2NE1 Take Down Dystopia, Get Animated In The ‘Come Back Home’ + ‘Happy’ Videos


We’re obviously beyond thrilled that 2NE1 have come back home.

Congratulations, everyone! It appears as if we’ve survived the K-Pop-pocalypse. You know, how two of South Korea’s girl-group titans, 2NE1 and Girls’ Generation, both planned to release new music and videos in late-February/early-March? C’mon, do you even read the news??

Well, now that 2NE1 have seen GG’s “Mr.Mr.” wager and raised them two new videos for the Crush tracks “Come Back Home” and “Happy,” it appears as if the dust has settled for the time being, and we can finally breathe. Oh wait, except we can’t, because the clips have snatched our lungs, hearts, kidneys, and every other organ we need to function.

In the aptly titled “Come Back Home,” we see Minzy, Bom, CL, and Dara channeling a little bit of everything from the dystopian lit canon: “1984,” “Brave New World,” Beyoncé’s “Superpower” video, etc.

Much like the track itself, which switches from “Man Down” to “The Baddest Female” and back, the visual’s a total mindf*** — and we mean that in the best way possible, obvs.


“Happy” is like endorphins in music video form.

Happy,” meanwhile, goes straight for your pleasure centers, pairing 2NE1 with some adorably emotive animation. As the video progresses, the hand-drawn bells and whistles increase until you begin to question whether 2NE1 doesn’t actually live in a half-animated paradise 24/7. (They don’t, FYI. Actually, we’ll get back to you.)

These two offerings kind of encapsulate everything that 2NE1 does best: playing with hard and soft and fusing polished K-Pop production with unexpected genres from across the globe. Needless to say, we’re (still) crushing hard.

Credits: MTV Buzzworthy

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