Nice interview! ^^ Leadah CL-roo steps up during English interviews, and I like how she speaks for 2NE1 as a group. “We prepared for a very long time, so it’s definitely a big turning point for us, as 2NE1, and we have all kinds of song in there: we sing, rap, goes from hip-hop to electro to RnB to everything. If you just check it out, if you just hear it, listen to it, you’ll know it.” And yes CL, we really do love the album, even at first listen! ^_^ “I think it’s been two years since our last tour. We didn’t have our album out, but we still went on tour. And we’re all about having fun, and when we’re on tour we love to meet our fans from all around the world, because we stay in Korea most of the time, so that’s what we want to do.” Hooray for more countries to meet new fans! More countries please, YG! ❤ And how cute is Dara’s soft and sweet “I love you” in the end? ❤

2NE1 Reveal Their ‘Crush’

Credits: AssociatedPress

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