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Article: AllKPop ~ “Dara looks gorgeous in her new photoshoot for ‘Clio’! “

Dara looks gorgeous in her new photoshoot for ‘Clio’!

March 1, 2014 @ 10:42 pm

 Dara posed like a goddess for her new ‘Clio‘ endorsement!

She brought us ‘Clio’s ‘Gelpresso Waterproof Upper Liner‘ brand, teaching us how to use it by first lining the eyes with black and then adding a line of the color on top of it. According to Dara, it makes your eyes sharper and brings out the color line more. 
She showcases the pastel blue and pastel purple, and a bright, reddish pink. Check out the video above!


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Video: 2NE1 Wins “Best Live” in AllKPop Awards 2012

2NE1 wins Best Live~! Woohoo! Of course, our girls totally rock during live performances! And they really look like they enjoy what they do and they do their very best to bring out their best for their fans. ^^

Their award is the first presented in the video. ^^

Winners of the 2012 allkpop awards presented by Naver BAND!


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News: 2NE1′s Dara Shocks Fans With Her Newest Hairstyle

I love how Dara confidently struts at the airport with this new look like a boss. Confident Dara is jjang! <333

2NE1′s Dara shocks fans with her newest hairstyle

2NE1‘s Dara previously shared that she was a bit confused about what to do with her hair next.

However, recent photos of the idol at the airport seem to have thrown fans for a loop. Dara can be seen sporting cornrows. She kept the left side of her head shaven, and pulled the rest of her hair into a high ponytail.

Fans who saw the photos responded with mixed reactions: “This is a little too much“, “Her face is pretty, so any type of hairstyle suits her well“, and “Why are you doing this?“.

What do you think of her newest hairstyle?


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News: 2NE1′s Dara reveals she shed tears as she shaved her head for her comeback transformation

Awww. It must have been scary for Dara. T_T Don’t worry baby girl, your hair suits you gorgeously well! <333

2NE1′s Dara reveals she shed tears as she shaved her head for her comeback transformation

2NE1‘s Dara revealed that she shed tears as she shaved the side of her head for her dramatic hairstyle change.

During an interview held at YG Entertainment‘s headquarters, Dara stated “When I was getting my head shaved, the feeling of sorrow just crept up and I started tearing… I just did it without thinking through it for we decided that a new transformation was needed while in the midst of rehearsing. It was my first time getting my head shaved and I thought to myself that maybe this is how men who shave their heads to go off to the military feel.

CL added, “At first, the stylist unni told me to do it. I was going to do it at first but I just couldn’t get myself to go through with it. Seeing Dara unni cry, my heart was heavy… I was going to do it at first, but I was scared of looking too strong so I had nominated the pretty Dara unni.

Despite shedding tears the first time, Dara revealed that shaving her head no longer bothers her. “My hair grows fast, so this is already the third time I’ve had to get it shaved. Now I don’t have any lingering emotions about it.”

In related new 2NE1 will be holding their first comeback stage on July 8th through SBS’s ‘Inkigayo‘.


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Article: 2NE1, “We will never stop reinventing ourselves”

Awww Dara T_T Why would you think  you lack charisma? In fact, you are so full of charisma, you’re gonna blow up one day! Kekeke! Kidding! Baby girl, you are jjang! You make a lot of people happy, that right there is your charm. ^^

Oh and according to this article, 2NE1 would be releasing an English version of “I Love You”! Now who’s excited for that?! Thank you 2NE1, Teddy, and YG for  thinking about international fans. Yey for the English version!!! <333

2NE1, “We will never stop reinventing ourselves”

2NE1 has always been a daring group. Whether it be their visual aesthetics to their musical colors, the four ladies have been unstoppable when it comes to pushing boundaries, meriting fashion and music to produce their own style.

Just over three years ago, the girls were introduced to the music scene at a time where the cute and sexy concepts were set as marketing trends by many agencies. However, 2NE1 stood out and begged to differ.

The girls strived to show that girl groups don’t always have to cater to male listeners, that the message of independence and empowerment can and should be delivered to the mainstream audience. But most importantly, they wanted to show that a girl group is more than capable of stepping out of the usual girl group mold of K-Pop: they wanted to stand out.

Taking hip-hop as the main core, 2NE1‘s music has changed throughout the years. Whether it be the minimal, gothic ballad number “It Hurts,” to the club-banger “I Am the Best,” the girls are back once again with the challenge to reinvent themselves with a new look and a new style of music.

The release of “I Love You” is a brand new step for the girls. Producer Teddy Park tells that the song went through a long process of tweaking until it was deemed fit for the mainstream audience.

The song, at first, had a very heavy “trot” feeling. If you compare the song to what it sounded like at the very start, you wouldn’t be able to tell that it was the same song,” says leader CL, “We had to keep on changing it to make it a little more radio friendly.”

However the song, to the girls, still sounds foreign. “Well, we call it a hybrid of electropop,” continued CL, “The song might be a little more familiar to our Japanese listeners because it takes the mold of the traditional “enka” genre. Our international fans may find the sound on the song as something new and refresing.”

For 2NE1, their new single holds another important motive that steps off the territory of musical innovation and fashion. The girls stated that they wanted to give their international fans a little taste of the Korean culture. From the modernized hanbok to the Samgomu dance (traditional Korean drum dance) in “I Am the Best,” the girls continue their attempt to incorporate little elements of Korea into their performance and videos.

For 2NE1, the look is just as important as the music. A new single means a complete make over for the girls, and as expected, 2NE1 has brought forth a newer, exciting and, of course, shocking look. Member Dara showcased her “half-shaven” hair do, a rather uncommon choice of style, especially for a girl group member. Dara has always been credited as the experimental member having gone through a wide selection of wacky hairstyles in the past.

I think I keep going for different looks because, to be quite frank, I think I lack the charisma and individual charm that the other members have,” confesses Dara, “I gain a lot more confidence as a performer when I go for more experimental styles.”

I don’t know if this half-shaven look is shocking enough,” continues Dara with a laugh, “I think I should have gone for something a little more stronger!

Much like 2NE1’s promotion cycles in the past, they will yet again be promoting various songs, one by one, to support the record. “I Love You” will serve as their single for the pop lovers, while they will be releasing an urban single to satisfy the cravings of their more hip-hop inclined fans.

For 2NE1, 2012 will be a fresh new start. They will not just be promoting in their home turf, but overseas as well. The girls recently announced their world tour, a first for a girl group in the history of Korean pop music. Kicking off at Seoul’s Olympic Stadium, the tour will make stops at 7 countries. The show is the end product of collaborating with various choreographers and directors: Travis Payne, famed for working with Michael Jackson, and Beyonce’s tour director of music Divinity Roxx are just to name a few. “The most exciting time for a artist is when going on tour,” says CL, “Now I know why artists crave to be on stage; it’s just such an amazing experience.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 will be releasing an English version of “I Love You,” especially made for their international fans. They have also shown interest in returning to the Japanese industry once more. “We feel as if we haven’t had a proper chance to get to know our international fans that well,” says 2NE1, “Hopefully we will be able to change that with the start of our tour.”

There is no such thing as the “2NE1 style.” We’re not a group that will stick to one color,” concludes CL, “Predictability and normalcy; it’s all so boring, isn’t it? We will never stop reinventing ourselves; we’ll always be the group with no boundaries, no limits and no answers.


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