~Even if Dara is behaving so bad, the only girl he sees is her & nothing but her. And they don’t meet w/ just the 2 of them but in a group~

~Honey: That’s exactly Dara’s dream right? Getting closer with his crew as well. Dara: That’s right. This book is skillful.

~Nara: The person you’ll meet is destined for you. He also has lots of money. Well at this point, you can even get married together.~

~Dara: Are you sure that it’s a ‘new face’ and not from the people i already know? Narae: Yes, he’s a new face.~

~Then Dara joked that they should do the recording fast so she can go home and meet him already




Source: daraxxi

Translated By: WeLoveDara

Re-Uploaded By: OhDara




Comments on: "Instagram: 170915 – Get It Beauty had a Tarot Reading for MC Sandara Park’s Lovelife" (2)

  1. This reading in “GIB” is somewhat the same as the reading in “Insolent Housemates” that she’ll meet someone in September. This reading though emphasizes that he is a “new” face.

  2. love your translations and we only hope for the very best for our Sandara!

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