Finally we see a close-up shot of Dara’s hair! ^_^ Still looking so beautiful! 2NE1 the best!

Source: 2NE1 Official Facebook

Comments on: "Photos/Official: 2NE1 at the “Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival”" (9)

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  2. joie23ss10 said:

    Dara is so beautiful…

    so amaze at
    how high is her heels

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  4. yourdbest said:

    did they take out the hair extensions? =_=

  5. annabanana said:

    Queen Dee looks like a… LIONESS!!! Hahahaha. How appropriate! 😀

  6. darinbonzy said:

    What’s up with the third pic? Dara looks obese LOL
    Or am I the only one who sees it that way?

  7. i wonder if dara spoke english^^ i wish theyll upload vid of the whole event ^^ her her looks grwat ^^

  8. i love hair~! omighad.!.

  9. Dara looks great but I would have wanted her hair not so much like this but she looks like a boss, an elite, and her stilleto shoes O-O

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