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Videos: 130911 Fancams of Hip-Hop Dara Arriving at JFK Airport

OMG Dara is so cute and pretty and gah, I wish I was there to welcome her to the airport too OTL T_T And @Zeushero was so cute, he kept saying “OhMyGod” XDDD When he gave her the flowers, her soft “thank you” and smile was just so cute. T_T So cute how she kept stopping to interact and sign autographs for the fans! ^^

And whoa, Dara arriving totally alone and the manager just there to meet up with her! Our brave unnie, overcoming her fears!

Sandara Park 2NE1 arriving @ JFK airport NYC 20130911

2NE1 Sandara Park Autographs NYC JFK 09/11/2013

131109 [Fancam] Sandara Park (박산다라 of 2NE1) arriving at JFK (NYC) from Korea

Credits: Zeushero + eklipzesl + 6002theMaikey

Photos: 120815 2NE1 at JFK International Airport (New York)

The girls have successfully arrived in New York! ^_^

The girls came out more than an hour after their arrival. They came out and left right away. It happened so fast! ^^ There was around 30 Blackjacks at the airport waiting for them. Thanks to our lovely friends @Che_329 and @WeLoveMinzy, they were able to successfully give the girls some gifts! ^_^

The first person to come out was Bom, followed by Minzy, Dara and then CL! Once they came out, they were immediately surrounded by guards. According to @Che_329, Dara was soooo beautiful! She was ready to faint right then and there. One smile from Dara and everything was worth the wait. Bom was signing autographs left and right, Minzy was so cute and CL was like a boss. All she got were bouncy videos of the girls because she was trembling so hard and screaming their names. She was holding the flowers for Dara and Bom. Dara and Bom were able to receive her flowers. Minzy wasn’t able to receive her flowers because of the guards so Dara got the flowers for Minzy instead. ^_^

Here are some of the gifts @Che_329 and @WeLoveMinzy prepared for the girls! ^^

From @WeLoveMinzy:

Thank you so much to @Che_329 and @WeLoveMinzy!