OMGGGG this episode! ❤ This is the scene they filmed in all the BTS photos they uploaded weeks before.. Kekeke! I wondered why Woori looked so formal, so this is why, keke! ❤ Gah hard-working Woori, fighting! ❤ Her female boss seems unimpressed with all the males hanging around to help her out though, but it’s not Woori’s fault.. Aigoo.. =__= And aww, Won Young and Hyun Woo’s scene! Ackkk, you can feel the tension in the air! Can’t wait for the next episode! ❤

우리 헤어졌어요 (WE BROKE UP) – EP5

Credits: YGEntertainment

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So please do watch through YGEntertainment YouTube channel first, watch it again for a few dozen times (kekeke) then watch in InSite and YGKplus channels.. We know that international fans cannot view the videos on Naver TVCast, but you CAN give “hearts” on the videos themselves. Look up the We Broke Up page, log-in to your Naver account with your ID, then give hearts please.. Also, we need to catch up with the views from Naver TVCast, let us international fans show our love and support! ❤ Thank you! FIGHTING!





Comments on: "Official/Video: Hard Working Noh Woori Starts her New Job at Gaha Entertainment and Finds Support from Hyun Woo ~ Entertaining “We Broke Up” Episode 5" (32)

  1. Hmmm…yoonie…that’s a little green monster we called jealousy right there. May I remind you, you were the one to mind each other’s business…fufufufu…that’s love I tell you.

    I really like this web drama more and more!


  2. alohadara said:

    Oh Dara, Thank you for your words of encouragement and all that your staff does behind the scenes to make this a beautiful tribute for Dara. I keep forgetting to tell you how lovely the new back drop is.

    ygbiassed, I am sorry that I upset you, please forgive me. I know you love Dara and I do too. Its not worth disagreeing at all cost because nobody wins in the end. take care and let us all continue to love and support her all the way. Oh Dara, our Dara, Daralings and Blackjacks Fighting!

    • ckjack_bla said:

      That’s really nice of you to apologize. I feel you because I also defend Dara from criticisms that I think won’t help her but the main purpose is just to shame her. We have different opinions but we are the same when it comes to loving Dara. Dara sarang, Dara fans sarang ❤ 😀

  3. Hi guys! Thank you for all your comments.. Let’s just agree to disagree with some of our thoughts because there are points where we will have differing opinions from each other. Please, however, respect each other.. We are all fans of Dara here, and we support her all the same. Let’s learn to respect each other’s opinions and thoughts.. Do not be disrespectful please, we will not tolerate bashing or disrespect here…

    As to doing what we can for Dara regarding Knetz comments.. DO NOT LET IT BOTHER YOU. Those that are translated do not share the same voice as the entirety of Korean Netizens. I have been talking to OhMyGoddess admin and she said that she is not worried about the comments because DARA IS DOING AN AWESOME JOB and she said that Dara’s acting has definitely improved and people see that.

    Most of the comments are about Seungyoon and we must understand and accept that because there is a huge, huge, HUGE difference in the fanbases of male and female idol groups. We Dara fans are doing all we can to show our support for her and she knows it and appreciates it.. Just that in the comments section, our voices get overpowered because understandably, the other fanbase is bigger, so more upvotes. Do not begrudge this to KSY or his fanbase, it is only natural, and we support him as well.

    What IS important is that we love our girl and we make sure that she knows it. We must show a united front in our support for her because, in all honesty, it’s hard to find support elsewhere. A divided fandom is a broken fandom, and we need to be united now more than ever that Dara is spreading her wings…

    Once again, THANK YOU THANK YOU for all your support! ❤ We all appreciate it and OhDara/WeLoveDara will not be the same without you guys.. ^_^ FIGHTING!!!

  4. Pacoquita said:

    Dara is in character…No Woori is supposed to be highstrung, a 4-D judging from Kiyong’s interview where he said Woori has this “unique” personality he would go for if he would meet someone like her in real life. Reason why Dara is in a webdrama is for her to test the waters and perhaps go deeper into a full-blown Kdrama when she’s ready. Good luck, God bless Dara, you have acquitted yourself well here, a Full Drama is awaiting you, am sure!

  5. I read those comments on ygpress too and they’re really pulling the ‘voice’ card. I’m pretty sure Dara will get better. I read somewhere that Suzy also started as ‘bland’ and ‘robotic’ on her first few acting stints. That’s why Dara welcomes criticisms and heol, she’s even aware of that. Remember the SsangPark TV? She mentioned there that she does need work on her voice. She is probably getting workshops and stuff. Probably why YG wanted her to start on web dramas first. So Dara can improve more. And tbh, she did improve a lot here after Dr. Ian, I didn’t enjoy that one as much as I wanted to.

    I just wish YG would promote this more because it deserves to be.

  6. ygbiasedassed said:

    Between the two of us, weren’t you the one who were opposing my opinions? Thats loads of you to talk about Respect? youre the one who needs to learn it girl. Not me.

