U.S. Billboard Continues To Praise 2NE1’s New Song, ‘Come Back Home’

By Diana Shin | March 05, 2014 08:10 AM EST

U.S. Billboard Continues To Praise 2NE1's New Song, 'Come Back Home'

U.S. Billboard continued to praise group 2NE1‘s new album and title song, “Come Back Home.”

On March 3, Billboard stated, “2NE1 returned with reggae and ballad genres in 2013 and has made a different style comeback this year with their ‘CRUSH’ album. They have returned with an electro-pop and hip hop sound that showcases something new as well as a bit of their old sound.”

They introduced their song, “Come Back Home” as a reggae trap hybrid genre and that mixing the two created an amazing outcome.

Billboard also recently released an article spotlighting their two title songs, “Come Back Home” and “Happy” and praised the music videos as well.

2NE1 has also been featured on various media sites and has been praised for their new album.

They will be making their comeback performance on March 9.

Credits: KPopStarz

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