Boy: This is Fast talk in two minutes,

Boy: Sandy, Dara?

Dara: dara.

Boy: Winter? Summer?

Dara: summer.

Boy: Mestizo? Moreno? /on a partner/

mestizo means someone who is mixed between Spanish and Native American skin.

moreno A term used in Spanish to refer to individuals of dark skin tones.

Dara: Mestizo.

Boy: conceited? shy type?

Dara: /hesistates/ Shy Type then…

Boy: /laughs/ Blonde? Black hair?

Dara: Black hair.

Boy: Soft drinks? Juice?

Dara: Soft drink!

Boy: Isaw? Barbeque? 

Isaw is a street food from the Philippines, made from barbecued pig or chicken intestines.

barbeque pieces of meat, poultry, or fish roasted over an open hearth.

Dara: Barbeque.

Boy: Food? Sleep?

Dara: ahh.. For Now it is Food!

Boy: Lee Minho? Gong Yoo?

Dara: I’ll Choose Lee Minho because Gong Yoo is for Anne Curtis.

/Anne Curtis dara’s friend who is a Gong Yoo fanatic/

Boy: favorite Video Game?

Dara: Angry bird!

Boy: favorite Bird?

Dara: Chicken!

/LMAO dara is hungry/

Boy: Favorite Boyband?

Dara: BoybandPH!

Boy: Favorite 2NE1 Song?

Dara: Fire!

Boy: What are you Afraid of?

Dara: Cockroach! 

Boy: What is still missing in your life?

Dara: Money! it’s still not enough! /Laughs/

Boy: What are your dislikes in men?

Dara: Playboy.

Boy: Sexiest man in the philippines?

Dara: Joao ! /a boy band Ph member/ /squeals/ 

Boy: Your Soulmate is watching now, what would you like to say to your soulmate? what would you like to tell?

Dara: uhmm…. Take care! /Laughs/

Boy: Sandy Thank you very much!

Dara: Thank you!

Boy: Sandara Park! Thank you!


Source: TWBA

Translated By: OhDara

Re-Uploaded By: OhDara





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