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Video/Translations: 120403 Strong Heart “YG Family Special” Part 2

This is just filled so much cuteness that I don’t even know where to start! How cute is PANDARA? I swear! Pandara and Choi Brothers are the stars of the show! They should always appear in variety talk shows forever! 

You can also check out this Tudou link!

Click the link below to see some Dara translations from Part 2 of Strong Heart “YG Family Special”


Videos: Strong Heart Episode 123 – YG Family Special Part 1 (English Subbed)

Thank you so much KShowNow!

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Screencaps: Freaking Gorgeous Dara from Strong Heart “YG Family” Special Part 1

Holy Guacamole! Seriously, she is perfection! That face is just perfection! I think when the gods and goddesses were sprinkling beauty into this world, all of us were wearing umbrellas while Dara was out in an open field looking up to the skies! Wow! Just wow! 

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Photos: Dara and Seungri’s Board for Strong Heart “YG Family Special”

This is just so cute! PANDARA for the win! 



Ohhh! Aren’t you guys excited for this? Fan accounts say that in the talk battle, it was G-Dragon vs. Seungri. GD talked about TOP while Seungri talked about Dara and…. SEUNGRI WON! I wonder what is it about “Bad Girl Sandara Park” that made Seungri win? Are you guys excited? I sure am!

Video: Strong Heart “YG Family Special” Preview

I am soooooo excited for this! ^_^ I bet this is going to be loads and loads of fun!

Don’t you just love Dara’s smile at the end?

Credit: @gilbakk and teamVIPHottest via YT