  7. ygbiasedassed said:

    What a bunch of unrealistic immature people who thinks criticism is just meant to insult rather than taking it into a positive light. I bet you haven’t even had an experience in acting even in schoolplays and such. Have some reading comprehension too as you seem to not understand what my point was and lastly, Grow up and suck it in. Life is not just about rainbows and butterflies dear, be posiive yes. But be realistioc as well. And i didnt ever hate her, i nor put up an insult. Its all constructive criticism. The other things i said was what the Knets said, not my words. LEarn to understand what you read before you rile up like a child.

  8. alohadara said:

    ygbiased, I need to clear some things up and this is my last response to you. I know who you are, AS A DEVOTED FAN OF DARA! Never did I think you were a hater. But our styles of love and support is different.

    What you do is dictate the truth as you see it and if anyone disagrees than we are are not taking off our”biasness”, we are “sugarcoating” and not looking with a “honest perspective”. Those are fighting words and disrespectful to my opinion. I love Dara too. What bothers you doesnt bother me.Her acting to me is on point. I appreciate her and know she will continue to improve her craft. I think shes doing a great job and for most of us we are proud of how far she’s come and having fun with this drama. But unlike you, I choose not to belittle and criticise the hard work she’s done. As I said before, we do not have to agree. But what you need to learn is to be respectful of others who love her too.

  9. ckjack_bla said:

    We need to teach those KNetz a lesson! I don’t think the negative comments can really make her improve. Her voice actually made the episodes livelier. A monotone voice is boring for a romantic comedy. Accusing her of “robot acting” is questionable because her acting is actually animated. It’s so on point on Woori’s character. What do they expect? They are contradicting. I don’t get their point! 😦

  10. awkward610 said:

    LOL…i thought i saw somewhere people being proud because its only Dara from YG that didnt get much hate from knetz or maybe they just got caught up just because a few good praise. Damn…i should side eye everything.
    Btw… why is that lately when people defend Dara they end it with play the drum thing. I mean when you first read their arguments wow its true i agree with but bam at the end they end it with and now dara play the drum…. jeez way to end a great post. I mean that not even great achievements cause she maybe just learn the basic for her role not something to be brag about.

    • Smoothiedara said:

      She studied drum to give a surprise to her fans. It’s great that she want make her fans happy. So isn’t it great?

  11. ygbiasedassed said:

    You dont get my point Aloha , my point is that though the knets were a bit over the top with their comments, they have somewhat a point on her acting not being that good. If you take off your biasness like i do, its obvious that she is lacking emotions here & there & there are times she looks uncomfortable. Though she is not bad at acting, she actually is better than most. You see, its good for us to face these truths as this will help Dara be aware on where & what to do to overcome it. Even she herself is open to those criticisms & that’s what i admire her the most. It goes to show her passion to hone her craft better. Lets not sugarcoat things as perfect because we should accept the fact that there are always things that needs improvement. It will help her. I just informed you about the knets stupidity because obviously they were exaggerating things, when the fact is Dara actually did good. And no, Knets have actually been always shit against YG artist, that is why most broadcast stations bully YG artist by discrediting them. But thats another story, you can do your research if you want to be informed. I love Dara, that girl is the most amazing thing on earth. Dont take me for a hater just because i try to see things in an honest perspective. She is getting better by the day so theres nothing to worry much, i just hope these haters wont drag her down and her show them she’s Fire , as always.

  12. Nobody is perfect and it is impossible to please everybody. There will always be blah blah blah bashers majority of whom are motivated by sheer ENVY! And we have to admit there is much to envy about Dara…her looks, her good heart, her charming ways, her talent, her wit, her winning attitude ,work ethics and her legion of loyal fans….that’s why she has tons of supporters (definitely much more than bashers)…me included! Nobody can put a Good Thing down….so I shall continue enjoying this web drama! FIGHTING!!

  13. alohadara said:

    ygbiased, I want to understand you because you support Dara too. But you were the one that brought us to the attention of what the knets were saying. And now you tell us to chillax?knets dont only attack YG family. They attack everyone and much of their complaints are driven by jealousy, hate not constructive criticism. You are the very one that have all kinds of what you call constuctive criticism for Dara. I respectfully disagree with your criticisms of Dara. Her voice and acting may not please you, but its fine for me.The one thing I do agree with you is our love and excitement for Dara in this drama.

  14. ygbiasedassed said:

    Chillax guys, lets not act too protective. Im pretty sure Dara can handle herself well. And its good to give her constructive criticisms so that it will help her improve on the things she got lack of. She has always been a hardworker & improves everyday. Even she herself is welcoming constructive critcisms because she knows herself that they are vital. Yes Knets has always been shitty on YG artists, so its not at all surprising. On a lighter note, lets keep the views coming! And oh i heard her tfilming for something in YG’s restaurant. Another gig. YAY!

