Check more photos below the cut!

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And below are more photos of happy Bom, Minzy and crazy Dara! ^^ Dara unnie goofing onstage with their trophy, kekeke! And Thunder joined them during the encore too! Park siblings love, love, love!!! ❤

26961216 26189160 201403271948162710_1 201403271955392710_1 201403271949052710_1 20140327_1395917633_14663900_1 20140327_1395917264_51698800_1 20140327_1395917647_29555600_1 20140327195147862 201403271943776591_5334010d22d4c 201403271944778780_533401527ebc9 201403271946252710_1 20140327194233908 20140327194105218 1000__1395919773-56-org 201403271945779928_533401aa0963a 1000__1395919873-85-org 1000__1395919981-59-org 1000__1395920104-71-org 1000__1395920206-98-org

And more pictures! And it’s super HD!!! Check them out by opening on a new tab! ^^

1395919773-56 1395918401-81 1395919873-85 1395919981-59 1395920104-71 1395920206-98 1395920303-49


Sources: As Tagged

Re-uploaded by: OhDara


Comments on: "Photos: 140327 Press Pictures of Fierce and Beautiful 2NE1 at M! Countdown" (1)

  1. angel's wings said:

    proud cheondung…. love them both =) and #2ne1

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