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Video: 140515 Full Cut of Cute, Adorable Sandara Park on “PBB Uber” with English Subs

Because we were so busy running around and preparing for the concert, this is the first time I got around to watching this. XD First things first, DARA IS UBER CUTE! XD So so so cute! Robi Domingo, the cute male host, kept spazzing every time Dara says something LOL! ^_^ Robi so cute! His crush on Dara is so cute! And the hosts kept calling her “Sandy,” and I think she really missed being called that. ^_^ Dara’s cute face when she heard Big Brother’s voice. Hahaha!

Wow, all the fans waiting outside to catch a glimpse of her! Our Primary Admin and OMG admins along with DC2NE1 waited outside too! They said it was sweltering hot, but “Dara is worth dying for” as they said, kekekeke and that “Dara will be happy to see me,” dedicated fans are dedicated! ❤ 

If you have things you didn’t quite catch, feel free to ask at the comments section below, and we’ll try our best to answer or translate for you.. ^_^

2ne1 Sandara Park in Pinoy Big Brother Uber part1 [Eng Sub]

This one is longer, and is the full cut, some parts were subbed in the video above, but not the last 7 minutes. T_T

140515 DARA on PBB Uber

Credits: KpopfeverPH + BlackJackSubs

Videos: 140515 Beautiful Dara’s Live Appearance on ‘PBB Uber’

140515 2NE1 Sandara Park on PBB Uber Part 1

140515 2NE1 Sandara Park on PBB Uber Part 2


Source: samecut123jez

Photos: 140515 PBB Uber Hosts Robie Domingo and Bianca Gonzales Shares Group Pics Together with Adorable Sandy

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FireShot Screen Capture #389 - 'Robi Domingo (robertmarion) on Twitter' - twitter_com_robertmarion_with_replies

BnrK9dVCEAALmPdFireShot Screen Capture #390 - 'Twitter _ iamsuperbianca_ Sandy is SO adorable__ she ___' - twitter_com_iamsuperbianca_status_466909647773782016


Source: @robertmarion @iamsuperbianca

Capped and Re-uploaded by: OhDara


Photos: 140515 Official Pics of Pretty Guest Housemate Dara at ‘Pinoy Big Brother Uber’


Dara is finally IN! ^^


Dara’s giving away free tickets for 2NE1’s concert via PBB


Pretty, smiling Dara!  ❤

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Photos: 140515 Fantaken Pics of Pretty Dara Arriving at PBB Uber Studio

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More phtos after the cut!