep our shirts on until Dara is really that ready and prepared. Let YG call the shots for Dara coz they are doing this for her sake. tell me if i’m missing something here but thats what i think

  51. Lotipanget said:

    I am soooo thilled for sandara! This is like a dream come true! Haha!

    I’m just wondering though, they didn’t mention about Gdragon being included in the video right? They just said that Gdragon is featuring in the song and that SAndara is gonna be the female I’m the mv. I do hope it would include gd, yb and dara in the mv cause that would be epic!!!

  52. I already commented earlier, but there is one more thing I would like to say,
    I don’t like the fact that it is because of 2NE1’s busy schedule that Dara unnie doesn’t have time for acting. This is lame,
    C’mon, she is 26 now, and she mentioned on WinWin that during their hiatus, she already said that she would like to try out acting and MC-ing but the President would not like that. And told her “how about singing a little better”.
    Please arrange the time and let Dara unnie to be in a series or K-Drama, she loves acting. Let her be like TOP, acting and singing too.
    See how many concerts Bigbang has had and TOP still has been in many movies too.
    YG is little lame to me here.
    Tsk tsk….

    • i hear you sister … ❤

    • Ya that’s right! How come others make hosting, dramas and singing at the same time…? Why not Dara too? Just in a kdrama is ok…

      • sweepberry said:

        Maybe Yg has his own reasons, and maybe he wants Dara to be in her BEST in singing. Or something we haven’t knew yet.

        • or mr. president want her into 2NE1 group in 2 years more, then drama after that….

          • Yg has his some kind of rule as u can see he wanted them to focus on music and dara chose music over acting at first. When she offered to be an actress because she wants to be both, top started acting just last yr previous to that he only made some cameo. Yg don’t want Dara not yet he wanted for d girls to have d bond and be stable then they can do things outside music like their sunbaes

  53. watchamacallit! said:

    She’s one lucky girl!

    First she was with TOP in Gummy’s MV and even had a kiss scene (not really, but still).

    Then she was with GD for Hello (^_^) which unfortunately didn’t have an MV at all but thankfully she did lots of promotional perfs with GD.

    And now she’s gonna be in Tae Yang’s MV! And the song features GD too! YG family love!

    Lucky girl! Or better yet, lucky boys! 😉

  54. @NoonAiluvyou same!!!! i can imagine them fighting against DARA wah,,,,,,Maybe it might say…Taeyang-I need her.. G-D I need her more!!! kekeke….

  55. NoonAiluvyou said:

    Omygad I jus realiZed…what if d video was about GD and YB fighting for godess D…. Total spazz moments!!! And think bout it: Song title is I need a girl..eh?? Eh??? Emphasis on NEED LOL

  56. Remember……
    Sorry for the errors,
    Lol, I was so excited while I was typing on my phone,

  57. Ahh, this news made my day!
    I suddenly remembar chaerin’s me2day yesterday,
    When she says IT’S ABOUT TIME,
    Maybe she was refering to this,
    Like maybe it’s about time for her unnie to work with her BBF which are GDYB!
    Wahhh, I love these 3!
    So excited for the mv,
    Anyways when are they going to release it?
    Excited much!
    Ahh, poor haters, I’m pretty sure this news made a very bad they for them!
    Tsk tsk!
    Love yah D, fighting!


  59. sweepberry said:

    hope NOt the MV will fall for Prelims XD
    Oh God please !!

    GD+DARA+YB = YG Tsunami (The 1st Wave)
    An Apple, A Butterfly and A Sun … Aigoo~!
    YG fam is ❤ ~♥

    • AMEN TO THAT!!!! i think of all of us…has MUTUAL feelings about this news, and as Mathel says, i hope when i wake tomorrow…. it’s July 1…*sigh* ….. after reading this wonderful news….it feels like the earth rotates so slow…. it’s killing me…. can’t wait for July 1 anymore!!!!… so i’m anticipating the Mv teasers starting June 25…. so 3 more days……and we will all go to GA GA LAND~~ My “HEAVEN”!!!
      i have this strong feeling about the concept and the storyline of the MV… but i need to confirm it yet… so i need to wait for the teaserS….
      waaaaaahhh!!!!!! so exciting!!!!!!!!!
      ❤ ❤ ❤ HAE SUN ^.^ ~~~ GAMSAHAMNIDA^^

  60. Can’t wait!

  61. I really want her to grab the lead role in the upcoming drama ISWAK Korean Version!!!!!!!!

  62. omo!!! I suddenly remembered the rumor last year that Dara was the girl in Taeyang’s Wedding Dress MV (before the actual MV was released)… now it is confirmed that Dara will appear in TaeYang’s MV!!!!!!!