  15. All these haters ranout of what they critisize on DARA before, her being too skinny,her voice, too short,now they go thro her BUSAN accent which is too cute for me please just accept the way she is because at least she is trying her best to please her fans and at the end of the day nobody can put her down,she got to many talents,speak 5 languages,can sing,dance.act and now play drum,you haters what talent you got?NADA right, so just sit and watch and enjoy rather than hate.GO,go,goBUSAN accent and busan netizens,please support DARA and KSYwho are both from Busan.

    • i told u so said:

      Too skinny?well she is a female.Korean boybands(male) skinny as fuck(wear skinny jeans all the time). Too short? Well she is a female. Taeyang (Male) is short.Her voice? Her voice is girly. Are those asshole blame God?She were born that way.

  16. AtrueFan said:

    Dear Dara, all I can say about the negative comments, just think it’s all only a constructive criticism. They are there for you to grow and we are here to make you feel that you are not alone and we love you. Okay? Fighting!!!

  17. can i just say….I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT WHAT @alohadara said!

  18. Per Korean entertainment the more successful you get the more haters you have. Plus reading at the comments its the same old shit as before, her voice but they love her songs in the drama. Make up your mind stupid people.

  19. i told u so said:

    @Alohadara. Yep. And i heard south korea has the highest suicide rate/unhappy people and they eat dog meat. They hate everyone(japan,china,north korea/their own people,etc). Do you think north korea and south korea will ever be reunited??Korea needs to learn from germany.

  20. alohadara said:

    First of all I think knets are a bunch of rude stupid predominantly miserable young people whose main goal is to talk trash about someone who is successful. They make up lies, innuendos, and their opinions are so full of anger and untruth. I hope the korean blackjacks/daralings fight back or ignore them. If Oh Dara can come up with a way international fans can help, please let us know. I refuse to give them creedence because they are true haters/trolls. They are jealous women who are upset that Dara looks beautiful and as young as wooyoung and hyunwoo. Dara is doing fine. She has a busan accent, so what? This web drama would be boring without her. Her acting and chemistry is great. Shes not perfect and will continue to improve. The problem is not her, its those crzy knets. They are like nits/lice that like to suck blood out of innocent people. We need to continue to support her and not allow these punks to rule the day.Blackjacks and Daralings Fighting!

  21. ygbiasedassed said:

    I just read comments from Knets in & they have been saying a lot of negative things about Dara and her acting esp. her her voice. Though i do admit she has still a lot to polish, especially the relaxing part cause sometimes she becomes too push. But however i dont find her acting at all robotic, i dont know whats with the people but they dont like her voice they say she sounds too helium like. I think the problem with her voice is relaxing herself as weell. she goes nervous sometimes or too excited that it becomes high pitched. I wish she practices more control. Can people here relay our thoughts as i want her to improve.

  22. ygbiasedassed said:

    The thing that i love about this drama is that they were able to not only showcase Dara & KSY’s acting but their singing as well. So in turn we get the best of borth worlds. Without this, people would have not known that Dara can sing and is actually good at it (though her voice might not suit to everyones taste, cause its isnt as strong as the other members who are power vocals). Irregardless , it had showed that she is not at all a useless member as anti’s like to say. This drama is fresh on the sense that the plot of being ex-lovers living together wasn’t shown before. And theyre doing a great job.

    PS. I love to love wooyoung but hyunwoo is stealing my heart, he is just lovely. second male lead syndrome alert.

  23. daisang said:

    I want Dara’s Voice… Please release all the songs on We Broke Up especially her solo and their duet

  24. jumsky21 said:

    i want the OST for this web drama..i like huynwoo more..hehehe

  25. Omg.. that part when hyunwoo hold her hand. Stuck in that scene for 10mins. I want that kind of man too T.T soooo manly !!!

  26. AtrueFan said:

    Hahaha, laughed out loud again. And I noticed Dara is singing in part she is working. Hope we can hear the full songs aside of it the boss is funboying to Dara wahhhh… he is cute also, but I like his colleague at work to be her man ;). Gosh I’m so excited for next episode. Dara’s acting I can really feel it. Keep it up Dude.

  27. Arghh.. It’s soo short… >.< I am loving, loving Dara's solo. Jealous Wonyoung is so cute. And I love all the side characters too. Their personalities are interesting. But damn, I love KSY but I am actually more into Hyunwoo here hmmm.. That kind of man is what Dara needs in real life. Haha. FIGHTING #WEBROKEUP cast and crew. I wish Dara will have more web dramas soon before going mainstream. 🙂

  28. CLIFFYYY!!!!
    luving this ep! better than the unexpected kiss. even better than when hyunwoo began making his moves on dee. and finally, a solo by dara!
    hope the drama’s end won’t be a dud…

  29. alohadara said:

    Huh? the episode ended too quickly, too short! Web dramas suck when the story is so interesting…starting to get intense!

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