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Photos: 121018 Official Photos of 2NE1 at the ‘K-Pop Collection’ in Okinawa

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Source: KCollection Official Website

Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Videos/Links: 121018 2NE1’s Performances at the ‘K-Pop Collection’ in Okinawa

Click the links below for the videos~! ^^



Source: K Collection Official Website

Photos: 121018 Breathtaking Dara at “K-POP Paradise” in Okinawa

How much more gorgeous can she get? 

o(╥﹏╥)o… So gorgeous!



Credit: Moyon

Fancam: 121019 2NE1 at Okinawa Naha Airport Departure Hall

Here’s a fancam of the girls smiling and waving to the fans in Okinawa! ^^


Fancam: 121018 2NE1 Performs at the “KPOP Paradise Concert” in Okinawa

Here’s a video of the girls, decked in Black and Gray, performing “I Am The Best” and I “Love You”! Notice the change in choreography during the dance break in IATB. I love it! <333

They all look so great! I hope we could see clearer photos and fancams of them at the event! ^^


Photos: 121018 Flawless Dara Performing at “KPOP Paradise” in Okinawa

Our Goddess looking so perfect in black!  BEAUTIFUL! <333


Photos: 2NE1 on “K-POP Collection in Okinanawa” Posters

Kpop Collection in Okinawa, Japan will be held October 17th and 18th. 2NE1 and various other Kpop artists are invited to this event.

2NE1 will however perform on the 18th.

Check the posters below! ^.^

Thanks @ForeverWithDara