This is just filled so much cuteness that I don’t even know where to start! How cute is PANDARA? I swear! Pandara and Choi Brothers are the stars of the show! They should always appear in variety talk shows forever! 

You can also check out this Tudou link!

Click the link below to see some Dara translations from Part 2 of Strong Heart “YG Family Special”

Seungri Sandara Park! -setting the mood- Shall we all play? Nolza! Couple Cutie Dance!

Why did you say that?
TOP: I didn’t say that. Oh wait yes I did. It’s a habit to say that when I give present.
Minji: Dara also has something to reveal.
Seunggi: Seungri. Say something. I know you have something to say.
Seungri: GD do you like back hugs?
GD: Yes
Seungri: wow.

Dara: Yang sajangnim also said that we can’t date after May 17th. 
Seunggi: Is there someone you like?
Dara: No. There is nobody.
Seunggi: We will help you.
Dara: I like WonBin oppa.
Seunggi: Oh, thats too hard.


Dara: There was a time when someone asked me to choose my ideal type and I chose G-Dragon talking about how he’s helped me carry my snowboard before, but GD came up to me a bit disappointed asking, “Why did you say that on public tv? Why didn’t you tell me in person?”

GD: ….. It’s a habit.

[DARA] Could you really set me up with my dream guy? [MC] Of course! Just name who he is..! [DARA] A man like Wonbin… [MC]… Oh, sorry… I think that’s going to be a bit difficult to do…


Credit: @kristinekwak and @big_seunghyun for the translations!

Creidt: lemonvip@tumblr for the GIFs

Comments on: "Video/Translations: 120403 Strong Heart “YG Family Special” Part 2" (13)

  1. boredara said:

    when will the subs come out?

  2. boredara said:

    when will the subs come out????

  3. Agree!!! I want to see her again in TV!!!!Btw, Strong Heart should THANK Pandara & Choi Brothers!!!!^^ I always have more respect for celebrities when they can make fun of themselves. It makes them seem more human<33 In fact, we see many big stars go on SNL as a way to make fun of themselves. Dorky Ssantoki Hwaiting<33

  4. dorkybunny said:

    i love pandara in their own world..they just like kids jumping and hopping around and i noticed that boomie hardly talk and she looks kinda gloomy and sad…i wonder why..i want boomie to talk i miss her talk in 2ne1 tv

  5. ygfamthebest said:

    waaa PANDARA is so cute.

  6. pandara for the win 🙂

  7. thank you for this videos you made my day. But truthfully I’m curious about their stories, can i know if there is an english sub for this? 🙂 thank you.

  8. dara_woo said:

    i love the PANDARA moments also…..they were so cute…and dara is really comfy with seungri…..but i must admit….i agree with others commenting about dara talking regarding “dating”(in other site)…..i also think that SH is scripted…but i think dara should also stop talking about dating ban…..people who doesn’t know her might misinterpret her of being “desperate”…..but i still love dara….she was stunning in SH…and the camera seemed to love her…it always shows dara’s face….

  9. Dara is so darn pretty and fun!^^
    Strong Heart PD, cameramen and editors – I LOVE YOU!^^

    Lee Seungi and Dara needs to be in a drama together!^^

  10. iamkwen said:

    is the english subs available yet?

  11. there is already a video on dailymotion.. just search for strong heart ep 124

  12. OMO!! They are so cute together!!! I think Dara and Seungri looks so adorable and comfortable with each other!!!

  13. dara-ya21 said:

    dara is so beautiful…

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