After my schedule ends I arrived home~ 
I’m tired but I must stick to cleansing and also mask pack..then after a while I can relax.. Ah nowadays I’ve been busy. I seem to be very busy this September. These days there are many programs I’m doing, now the recording is put on halt so I try if I can do other work for sometime, I want to spend my day by day productively. 
I also have a lot of overseas schedule for this month. Most of the time I will do packing and unpacking. I am working hard like this I don’t have time for myself ㅠㅠ I can’t even go to my drum lesson..I have to get ready for this and that so I wasn’t able to do it. Time is really fast. The manager said that I’m the busiest in our company😂 and that I have a lot of schedules.. ㅋㅋ 
that’s why I drink Chinese medicine 😂👍🏻 Ah what are you trying to say… @.@ I don’t have any idea *dizzy*
Strangely these days I can’t sleep at night, if I have to shoot all night long I can’t sleep again. It just repeats so I’m a little dizzy~ 
Why can’t I sleep! ㅠㅠ but my body is very tired. 
This can’t be 
I will now have to put mask pack~ so hurry and sleep! Goodnight!!!



Source: Sandara park official Line Account

Translated By: WeLoveDara

Re-Uploaded By: OhDara


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