131205 2NE1 Full Cut @ Mnet WIDE News

131205 2NE1 Ranks YG Family According To Aegyo

Dara ranked YG family according to Aegyo: #1 Jinusean #2 WINNER #3 Bigbang #4 PSY #5 Epik High #6 Akdong Musician #7 1TYM #8 2NE1 #9 LeeHi

Dara: Jinusean at #1 in aegyo cuz they have a lot,WINNER at #2 cuz they do a lot of aegyo to me, BB at #3 cuz Seungri has a lot of aegyo

Dara: PSY at #4 on aegyo cuz he has a lot of aegyo, EH at #5 cuz Tablo oppa does a lot of aegyo,Akdong Musician at #6 cuz of their young age

Dara: 1TYM dont have aegyo but theyre #7 cuz 2NE1,we’re girls&we dont have aegyo.Lee Hi at#9 cuz i didnt see her aegyo yet.I want to see it.


Source: Adam + @ilove2ne1girls

Comments on: "Video: 131205 2NE1 Cut At Mnet WIDE News Feature" (2)

  1. dara yah why r u rapping haha o_o

  2. she’s speaks so fast..lol dara-ya

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