Comments on: "Video: DaraTV Episode 8 DARALOG is here! Watch! Like! Share! & Leave your Comments!" (1)

  1. DARATV is awesome! Those that are watching are Dara’s fans, Blackjacks who miss 2ne1 and new fans… and what a treat it was several episodes ago to see and hear Cl talk story or nag on her unnie who didnt have enough makeup for CL. too funny. This episode we get to hear her angelic voice and several people on youtube put it together with GD’svoice to make it a Cover. Sounds better then the original. and the YG rappers Mino, Bi and One she got to come on her On Style show where everyone is excited to watch. Her manager said she has the busiest schedule this month at YG. Have a blast doing what you do, and make sure you take care of your health!

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