Dara is finally IN! ^^


Dara’s giving away free tickets for 2NE1’s concert via PBB


Pretty, smiling Dara!  ❤

10371683_240173269514390_74941138144515204_n 10268633_240173149514402_5572465505453487327_n 10363518_240173146181069_5359635939314085369_n

Click the cut for more!

10003916_240173169514400_5058143050662864464_n10301073_240173306181053_3396440135705397260_nBnrEwo6IUAAFZwcBnqTDI8IgAAXdc8 BnqR3TlIAAAW9_Z  10309363_240173216181062_5059213859968689238_nBnqgP0EIEAE9i4B

Dara inside PBB Uber’s Studio. Together with Bianca, John and Robbie!

10368259_240173379514379_448780784410171618_nBnqpsXUIYAANGwK BnqsJSaIIAAfOnA

Dara inside Big Brother’s House ^^


Source: @PBBabscbn

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

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