MBC ‘Foolish cohabitation vacancies’ for fans to unveil the amount of the broadcast of Sandara Park-Pyo-Joseh on Naver TV. 

“We decided to release the last story of Sandara Park-pio-joseho’s cohabitation on-line for the fans who are waiting on December 8th, due to the scheduled broadcast date of the normal broadcasting.”

Sandara Park – Pio-Jo Se-ho has lived in Pio’s house, captivating viewers with a warm and flamboyant atmosphere. Prior to that, Pio identified Sandara Park as his ideal person, and three people including Cho Se- meet as many were interested in.

the newly Lightning public Mi Fang minutes past nine the may broadcast Sandara Park – Kuopio – story living with the last of the three Cho Seho who is the crew remembrances of the three men found an indoor fishing is spent wakjajikkeolhan day,

thus It is extremely rare to publicize the amount of US broadcasting before the broadcasting in entertainment program, In addition, the team will release a part of the US broadcast on Naver TV, which will be released through

the real life life of Kaesong stars, with a cheerful laugh and warm touch. The star real live variety variety MBC ‘vacant living together vacancy’ will be broadcast on every Friday night at 9:50 from December 8th.



Source: naver

Re-Uploaded By: OhDara

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