(TV Report Intern Journalist Kim Soo-yeon) Girlgroup 2NE1 member Sandara Park greets “goodnight” in a sweet way.

Last 20th (of June) at night, Sandara Park posted “Darong’s absolutely hard to see aegyo (cuteness/charm)~! Go go go~!!! kekeke goodnight!!^^” along with a goodnight video clip on her me2day.

In a span of 3 seconds, Sandara Park said “Jagiya, goodnight” in a charming tone building a distinctive facial expression.

Also, a day earlier which is 19th (of June), she leaves an advanced good morning greeting, “Goodmorning, Bbyoook!” as it’s title along with an uploaded photo of herself smiling shyly behind a lace curtain.

On the other hand, Sandara Park’s video is facing netizen’s reactions, “Aegyo jjang! Short and then thick…”,”The best…”, “I can really feel your aegyo”, “Who’s jagiya?”. “Let me know who’s jagiya, Darong-ah!”.

by Intern Journalist Kim Soo-yeon newsyouth@tvreport.co.kr

Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20100621n11124

Translated by: Meg@ohdara.wordpress.com

T/N: Jagiya = used for endearment (sweetheart, honey, baby)

Comments on: "News: Sandara Park Aegyo out “Jagiya goodnight”… Who’s Jagi(ya)?" (33)


  2. aigoo people are just jealous.. keke
    fighting dara unnie dont listen to all those haters..
    keep those post commin keke 😀

  3. Mathel828 said:

    Dara once said that her first love are her Fans… I know somebody just said that all his Fans are his girlfriends… we know where that came from…

    So this message is for her First Love which are her Fans….

  4. moonlight princess said:

    ok. forget all those haters. hope fangirls of BB would be nicer now. worry for fangirls but not of fanboys ㅋㅋㅋㅋ…

  5. som1 voice CHALJAYO bt u saw her mouth jagiya ^^ very eagle eye

  6. moonlight princess said:

    maybe we should refrain from pairing dara to BB or anyone. I saw dara’s me2day and someone cursed her (not actually curse but said something like loser). we might endanger her. that person who said silly words to dara is a FAN of …….

    • I for one have mixed feelings regarding Dara and her parings. We can’t help it, she’s gorgeous and she looks good with anyone, and as a fan…its entertaining for us…but on the other hand, pairing her with anyone seems like were not letting go of the ‘love team’ status that she had back in the Phils…

      to whoever that is, if she’s not fond and appreciative of Dara’s me2days then clearly she’s not a fan. Dara cannot please everybody and whatever she does on her me2day, its all because she loves her fans…she even love the fans of the other 2ne1 members.

      Let’s just be passive and do not waste time on people like that. We love Goddess D and Goddess D never fails to love us back 🙂

    • @moonlight princess i’m curious after reading ur comment. That person is a fan of….Inside YG is it? That group is it?

    • Mathel828 said:

      @moonlight princess, Sadly there will be some of those, jealousy is a fact of life. We can control some spazzing here but now even the KNews are starting to use these pairings and giving hints. As fans, I guess we just do not retaliate irresponsibly and irrationally. Dara is aware of her detractors and she even tell her fans to be cool and be good to them. We have to accept them too and just spread Dara Love all over … Let’s educate them and kill them with aegyo and kindness for now… kkk…

      We love the Goddess… Goddess of Love and Beauty…

  7. i think it might be a hint for taeyang’s MV? Like her lines in the MV? I don’t think she is hinting for anyone. She will definitely be scolded by YG if she is saying to someone isn’t it? So i think she is hinting about something but not for someone.

  8. caleiamiarci said:

    take note: dara’s me2day june 19 she posted good morning what time? i think around 1pm, then me2day june 20, she posted a video saying goodnight around 5 am????? weird..

    • daphne84 said:

      That only means that the person she is saying good morning and goodnight is someone who has an erratic schedule. Who usually has an erratic schedule? I can think of actors, singers, producers and everyone in the entertainment business. So whoever that person is, one thing is certain is that he is in the same business as Dara.

  9. 잘 자요 => ths one she say, chal ja yo goodnyt means

  10. jagiya means.. “honey” or “sweetie”.

  11. hmm…. 🙂

  12. icon_999 said:

    Wow tnx for the trans meg! :)))
    Haha, our Dara is in love! ahhhh ~ <333

  13. aww.. her “jagiya, goodnight”!!
    have fanboys heart breaking~ LOL!
    But that was really cute though~
    her accent or her aegyo in the vid is <333!!
    Her fresh face is Jjang as always~

  14. enidglare said:

    Hmmm… You’re giving us hints Dara-yah… Okay, we understand you’re keeping a little secret from us. But we’ll still going to find out who your “jagiya” is. I have one person in mind. Hehehe!

  15. Chloe Was Here said:

    How adorable! I know who it is, too! LOL

  16. Miaka14 said:

    ooohhh~ jagiya… we know who ur ‘honey’ is dara unnie!! kekekkk..

    thanks leen for translating!! mwaaa…

  17. ty meggie as always….

  18. We all know who it is! Dara is so cute ^_^

  19. xandeedandee♥ said:

    dara unnie, who’s your jagiya? aheeeerm. i’m getting giddy. i’m like blushing because of giddy-ness right now. weeeeeeee <3333 *off to spazz at our home. zoooooooooom!*

    btw, she looks sooooo cute. wanna pinch and kiss her cheeks 🙂

    • xandeedandee♥ said:

      ooooh, i forgot to say thanks. thank you ohdara! and auntie meggy for the trans 🙂

  20. simplykylie said:

    :p GD,YB?<– maybe its a hint of the video that they will be making or have been doing (regarding yb 1st single?) hehehe or maybe to gd sweetheart wahahaha

  21. cati_21 said:

    her sweetheart is

    she looks fresh in the vid! 😀

  22. what’s “jagiya”?

    thanks for this meg! 🙂

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