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Credit: @21SweetNovember + @DizzyLollipop + @sungP00 + @rudwn4606 + GQIUQIU@weibo + @sharonchan113

Comments on: "Fan-Taken: 140914 Casual Dara at Incheon International Airport (From Singapore)" (4)

  1. Like this look on her. It’s casual, comfortable as she likes it and doesn’t overwhelm her petite frame.

  2. Vampire Dara wearing a vampire Tee…so pretty and smiling now! Looking fab!

  3. hardcore dara unnie said:

    its a good news to see her gaining weights she looks more fab I love how their friendship w bom so tightly sealed like real sister.Maybe the reason why they are click to each other coz of resemblance of their attitudes they both very affectionate to their love ones eventhough bom oftenly bullied her she’s always to the rescue whenever dara is in trouble,sweet,caring,kind,honest,brave,lovable and likeable plus they know how to make people happy ..very priceless genuine friendship indeed fighting ssangpark

  4. Ooohh I love her outfit

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