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Video: Cheil Worldwide Seminar at Cannes Lions 2012

This video gives us a glimpse to what 2NE1 was doing in Cannes and what the seminar was all about. The seminar talks about how South Korea went from being one of the poorest countries in 1960 to being the 11th largest economy in the world in 2011! One of the guest speakers mentions how KPOP has played a role in the “Korea Wave Through Digital Wave”. As a representative of KPOP, 2NE1 was invited.

Source: canneslions@YouTube

Photos/Official: 2NE1 at the “Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival”

Finally we see a close-up shot of Dara’s hair! ^_^ Still looking so beautiful! 2NE1 the best!


Fancams: 120618 2NE1 Performs “Can’t Nobody” at Cannes Lions “International Festival of Creativity”

Here’s fancamS of the girls performing “Can’t Nobody” ^_^

Our girls are fierce!

Source: @OgilvyCT; Reuploaded by: chaeravn@YouTube + cattias@YouTube via @theEROMAKNAE