VJ: How is your Grand Fan Meet Last week?

Dara: very very happy.. because.. actually I worried that  no one might came to the mall show because this is all too sudden.. I  announced it few days before. So, I am really worried, But I went there, it was overwhelming, a lot of people came.

VJ: You know Dara, even if you announced it 1 minute before the Fan meet start, Million million of your supporters will still come to the place, to where you want us to go.  But You are here for you movie, One Step.  So, tell us a little bit of something about this movie.

Dara: Yes this is my first ever korean movie, so it is very special for me and my role is a little bit different than I usually do here in Philippines cute cute Krungy /crazy/. So this time, it’s a little bit serious  role in this movie. This is not a Romantic comedy movie that i did before, but the story is good. It, can make your heart flutter.

VJ: Can you explain us the story, because on the trailer it looked like you’ve lost your memory. What Really had happen?

Dara: Basically, this movie is about music. Then there is a girl named Si hyun, that’s me. She had an amnesia, because of a car accident. And then she also had color hearing, like when you listened to music you will see the music in colors. At first when i read the script, I said that looks amazing, but they said it doesn’t. Because the people that are experiencing color hearing, is having a really hard time. They get dizzy, and having massive headaches. 

VJ: Ahh.. so this is a real life condition?

Dara: yes.

VJ: I think this is the first movie who tackle that kind of condition. So we will learn many things from that kind of condition through this movie.

Dara: So, her situation is really hard. Because..That’s Why she can’t go outside, because there are music outside the street. That’s why she always had headphone to cover her ears. Until..later on at the en of the story.. Uhm no.. this is a spoiler.. *covers mouth*

VJ: what? *smiles* 

Dara: uh…hm… she overcome her fear. And she starts  singing again.

VJ: And so we were going to watch you sing again..in the movie?

Dara: yes.

VJ: we are really excited. So how it is working with Han Jae Suk?

Dara: Han Jae Suk actually is like the Senior of Seniority. Since 90’s he’s a big star already. I was really nervous, i said to my self, what if he’s snobbish? Because he is handsome. But when I met him, he’s so kind so I said “its true that all handsome people are kind”. He helped me a lot about acting.

VJ: That seemed fun, and Please do invite people to watch One Step.

Dara: Please do watch One Step my first ever korean movie, Showing Tomorrow!

VJ: you said this is your first movie in korea/one step/. That is a korean movie. But you had made few movies here /PH/ before. so how will you compare the Film making here in Philippines and in korea?

Dara: Actually it’s same. That’s why i’m really happy. Because when i went to the set, for the korean staffs i’m a newbie a first timer. they worried. But I know my position to where i stand, the lightnings,  the camera angles. They said, ‘how did you do that? you’re so good’. So I said I already have made Movies in the Philippines. It was a Big help.

VJ: You always said, in your interviews that here in the Philippines you started and you have learned a lot from here. That’s why we really really love you. Alright,  what kind of dara should we expect in this movie One Step?

Dara:  Of course it’s a new Sandara, before in 2NE1 our music more on fast songs hip-hop, edm, reggae. But in One Step, I have two songs there that is acoustic, you will hear my voice here. Unlike the voice i had in 2NE1 songs like in fire.  *mimics her voice in fire*

VJ: Dara is so cute! 

Dara: This time, it’s my real voice. so while recording the songs and I listened to it, I’m like ” oh I have a voice like this?”. I was surprised.

VJ: So it’s your  first time to sing like this. Acoustic style?

Dara: Yes, acoustic, and  my voice only.

VJ: uhh.. so it’s really your Dara Side, i’m so excited. So for now, you are doing things, and films so now, what’s next for you? Things you like to do, and next projects?

Dara: I’m shooting my next movie in korea. That’s why, I almost not made it here. I said, it’s fine if I lack sleep, let’s go. /to PH/ . I’m straight from Shooting change luggage airport, then going back to korea, from airport in korea straight to shooting.

VJ: Oh my gosh, for your new movie?

Dara: yes, i’m happy about it.

VJ: Can you share a bit something about your new movie?

Dara: The title of the movie is, Cheese In The Trap. it’s a super famous Webtoon and korean novel. And now its going to be a movie. Very very different from One Step.  it’s a bit dark and serious. there’s love story… there’s no comedy. there’s suspense.. it’s a story of college students. Very fresh and fun to watch.

VJ: When we’ll be able to see it? this year or next year?

Dara: Maybe next year, in korea the process of  releasing a movie is a long one.

VJ: That maybe is the only difference, because here in PH it’s easy to release a movie.

Dara: Ah yes.

VJ: So dara, we Saw on your posts there is CL and Bom, on the premiere night. How is your relationship with 2NE1 members, pursuing your solo careers?

Dara: I think, Nothing has changed. Because we have been friends and a group for 10 years, were like a family. At first when the break up happened, i thought i would not see them again, I’m so dumb, is this okay to be televised?Sorry /She said TANGA TANGA it’s a foul word in PH so she asked, if it’s okay to be aired. but they broadcast it anyway XD/. That’s why I’m really sad, But it’s not true because they are still my text mates everyday, Video call because CL is in Los Angeles, right? She’s so far. So sometimes I’m calling her, she answers and say “unnie it’s already 5am here” So I say “sorry! goodnight!”. And Also bom, all of them are my text mates. We do meet up, they’re still my best friends.

VJ: I dont know if you can see, Dara is teary eyed, it means, you meant what you really just said.  Don’t be sad, lets get back to the movie, so Please invite everyone once again to watch your movie One Step.

Dara: Yes, please do watch one Step, and you will see the new Sandara park! Showing tomorrow Nationwide!

VJ: Mostly this is what your fans waited for, blackjacks and parkers. What’s your message to your fans?

Dara: Actually I always Said, no words can express how much i’m thankful to you guys, Thank you I love you. Those are the only words can express how i feel. If you love me, I love you more! I love you guys! /do sandara wave/  Old version. /laughs/

VJ: not really, it seems you didn’t age Sandara. right Guys? /asks staffs/

Staff: yeah!

VJ: well we really, really love you sandara. and we are thankful because even if you can’t sleep and rest, you really push through to be here in the Philippines. We really love you and Good luck with your movie One Step! and that is it, that’s our time with Sandara. Thank you, so much once again! let’s give Sandara a Round of applause. /crowd goes clapping/. We Love you Judge Dara.



Source: samecut123jez MYX.com.ph

Translated By: OhDara

Re-Uploaded By: OhDara

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  1. Thank you for your translations for non-Filipino fans!

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