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Photos: 130712 Straw Hat Fedora Dara Shines Brightly at Incheon Airport Leaving for China

Dara, Dara, blonde gorgeous Dara! I love her smile! And I love her straw fedora hat! Her hair color would pop out more with darker colored head wear, but I find it interesting that she chose to wear a hat near-ish to her hair color.. It looks refreshing though and I love it! She’s wearing a “Double Park” t-shirt. It says “Public Relations Manager” at the back.  ^^

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Video: OMG Fancam 130621 Incheon Airport – Preview DARA version

Ninja Dara so cute waving and smiling at fans ^.^

Credits: OMGSANDAR21·

Fancam: 130323 Beautiful Goddess Dara at Incheon International Airport

I find it so sweet how Dara still insists on signing the things that Blackjacks give her even though her managers are preventing her and the fans from doing so. Such a sweet sweet girl. ❤

And she looks very beautiful in here too! With her long flowy hair~ Pretty Dara is pretty. ♥

Credits: HITOMI21TDD

Press Photos: 130325 2NE1 @ Incheon Airport back from Malaysia

Celebrity Sighting At Incheon Airport


Celebrity Sighting At Incheon Airport

Celebrity Sighting At Incheon Airport

Celebrity Sighting At Incheon Airport

Celebrity Sighting At Incheon Airport

Source: Getty Images + Wire Image

Photos: 130325 Fantaken Pics of 2NE1 @ Incheon Airport back from Malaysia

Yay! The girls have arrived safely back in Korea~

Fresh faced Dara is just love!!! ❤ CL, Bom, and Minzy rocking their sunglasses. ^^



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Fancam: 130323 Lovely Dara at Incheon International Airport Going to Malaysia

Here is a fancam of Dara at Incheon Airport taken  by @darliciousx of @ForeverwithDara~! ^^ We can see her walking beside Dara and getting an autograph from her as well~ So lucky! <333

Credits: @darliciousx

HD Photos: 130323 Baby-Faced Dara at Incheon International Airport Going to Malaysia

HD photos of beautiful Dara at the airport! <333 She is just so flawless! T_T





OMG Photos: 130317 Gorgeous Dara at Incheon Airport Back from Thailand

Gorgeous baby-faced Dara! ^_^


Check out one more picture at OMG! Don’t forget to leave comments!

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Fancams: 130315 Stylish 2NE1 at Incheon International Airport Headed to Thailand

This fancam is so precious! T_T At 1:23 of the video, Dara, Bom and Minzy stopped and interacted with the kids for a while. So cute! T_T And they look like girl pals strolling at the mall.. Really cute fancam! ❤

Credits: 21littlestone + 21NOKIO

Photos: 130315 Fan-Taken HD Photos of Pretty 2NE1 at Incheon International Airport

Here are HD photos of the girls at the airport! I just love their uber chic airport fashion! <333


Look at Dara and Minzy smiling at the cute kid. So precious. ❤





Credits: @428903_KJ + @NOKIOv + @ithinkso_21

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