Dara has such beautiful, deep words.. TT I really hope that the new year brings good things to her! She’s been so positive despite everything and I hope we all take a leaf out of her book.. Remember to keep the good memories instead of the regrets so we may look forward to our tomorrows brightly! FIGHTING TO US ALL! ❤


There are only a few more days left for 2016. Every end of the year, I never wanted the new year to come since I’ll be aging another year then. But I hope this new year will come faster. ***year!!! Get out of my sight right now!!! (It’s not a curse. It’s a parody for ‘I Don’t Care’) Anyway! It’s a good idea to ring in the new year well.

Around this time of the year, I would have had a resolution that I would work hard at doing for the next year. However, the situation changed a lot a couple or so months ago. But this doesn’t mean that I’ve become a totally different person. It just seems like I need to re-think a couple of things on my bucketlist for the future from now on. (being edited now)

When living and trying hard at whatever kind of work, there are several processes that one must go through to gain achievement. But even then, there are many reasons why achievement isn’t attained. Sometimes I do things I don’t want to, sometimes I can’t do the things I want to do, sometimes I have to give up myself, sometimes it’s time zone issues that overlap with timing, but whatever the case, aren’t there several hundred reasons?! In the 7 years of the last 12 years, I worked on and went through a lot of things, and although I’ve had a lot of thoughts during those years, I’ve decided to focus on the happy moments in the past instead of the regrets; I’ve learned to remember only the good things so I could look forward to the future brightly. It’s better to live your days for the future.

This year, I started to be intensely active in my Philippines activities, which is something I want to do steadily in the future as well. Although I started in the Philippines at first, It’s been a long time since I did any activities there; I’ve always had this thought of returning there after my debut in 2NE1. However I have a lot of activities in Korea now too. What would be the main though?! Will I focus on being a singer or an actress? Questions such as that? I don’t think it should hold a lot of meaning. It’s not like two-timing in a relationship, I just like to work at many places while trying to do different challenges, I think it would be good to experience a lot. Was it… too long? I didn’t even write everything yet. I’ll just finish here and write again. I’ve been starving the whole day ㅠㅠ 🍚


Source:  Dara’s Line

Translated by: WeLoveDara

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Line: Pensive Dara Looks Back on 2016 ~ “Remember to Keep the Good Memories Instead of Regrets”" (2)

  1. Alohadara said:

    Soliel, I appreciate your thoughts, feedback and observations. I felt something was amiss, but I couldnt figure it out until till you said it clearly and I hope she will see this. More naturalness in front of the camera. I hope whoever is directing her will be able to break through and find that magic click that is their in our Dara!

  2. Focus on your Korean acting career on 2017. If you want to work in variety in the Philippines also secure acting roles with worthwhile projects where you’ll be exposed to good directors who can guide you in your acting skills even if its on independent films. Create a resume with various roles even second lead ones. Remember for real actors there’s no such thing as a small role just small actors. Keep on doing web dramas in Korea to hone your acting skill. Don’t typecast yourself with the same role; look for variety and challenge your range even being the antagonist. Always assess each project you accept on its contribution in enhancing your brand image-that of a capable actress. Each project should be like a building block. It will be helpful if you conduct a business meeting with your agency before the year ends and ask them to create a business plan where they stipulate concrete short and long range plans with regards to your acting career.Like: short range (within the first half of next year) a supporting role in a K-drama even if its a daytime soap opera-if they have one-think of it as an opportunity to observe the veterans, practice your skill and build a mainstream fanbase because of the exposure. Take note on the feedback on your acting and ask a good acting coach or your director to help you on it. Most of the feedback I’ve read about your acting is the lack of subtlety or naturalness. I think this is because you tend to exaggerate things a lot. I fancy this is your personality because as I observe your fashion or style it tends to be like that too. You are made up to stand or pop out like a KPop idol and not to look like an everyday ordinary person like how actors try hard to be except they’re better looking. Subtlety is their way of life. Their mantra is less is more. They get that into their acting too. That’s why the really great ones don’t look like they’re acting at all. Try to draw from how you act towards your family members because that’s the most natural you’ll ever be. There are some really good actors who only act through their eyes because they know a camera will be there to capture it. Good luck and God bless!

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