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Photo: Bernstock Speirs Uploads Dara’s Photo with their Veiled Beanie

Loving this shoutout from Bernstock Speirs Facebook! They upload pictures of celebrities that wear their hats, and Dara’s Twitter update is there! ^_^ And yay! They’ve confirmed that Dara’s beanie is really a Bernstock Speirs product! <333



Source: Bernstock Speirs Facebook

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Dara Fashion Find: Fashionista Dara Stuns Everyone as she Rocks the May Bride Look at the Airport

Woohoo! After quite a while, we have a complete Dara Fashion Find! ^___^ Dara is wearing Bernstock Speirs, Jean Paul Gaultier, Balmain, Chrome Hearts, Rolex, and Christian Louboutin! ^^ And the cost? A whopping  $6049! Her fashion is really comfy and relaxed, just as it should be while traveling! With the exclusion of her quirky veiled beanie though! ^_^ I am loving her Oxford tartan shoes! T_T Want so much. T_T But I think I’ll have to let my family starve for a good year before I can afford the trademark red soles of those shoes! Haha! ^^ And I am sure that if a normal human being (as opposed to Dara’s goddess-like aura) would wear that veiled beanie to the airport, she’d be surrounded and arrested by fashion police, her mind would be left reeling. T_T But our goddess pulls the entire look without a hitch, yeah? ^_^


Compiled by OhDara. 

Thanks to everyone for all the tips! ❤

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