    I’m half jealous but happy and excited for Dara that she’ll be able to add this in her list for acting experience. Dara fighting!! ^__^

  63. this is so kewl. 🙂 i wanna see dara on the MV. she is the best IDOL ever. 🙂 you made me smile, I’ve read this earlier but I wasn’t able to place a comment since I’m only using my phone. DARA – unnie! Fighting!

  64. Yg release top turn it up on I tunes I think they r trying to test the world for the yg fam i now d result will be great please yg let there be yg fam concert in USA again like tour please please please I really sense yg fam concert in Korea. Taeyang solo concert then yg fam then bb concert with 2ne1 comeback maybe 2ne1 concert it’s about time for 2ne1 concert yg ($,$)

  65. omg! now I’m even more excited for YB’s album!

  66. Waaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!! As in waaah! Oh thank you! This will be epic. What more could you ask for? Plese let it be the MV for I need a Girl. Sorry for the pairings but GD X Dara X YB? Ohohoho. Please let the three of them appear of them. I wouldn’t ask for more. 🙂

  67. me: screamed then died.

    ps. im so loving the world. JiDaraYang ftw ♥

  68. Of all people, why Dara?? If she’s not special to Yg, Yb or Gd, why is she always in the lead? I’m really happy for her success.
    Gosh!! Yb and Gd collaboration with Dara in the mv will be a spazztic moment. It’s like another epic moment for us.
    I’m really excited!!! Can’t wait to see it.

    i’m squealing so hard!!!
    i’m so happy.
    i can’t wait.

  70. Lucky fans really can’t lose…. On one hand there’s 2ne1 comeback and the other hand Dara’s solo project. Wherever you turn there’s always goodnews

  71. popcorn07 said:

    i’m so freaking excited for this… YG family family family!!!
    i feel like there will be a YG family concert towards the end of the year. Yo… i’m excited… this summer is supper HOT with YG.
    GUMMY… TAEYANG… SE7EN… T.O.P(i seriously want to watch his movie)… BIGBANG… 2NE1…
    I can’t wait for the MV.

  72. After hearing this I need a girl my quickly click a song and it’s playing in my head it’s by p diddy n Usher I need a girl to ride ride ride I need a girl to make my wife I need a girl why oh why I need a girl In My life

  73. “if you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands…” 😀

  74. crown princess star said:

    okay… let me breath in and out ala Bom

    “Oohhh sahh Oohhh sahhh”

    I’m so freakin happy right now.. first… the article is so Dara biased and I’m loving it.. I’m happy that she’s the most wanted star in Korea right now. 2nd.. Sandara Park in my hubby YB’s MV???????????? This is the dream come true for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a song from her good friends GDYB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can’t help but o scream.. I’m crying becuz of happiness. Can’t wait to see the MV. Hoping that it’s JiDaraYang.. 😀

  75. im so happy. sandara’s success is our success too.

    i admire people who has dreams, determination, dedication and discipline. waaaahh i wish i have those well i have dreams.lol

  76. so happy. bcoZ i had d chance to see dara unnie to act again between d 2 great artists of YG…
    GO GO GO YG family!

  77. This made my day! I mean, knowing that Dara is going to appear beside TY and GD..Wow!

    And the news that producers are really aiming to get her…Dara dear, you are now a big star in Korea..you have fulfilled your life long dream…I hope you stay humble and keep your feet on the ground.

    Dara-ah….Good luck!!

  78. whaaaaaaaaaaaa sandara park ur truly the best hehehe…im so happy right now common all the good news keep on commin baby hehehe…we just cant get enough of her hehehe

  79. Crazy4Dara said:

    I’m so happy & excited to see Dara in another MV. And I’m so glad she gets to be w/ Taeyang (I’m not shipping or anything) because from what I know they are friends.

    YG Family!!! You Rule!!!!

  80. OH, BTW is Top “Turn It UP” released today?.
    Where can I watch it?.
    Thanks much.

  81. i am so dying and catching my breath right now!!!! this is sooooo AMAZING!!! a lot of mad hatters, sundara, taedara shippers will go GAGA over this news!!!
    waaaaahhh i am so excited for taeyang’s first mv with our precious dara!!!!! i hope this is a start of something NEW and BIG!!!

    they have a lot of faith with dara being chosen as the girl for his ‘i need a girl vid’ …aaaahhhh im so happy right now!!!! *sparks flying*

    a go go go!!! love it!!

