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Video: 140317 Dara’s MC Cut on Mnet WIDE Entertainment News

Sad to say, there’s still no youtube video of  2NE1’s full interview cut but you can watch the full episode of Mnet WIDE here! ^_^

 [HD] 2NE1 – All about star Dara MC


Source: Mnet Korean Music HD

Video: 2NE1’s Fun Feature on Mnet Wide Preview Vid

Waaahhhh, how cute is this?! Cannot wait for the full video! ❤

2NE1 on MNet Wide Preview

Credits: choiPD

Video: Official Video of 2NE1 at Mnet WIDE News Feature

131205 2NE1 at MNET Open Studio


Source: PlayMnet


Video: 131205 2NE1 Cut At Mnet WIDE News Feature

131205 2NE1 Full Cut @ Mnet WIDE News

131205 2NE1 Ranks YG Family According To Aegyo

Dara ranked YG family according to Aegyo: #1 Jinusean #2 WINNER #3 Bigbang #4 PSY #5 Epik High #6 Akdong Musician #7 1TYM #8 2NE1 #9 LeeHi

Dara: Jinusean at #1 in aegyo cuz they have a lot,WINNER at #2 cuz they do a lot of aegyo to me, BB at #3 cuz Seungri has a lot of aegyo

Dara: PSY at #4 on aegyo cuz he has a lot of aegyo, EH at #5 cuz Tablo oppa does a lot of aegyo,Akdong Musician at #6 cuz of their young age

Dara: 1TYM dont have aegyo but theyre #7 cuz 2NE1,we’re girls&we dont have aegyo.Lee Hi at#9 cuz i didnt see her aegyo yet.I want to see it.


Source: Adam + @ilove2ne1girls


Photos: 131205 Press Pictures Of Beautiful Dara Recording for Mnet WIDE News

Weee, HD pics! ❤ Dara just looks so beautiful and perfect OMG.. ;__;

press pic mnet wide 1

press pic mnet wide 3


Sources: Enews

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Photos: 131205 HQ Fantaken Pics of Gorgeous Dara Recording For Mnet WIDE News

fantaken 1

fantaken 3

fantaken 2



Video: 131205 Fancam Of 2NE1 Filming For Mnet WIDE News Feature/Interview


Source: dbsk23 + 21NOKIO

Photos: 131205 Fantaken Pics of Glowing Goddess Dara Recording for Mnet WIDE News

Like I mentioned, this was shot at Mnet’s Open Studio, so people were able to come in and watch the live recording! ❤ Dara’s smile is radiant as always.. ❤ And her glowing skin.. *_*





Sources: @sungp00 @unnieya_cl @tomoyam9009 @DC2NE1

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Photos: 131205 Fantaken Pics of 2NE1 Recording for Mnet WIDE News

Our girls’ bright smiles and seriousness while drawing! According to fans, they were asked to draw each other’s ideal types. XD 




Sources: @DC2NE1 @rudwn4606

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photos: 131205 Screencaps of Pretty Dara from Mnet WIDE News Feature/Interview

Well, this looks fun! The interview/feature was in Mnet’s Open studio, so fans were able to witness live as well! ^^ I wonder what they were drawing? ^^




And this is CL’s ideal type, according to Dara! XDDD



Sources: @kissha1208 @DC2NE1 @tokkiella01 @jjy82_stop

Re-uploaded by: OhDara