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Instagram: Lee Beom Kyu Shares Another Cute, Warm Photo of WBU Cast During their “Dara Tour” ~ “Sebastian!”

I don’t understand the “Sebastian” reference here, but Dara uses that word when she’s eating crabs.. XD So unless they’re going or have gone to eat a bunch of hapless crabs, or doing like crab symbols, then IDK.. Kekeke! XD Cute WBU cast! I still wish Seungyoon could’ve joined them.. ^^


Sebastian~ Mabuhay♡


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Admin Post: WeLoveDara/OhDara Bulk Orders for 1st Look Magazine Featuring “We Broke Up” Cast ~ “If We Are”

Hello guys! We are doing bulk orders for 1st Look magazine.. This is open to all the fans of the main leads! ^^ Please take note of the order details, if you have questions, fire them off in the comments section below.. ^^




Photos: Behind-The-Scene Pictures of “We Broke Up” Cast’s Photoshoot for “We Broke Up”

I hope they release a behind-the-scenes video! ^^




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Official/Photos: “We Broke Up” Main Cast Transform into Beautiful, Handsome Couples for 1st Look Korea’s Wedding-Style Photoshoot ~ “If We Are”

1st Look magazine is finally here and the pictures surely did not disappoint! ❤ Our good-looking, charismatic “We Broke Up” cast all look gorgeous! ❤






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Instagram: 1st Look Magazine Shares a Fun Photo of “We Broke Up” Main Cast Pictorial ~ “Warning: May Cause Heart Palpitations”

I am loving the way there are pictorials and magazine features to promote “We Broke Up”~! Waaahhhh I can’t wait to see the photos from this pictorial, “wedding party” theme! ❤ CIJ98_IWEAA069r

#1stlook issue number 93 with the main characters of web drama #We Broke Up’s four main leads-! #Warning that this may cause heart palpitations has been given out #KangSeungyoon #SandaraPark #JangKiyong #KangSeunghyun Please look forward to the unique and exciting wedding party of these four youthful people -! 🌱🍃🌿🌺🌷🌸