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Comments on: "OMG Fancam: 140816 Dara-Focused Fancam for Crush and Fire at the “AIA Real Life: Now Festival 2014” (YG Family 2014: Power in Seoul)" (10)

  1. Dara is Dara. CL is CL. Why do you guys want her to to dress up like CL, act like CL or have connections like CL. They are 2 different persons with different tastes and style. I don’t think I’ll be a fan of Dara for years if she has been projecting the same image as CL’s (no pun intended) If you guys really like CL’s image then go on and stan her instead because I’m getting tired of your comparisons. I want to see the old commenters back here in Ohdara so bad.

  2. As a Daraling I really hope Dara will be able to appear on tv/ radio soon. It makes me restless when Dara is MIA (I totally understand that she could be polishing up her acting or making new friends) as I don’t want her to become irrelevant because she has so much potential.

    I really admire what CL is doing, getting her name out there and networking with famous people and I would love if Dara had the same exposure. However, I do understand everyone is unique and there is no one way to get your name out there.

    From the video, it’s obvious that Dara’s singing and dancing skills have improved but with 2NE1 being on hiatus I don’t want to wait a year (or 10…according to YG’s calendar and new groups) to see her active again!! Please give her a chance YG!!!! Dara brings in money why don’t you let her act/ appear on variety shows/ radio?!?!

  3. Oh Dara, when you say this is a international fanblog, does that mean it is for English speaking fans? Just clarifying. I don’t mind if Daralings are writing in their native language as long as everything being said is positive and loving towards Dara. Thank goodness we have some Daralings that can defend her in English against the opinions that are written in Filipina/tagalog? to those of you who are frustrated with Dara or are criticizing her in your own language, its like you are hiding your opinions from us who only speak English. Are you afraid of how the rest of us may take your thoughts if we knew what you were writing?

  4. hardcore dara unnie said:

    dara unnie just be wise of choosing of outfit must wear those classy lady like sophisticated elegant one that will make you look matured,the way you manage the chic look you wore in tazza premiere its simply amazing yet gorgeous its daebak you can be a headturner if you have that gurly outfit.Try to be near with CL with chic outfit -youre strong charm is your advantage if im not mistaken youre the visual the stylists should priotize and be fair in making your look presentable and pleasing to the public not trying to mess up with it.If YG let quality singer gummy leave the company I bet he’s just letting the money maker artist to soar high that would be a problem.Just keep the faith fighting…Witty dara bright dara Kudos to my only inspiration

  5. I don’t know what 2 say about these comment , u must not be a true fan cuz if u really care about her u don’t have 2 say those things. At least she was able to fulfill her dreams to dance and sing on the stage and share it with us fans what she is capable with. it migth not be the best but at least we enjoy seeing her having funs and just pray that a drama will come her way soon after their tour.

  6. hardcore dara unnie said:

