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News: The movie “107th Night” is chosen as semi-finalist in Hollywood Screening Film Festival. Let’s Vote For The Movie!






News: ‘107th Night’ Movie Starring Sandara Park Will Compete in Russian International Horror Film Festival and Awards!


The Director of the Movie posted all this information in his IG.

Sandara  as the female lead.She is a 107 years old vampire who lives with other vampires in a special hotel.

Horror Film ,,”107th night’’ will be COMPETING in Russia film fest !(march 26-30) LETS WISH HER MOVIE WINS!!!!
Dara is the lead Vampire female.

Let’s pray for them to WIN!



Source: 1128jun (director of the movie)

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News: Cheese In The Trap Movie Confirmed To Premiere In Theaters This March 2018.


The release date of the film ‘Cheese in the Trap’ [Production Mountain Movement Story / Directed by Kim Jae Young] was fixed. 

According to a film official on the 22nd, distributor Little Vic Pictures decided to distribute the movie ‘Cheese in the Trap’. The release date of the work was confirmed in early March. 

The movie ‘Cheese in the Trap’ is a film about the story of what happens on campus, centered around the perfect man’s well, his usual college junior high school, Wonderful radio, “” Mitsu-wipe, “and director Kim Yeo-young, who directed the production, caught megaphone. Cheese in the Trap, based on the same name as the webtoon of the author, was first produced as a drama on tvN in 2016. It was a big topic because the original work was so popular, but it made me feel sorry for some of the miscasting and the story going to the middle and the bottom of the mountain. 

The film ‘Cheese in the Trap’ is based on Park Hae Jin, who played the oil well in the drama, and cast the major characters of the drama as synchronized actors. Yoon Yeo-seo, who was ranked first in the virtual casting scene before the drama, took on the role of the singer. White Inho was cast by Park Ki-woong, who was a white man, and Sandara Park and Kim Hyun-jin were also with him. Moon Ji-yoon, who tasted his role as a senior in the drama, played the same role in the movie. In an interview with in the presence of Crankin, Kim said, “The movie ‘Cheese in the Trap’ is based on youth romance, but the suspense is an important axis. If you look at the movie, you will feel another fun. ” Cheese In the Trap, cranking on April 20 last year, crank up in June of that year. What kind of look is ‘Cheese in the Trap’, which is a movie that is also very interested and anticipated. In March, we can confirm the finished work at the movie theater.



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News: Catch Sandara Park in Bangkok, Thailand for The Grand Opening of the Biggest Adidas Brand Center in Asia Pacific Region!


Catch Sandara Park in Bangkok at the grand opening of the biggest Adidas Brand Center in Asia Pacific region. Time and date: January 25 (Thursday) 6:30 PM (Bangkok local time) Venue: Adidas Brand Center, 3rd Floor, Central World



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News: Sandara Park Will Participate At The Pyeongchang Olympics Torch Relay on Jan. 18th


Dara will participate at the Pyeongchang Olympics events on the 18th. First event will be at Ilsan, Goyang wherein Dara will be one of the city’s major torchbearer along with Monsta X Shownu and celebrity MC (2NE1’s close friend also) Noh Hongchul.

On the same day, My Daily Korea said Sandara will be at Ilsan to perform the ‘Song of Torch’ with Super Junior’s Donghae and Yesung, NHC and many more. As stated by Media Goyang’s article, last runners will perform at 5:30PM.




Source: Naver

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News: SandaraPark, Honey Lee, And Other “Get It Beauty” MCs Express Thoughts On Final Episode Together.


“Get It Beauty 2017” has come to an end, and this season’s MCs expressed how they felt during the last episode on December 13, before they officially stepped down from the program.

Honey Lee, who has been the main MC for the program for the last three years, said, “[Everyone] felt like a comfortable, long-lost family. It’s been three years since I’ve appeared on here as if it was my own room, and I will miss all the viewers. Thank you so much. I hope that you all can look forward to ‘Get It Beauty 2018’ as well.”

