I am so so so proud of Dara, she has improved leaps and bounds! Her expressions were spot on and now I know why she said she warns us that her character is a hard woman and difficult to love, but I LOVE YOU WOORI YOU CUTE HUMAN YOU~! When I watched this, I didn’t see a GLIMPSE of Sandara Park, she was Noh Woori through and through, from start to finish~! She said that she had trouble doing the first couple of scenes, but I must commend Dara for her characterization of Noh Woori, I didn’t see any stiffness from her.. ^^ Watch and enjoy the first and second episode! ❤

Episode 1: We Broke Up

Episode 2: Break Up 101

Credits: YGEntertainment

We’ve decided on focusing on the YGEntertainment YouTube channel to up the views, so please watch there primarily.. However, we do understand that we also need to watch through InSite and YGKPlus.. So please do watch through YGEntertainment YouTube channel first, watch it again for a few dozen times (kekeke) then watch in InSite and YGKplus channels.. Fighting! ❤





Comments on: "Video: 150629 Web Drama “We Broke Up” Released Exciting and Totally Fun Episodes 1 and 2~ Actress Dara Overload!" (23)

  1. Hello! ^_^

    I’m actually new here. I saved this site when I came across this site a couple of weeks ago. I was too busy these days that I forgot about it and now I’m back.

    First, I would like to thank you for posting the episode in we broke up. Honestly, it’s my first time watching this since I can only do somethings in between work and I remember posting about “We Broke Up

    Second, I’m looking forward to reviewing and reading if not all then most of your posts here and try to comment and support as much as I can. ^__^

    and Lastly, as a fan of Dara I am happy to encounter such site who supports her whole heartedly.

    My Review:

    Dara is hilariously funny and lovable as No Woori. Her antics were hilarious, Her adlibs too especially when she sang “Come back home~~”. Both she and Kang Seungyoon look great together. Seeing them as couple makes me giddy. Truly she is a goddess! I was swooning for the couple of minutes then switched to confusion and excitement.

    As I finished both episodes, one question lingers in my mind…”Why did they broke up?”

    Now, I can’t wait to watch the third episode.

    Thank you!

  2. OMG!! Did you guys saw the episode 3?!!! My heart, my heart.. Gosh, the KISS!!! 😚💋

    I’ve been playing that part over and over again!!!

    So much chemistry..

  3. xkismet@gmail.com said:

    VPN worked like a charm. Thank you for the suggestions!

    I loved loveddd LOVEDDD IT!

    Dara as Woh Noori is an absolute joy to watch – she was animated and was not afraid to appear ‘ugly’, she expressions were on point and she could transition from one emotion well without being too forced, she was dramatic without being unnatural with is perfect for this comedy genre. She was absolutely hilarious and laugh-out-loud funny. (I especially liked the part where she insisted she knew her classmate’s name.)

    Some Korean comedies are quite cringe worthy when they veer towards slapstick but I thought the entire cast did a really great job here. The characters were very likable and believable.

    The only thing I hated about the episodes were that they were only 15 minutes long 😦
    Is it true that there will only be a total of ten episodes??

    • 2ne1doll said:

      IKR?! 10 episodes aren’t enough!!! Let alone each one only 15-16 mins. long #sosad :((

  4. Try to search vpn and touch then download it & change your country to USA you can play it in YouTube.

  5. daisang said:

    I love this drama and their acting so daebak. Love the story . Please let Dara act on KDrama

  6. dreams_undone said:

    i cant watch it too, from singapore too, been googling youtubing yahooing everything just to watch it :=( very very very sad didnt manage to watch live!

  7. alohadara said:

    I was fighting with some negative people who were trashing Dara on youtube before the episode came out and I’m glad to say they too are surprised that she did better then they thought. Actually she and Seung Yoon played off each other well. Their love for each other is believable and their hate hilarious. And to see him dorky while giving up his guitar, too cuute. So proud of our Dara and Seung Yoon…more awesomeness awaits us!

  8. xkismet@gmail.com said:

    can’t watch it either :(((

    • Try to download VpN in touch on your cellphone. Install it and change your location to “US” and then open up the YouTube video links again.. ^^

  9. ygbiasedassed said:

    I remember myself giving out comments that she wasnt that natural judging from the short clips from the teasers, the way she shifts her emotions and all. But GODDAMNIT! She have proven me wrong! And i dont mind her proving me Wrong cause she was hella fvcking amazing out there! She totally killed it waaaay better than what i had expected. Babygirl really knows how to prove haters wrong about her. She slayed it GOOD! Im just so proud of her progress , she may took it slow but she made it to be worth it. There is definitely chemistry between Seungyoon and her, but please dont throw rocks at me because Jang Kiyong and DAra’s chemistry was so much stronger for me. Either way Both did an awesome job and im so proud! Even Knets applauded them. Hella yueah!

  10. i take back everything that i said! dara was perfect!! she’s so funny i love her! i’m excited for her and kiyong’s storyline to develop too! they sure do have chemistry!!

  11. This sure was fun! Can’t wait for the next episodes! Good job,Dara!! Had to chuckle when she quipped “Come back home” when she got the guitar back….bet it was an ad lib because it showed her great sense of humor…

  12. dreams_undone said:

    i cant watch any of it why?????

  13. Blaq_roze said:

    Can’t watch… Omg why?…

  14. AtrueFan said:

    Yes, I feel rushed too but I like Dara acting she is good and I laughed while watching on it. I love it Dara. Keep it up

  15. alohadara said:

    I watched it, loved it. I wonder when Dara acks crazy/dorky is it part of the script or is she doing a addlib like she says shes did a lot of in this drama. I realize the episode are short and thats why it feels rushed. will watch it on the other channels. Inner Circle(Seungyoons fans) must have been so happy to see him with just a towel for a long time. Dara Seungyoon fighting!

  16. I can’t seem to watch it on neither of the channels, is it due to the different countries? Really wish to watch it.

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