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Again, we would like to congratulate Actress Sandara Park for winning the Best Actress award at the 2015 K-Web Fest Awards! And to Kang Seungyoon too! Congratulations! ❤


You deserve all the these blessings Dara unnie! We’re so happy and proud of you! Continue to improve yourself and we know that in whatever you do, singing, dancing, acting etc, you put your all in it! We wish you more power for your upcoming projects! And Daralings are always here to support, cheer and give you strength! Hwaiting! ❤



Capped and Uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Info/Official: 2015 KWEBFEST Awards Winner List ~ #CongratulationsActressDara" (3)

  1. miss_liz said:

    Finally!!! It’s announced! Congratulations, Sandara! She really did well in Dr. Ian drama. I cried with her a number of times. She is good in delivering crying scenes. Dr. Ian web drama was a good entry for her for the award giving body. Kim Young Kwang did a magnificient supporting role. As a more experienced actor, he seemed to help Dara out in the scenes. Sandara should share the award with him. He is a good actor, too. With the We Broke Up, web drama, Sandara delivered well angry scenes as well sad conversational scenes with Hyunwoo. They had onscreen romantic chemistry. Their sweet scenes worked as well than with the other leading actor.

  2. congratulations, dara, for ur 1st acting award for ur 1st acting nomination for ur 1st starring role! (i’m referring to korea, ok, if ever she’s done it in the philippines.) when i wrote last month that my comments on her acting are to help her improve her skill so that SOMEDAY she’ll receive acting awards, never had i imagined that it would happen so soon!

  3. alohadara said:

    Congratulations Dara! So proud of you!

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