Like the comedian she is, Park Na Rae joked while saying, “It’s regretful that I joined so late. Maybe if I joined ‘Get It Beauty’ earlier, I could have become prettier. I don’t think there’s an end to beauty,” while actress Lee Se Young commented, “‘It’s amazing that my ‘untalented hands’ have changed this much. I enjoyed myself, and thank you for always valuing and waiting for me, who was lacking in many ways.”

As another new addition during this season, Sandara Park shared, “I’m so happy that I’ve been able to enjoy things that women can enjoy. The past year went by so quickly.”

The singer later expressed through her agency YG Entertainment, “I was really happy while working as a ‘Get It Beauty’ MC. It was a precious year of my life that can never be changed.” She also revealed that the most unforgettable episode was her first episode, and talked about how her own makeup skills have improved during her time as a “Get It Beauty” MC.

“Thank you to the ‘Get It Beauty’ [team] and everyone who showed me love. I’ll share my own beauty ‘hacks’ and tips in various ways from now on, and I’ll return with many different kinds of promotional activities,” Sandara Park concluded.





Source: soompi

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News: The Final Episode of Inoslent Housemates which will be given as a Gift from the Production Team to the fans who have waited to P.O x Sandara x Seho team


MBC ‘Foolish cohabitation vacancies’ for fans to unveil the amount of the broadcast of Sandara Park-Pyo-Joseh on Naver TV. 

“We decided to release the last story of Sandara Park-pio-joseho’s cohabitation on-line for the fans who are waiting on December 8th, due to the scheduled broadcast date of the normal broadcasting.”

Sandara Park – Pio-Jo Se-ho has lived in Pio’s house, captivating viewers with a warm and flamboyant atmosphere. Prior to that, Pio identified Sandara Park as his ideal person, and three people including Cho Se- meet as many were interested in.

the newly Lightning public Mi Fang minutes past nine the may broadcast Sandara Park – Kuopio – story living with the last of the three Cho Seho who is the crew remembrances of the three men found an indoor fishing is spent wakjajikkeolhan day,

thus It is extremely rare to publicize the amount of US broadcasting before the broadcasting in entertainment program, In addition, the team will release a part of the US broadcast on Naver TV, which will be released through

the real life life of Kaesong stars, with a cheerful laugh and warm touch. The star real live variety variety MBC ‘vacant living together vacancy’ will be broadcast on every Friday night at 9:50 from December 8th.



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Information: Raise your hands if you’re ready for #PenshoppePresentsDara! 🙋 See you on 12/1 at Kia Theatre for a fun night filled with awesome performances from @krungy21 herself! Don’t miss out on special numbers from #ClubPenshoppePH’s @iamr2alonte @francisco_lio, and G-Force, too! 😉


Raise your hands if you’re ready for ! 🙋 See you on 12/1 at Kia Theatre for a fun night filled with awesome performances from herself! Don’t miss out on special numbers from ’s , and G-Force, too! 😉




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News: Behold PH Sandara Park Fans! She is Coming Back for #PenshoppePresentsDara | December 1, 2017, Friday | Kia Theatre


| December 1, 2017, Friday | Kia Theatre Mark your calendars! 📅 You’ve got 10 days to score tickets! More deets here: 👌


Here’s how you can score passes to ! 👌




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News: “Sandara Park, Park Narae and Lee Se-young are Officially Leaving Get It Beauty”



“Get a Beauty”  “Sandara, Park, Nanae and Lee are both getting off.” [Official position]

Get off at the style “Get Beauty”. 

“Get It Beauty” production team will leave from “Get Beauty” on the 20th, “Ms. Seo, an on-style beauty program that has been active as an MC for three consecutive years starting from 2015. As a main MC, Ms. Kang was able to spread ‘Healthy Beauty’ and ‘Get Beauty’ played a great role in becoming a total beauty show that not only looks but also can be beautiful. ” 

“Starting with the 2017 season, Sandara Park, Park Narae, and Lee Se-young will leave” Get It Beauty “together. ‘Get It Beauty 2017’ was last shot last week. ‘Get It Beauty 2017’ will be broadcasted until mid-December, and ‘Beauty Brigade Perfect Brush’, a new corner of ‘Get- I’m going to fill the ‘2017’ of Get It Beauty. 

Meanwhile, ‘Get a Beauty 2018’ is being planned. 


Source: Naver

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