  82. supertstar79 said:

    still can’t get over this news. !@#$%^&*() freakin awesomeeee!!!!

    i seriously need to calm down now but how can i focus when this is the BESTEST KPOP news i’ve heard in months.

    i love you favorite girl!!!

  83. OMO, I can’t wait I can’t wait
    I am happy for Dara unnie,
    I think TY has something for our Dara unnie too.

  84. reyeter21 said:

    I’ll bet YB’s album will be a smash hit since Dara will have a collab with him, just like GD’s album…I think Dara is the new lucky charm of YG…

  85. what what??!?!
    am i seeing Gd, dara and taeyang’s name in one article?!
    OMG! I cant wait for July 1!!!!!!!

  86. Oh my god taeyang gd and dara epic I’m sooo happy for this their friendship is really showing., supporting each other gd putting dara in his solo now Dara supporting taeyang epic yg fam love I know shippers are wildly celebrating right now…@,@

  87. Yes for me she’s now a top star in Korea! Good luck Sandara Park! I remember when she’s here last 2008.. i saw ppl/audience not interested anymore..i pity her at that time but good thing she went back to korea, i though she gonna stay again here… Now her love for entertainment payed off…

    She’s started to shine, and Sandara Park’s career is no where near over! Fighting!

  88. mia1234 said:

    When is the mv gonna come out?

    Can’t freakin wait. Sooo excited.

  89. mikimeun said:

    dang ^_^ 2ne1 reallly rocks and dara is a goddess love YG family, let her do some acting lol, it would be good to see her in taeyang’s album O_o can’t wait

  90. what a great news!!! i feel that i am going jump from my seat, my heart is beating so fast and im hyperventilating, lol…cant wait, just cant wait..wow so these three are collaborating, GD, Dara and YB, so awesome..waaaaah!

  91. uzzie-zera said:

    OMG!!!! JiDaraYang…..
    shit.. i can’t wait for July 1!!! YG sure knows how to surprise fans… can’t wait

  92. CarlaHearts2ne1 said:

    omg omg OMG!!!! is this confirmed? cos if it doesn’t push thru, it’ll be the death of me. lol. when I visited YG’s website and saw that YB is collaborating w/ G-Dragon, and the title being I Need A Girl, i thought of Dara joining in, but then I thought “nah! after GD? that’ll be too much…” and what do you know, I woke up to this!! gonna be a hella good week! –can’t breath, the 3 of them together?! I guess this just stirred the sleeping Sundara people over at YGL.^^

  93. Yeeessss! I’ve been waiting for this!!^^”
    Seriously can’t wait for the MV!!

    Wow! She’s totally in demand!

  94. louiese said:

    Taeyang is my ideal man and I love love him so much but if he will like dara, I am oh so willing to give in. Two innocent beauties of the k-pop world! Fighting!!!

  95. enidglare said:

    OMG!!! I’m so excited!!! Can’t wwaaiiittt!!! Jidarayang ftw!!

  96. oh god what a very dara biased news..i super love it!
    i cant wait to see dara on the mv…

  97. wish come true!!!!! wow Im so happy for you DARA!!!!
    “Production companies that are seeking Sandara Park for movies and dramas are quickly accelerating their paces. At the moment, the demand for her even exceeds top stars such as Kim Taehee, Jeon Jihyun, Song Hyegyo, etc”.
    Your already a big star in Korea..i want to cry..tears of joy~~!!
    all Your hard work has been paid off…LOVE YOU DARA can’t wait the MV~~!!! To all haters…if you have violent reaction..go directly to YG and YB and make ur complaint ryt now~~!!! bleh!

  98. are they trying to kill us??? i don’t know what this proves: that yg is spying on the international community which has SunDaraGon fans; that the three are really close friends from way before; or that… i dunno! can’t think!!!

  99. omg~! is she really appearing in ‘I need a girl’? what the i know Taeyang is indeed need of a girl but…omg~ this is OVERKILL!!! im in heaven!!!

  100. I can’t wait to see the mv. i hope gd’s featured in the mv also.

  101. OMG!!!

    i just love this article!!

    so very DARA-BIASED!!!!

    and I am glad that Dara is so in-demand and that YG is choosing her projects carefully.

  102. “Any producers cannot help but to drool over her.”

    can’t help but to drool over her too, i want to see more of our Dara as an actress too!!! oh gosh~! i just woke up but all of this good news is really making my day!!! yeah keep it coming all good news~!

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