“Get a Beauty”  “Sandara, Park, Nanae and Lee are both getting off.” [Official position]

Get off at the style “Get Beauty”. 

“Get It Beauty” production team will leave from “Get Beauty” on the 20th, “Ms. Seo, an on-style beauty program that has been active as an MC for three consecutive years starting from 2015. As a main MC, Ms. Kang was able to spread ‘Healthy Beauty’ and ‘Get Beauty’ played a great role in becoming a total beauty show that not only looks but also can be beautiful. ” 

“Starting with the 2017 season, Sandara Park, Park Narae, and Lee Se-young will leave” Get It Beauty “together. ‘Get It Beauty 2017’ was last shot last week. ‘Get It Beauty 2017’ will be broadcasted until mid-December, and ‘Beauty Brigade Perfect Brush’, a new corner of ‘Get- I’m going to fill the ‘2017’ of Get It Beauty. 

Meanwhile, ‘Get a Beauty 2018’ is being planned. 


Source: Naver

Re-Uploaded By: OhDara

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