    atruehaters not atruefan- seems you really dont appreciated dara’s effort and work hard as my observation she really improved alot way better than before in singing and dancing which is not her strongest point of skills, I bet shes doing everything to take risk in doing new things besides singing remembered YG said that dara frequently mentioned she wanted to try acting and do varieties shows means she is determine to go out on her shelter/comfort zone to showcase her other talents which I truly believe she can be good in hosting and acting is her real forte, how can she molded in that area if YG didnt let her give a try, its pitty to see her making alot of efforts to do the things she love but they didnt give her a chance.With regards with her fashion she really can pull off those classy elegant outfit if she started to wear those stuff she can surpass CL,CL is starting to overtake the visual thing you know.The young leader chaerin charisma is explosive but dara’s charm is hypnotizing is no joke and not ordinary can capture anybodys heart.While watching many fancams I noticed CL starting to seperate herself to the other gurls even to dara her closest I believe I can really smell the gap between them you know while the other three is bonded and having fun ,CL is on the other side or away from them.I like CL thou but maybe YG give her more favor thats why shes putting herself into pedestal its kinda having those powers ,holding it too tightly that everything you wanted could be granted in a seconds thats what is lacking to other three..alright she have that bcoz shes the leader but compare to G-dragon of bigbang and suho of EXo shes more attention seeker, the style of leadership is far way different, she tend to crave more attention than the others.I still like her but Im more favored to DARA coz of the facts that shes not afraid to be herself which is rare to idols and fearless to do weird stuffs thats make her unique, she dont have to force things to people to like her coz she is likeable and very genuine and sincere in everything she do.I just hope if you accidentally read this [delusional mind keke] just keep fighting and keep improving, dont lose hope I know in the future the way you work hard to do the things you love its inspirational,youre unbelievable determination even tons of haters keep bashing you hardcore, hindering your way its wonderful to see you stand still with wide smile and keep moving forward.Despite of your fragile emotions,small heights and petite body youre a perfect example of a fighter strong lady with a very good etiquette.Just remember life is unfair full of ups and down you cant assure yourself on top all the time theres a plenty of talented idols outhere sometimes you have to experience those struggles and hardship in order to improve yourself ,those challenges will taught you to prepare yourself to the next big thing.Everytime I see dara’s eyes I feel genuine heart and sincerity, in her priceless detetmination she”ll for sure shine like a diamond someday.Instead of questioning her capabilities if youre a true fan just pray for her its just a simple way yet powerful begging YG to give her projects is not helpful at all just keep the faith.Fighting unnie dara keep your heads up dont as in never mind haters..^_^ LABAN lang krung krung thumbs up

  7. seriously. you don’t need to say that. as for me dara unnie really improved a lot in terms in singing and specially in her dancing. I’am so proud of her. she is my one and only idol. fighting dara unnie we are always her for you no matter what happen…

  8. @AtrueFan- Nakaka-hurt naman yung comment. Nag-improve naman yung singing ni Dara. Pag pinapanood ko yung ibang videos nila, okay naman syang kumanta. I guess kelangan lang nyang maging consistent sa boses nya. I know she really works hard in improving herself, don’t make it sound na she is not trying her best. What Dara needs now is to put herself out there like what CL is doing. CL is really making an effort to be recognized not just by fans but by her peers too. I don’t know who is handling their careers, for example getting endorsements or TV guestings or even auditions in movie or drama series, but I think they need to step up their game with Dara’s career coz she has the potential to be big but at the moment it seems her career has gone into plateau.

  9. hmmm hindi nya nman kase talagang talent ang singing kse alto lng siya mbaba lng boses nya, well talent wise s acting ang forte nya compare mu man sila siya ang ma future s acting.Tiyaka hindi siya binigyan ng chances s acting e d sna ktulad sya nla hyuna and yoona n ngshine s acting n mbaba lng ang boses.yung pagegeng mahiyain indication lng yun n nd sya myabang at mpagmataas mkikita mu man s work yung confidence level at professionalism s off the cam n pgegeng mhiyaen nya nkkportray sya ng other side nya on cam which is nd mgaling gwen.Tyaka witty sya base s laman o sense ng nga sinsabe nya mrme man syang pwedeng ioffer n talent nya hinde lang pagkanta exposure lang talaga kulang hindi man kase binibigyan ng chance panu man siya mawewell improve..nakakainis na itinuturing siya na walang silbi ng mga haters na sa totoo lang siya yung nag eefort ng husto para makaconnect sa fans at tiyaka talented siya in her own way.Compare her singing 5 years ago much improved man siya mbaba lng tlga compare s 3.Whatever makes her happy Ill support her sana bgyan sya ng chance mgshine hindi nya man gugustuhin ma-outcast sadly nga lng parang hindi na siya binibigyan ng atensyon ni YG.Pero mkikita mo man sa mata ni dara na determinado siya kaya fighting youre my inspiration just keep moving forwars keep up dara youre a wonderful person

  10. Si Dara parang nag acting lang sa concert, kaya kunti lang palagi ang part niya sa kanta kasi ala paring improvement….nakakasawa din maghintay sa alang improvement. buti pa si minzy. Sa singer dapat boses talaga ang e improve. Hindi mas lalo ka maging mahiyain at pasayaw sayaw lang e perfect. Ai naku. Kung hindi lang magada ugali mo, matagal na kita di sinusubay bayan. Imbes na mag improve ka,parang lumala yata.

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