So, continuing with the news on 2NE1.

We have urgently postponed 2NE1’s 2nd album release date from the original schedule of 12am on February 24th to 12am on February 26th <which is 0 hour of February 27th>. The offline album will be released on March 7th as planned.

The reason for the urgent change of date is to release the album on a more special day instead, as CL’s birthday falls on February 26th, especially because whopping three songs composed and written by CL for the first time are included in the 2nd album.

I ask for your generosity and understanding for the change.

Details on 2NE1’s titles song?

As this is the first full album released for the first time after several years, we are ambitious to showcase as many songs as we can, but since we are at a point where careful selection and focus are required, we chose two songs for double title songs.

2NE1’s first title song is “COME BACK HOME.” 
Many of you would be reminded of the mega-hit “COME BACK HOME” released by Seotaeji and Boys in 1995, but 2NE1’s upcoming track is a completely different, filled with melody and lyrics about yearning for the long-gone lover.

This is a joint work of YG’s main producer TEDDY and other producers, which encompasses a crossover mixture of R&B, reggae and hip-hop. The noteworthy feature of the 2nd album is the unplugged version of “COME BACK HOME”

The two different versions are greatly different from each other, so we produced two music videos for both songs, which will be released on February 28th simultaneously.

The second title song “GOTTA BE YOU”
A joint work by YG’s producers TEDDY and PK, is a fast-paced song that leaves an impact through BOM’s powerful cry of “Gotta Be You.”

We made the decision to make this the second title song as it has an impression of mainstream taste.

How many music videos will be produced for the 2nd album?

A total of four music videos will be showcased this time.

As mentioned earlier, the two versions of “COME BACK HOME” music videos will be released simultaneously on February 28th, and the other double title song GOTTA BE YOU” will come next, and the music video of a song titled “HAPPY” filmed in the U.S. will follow.

The track list of 2NE1’s 2nd album will be released tomorrow at 10pm.

This is all I have for 2NE1’s album, and I will be back with information on YG’s new groups that will be revealed this year.

Thank you.

2014. 2. 19. FROM YG


Source: YG Life

Comments on: "Official/News: From YG – “News About 2NE1” Part 2 ~ 2NE1’s Double Title Song + Music Video Details" (9)

  1. I wonder why the disc will be ready for preorder! Can’t wait to get my hands on their long awaited album!!!

  2. When yg said that they will release 2ne1 album on this day etc. I did’nt believe it first. For 4yrs. of following 2ne1, it’s always happening. i hope in this album, it benefit the 4 member of 2ne1 °_^

  3. BlackjackDaraling said:

    Come on daralings let’s vote for our girls. It’s so easy!


  4. Yes long as Dara is fine it’s ok. We will just wait he’s doing a thing only for their good. But Dara i think she is very excited we can tell in the video..and I read from other site that GD wrote comment about Dara. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. For me, I learn to take YG’s word with a grain of salt. Whatever strategies is whatever. That way when it actually happens, it will be a nice surprise and not disappointments anymore. As long as Dara is happy, fine. CL, congratulations and 2NE1 Fighting!

  6. poohbearl0u said:

    Calm down Daralings and Blackjacks…i get frustrated too but in the end what matters is we support & love Dara & 2ne1…

    KEEP CALM & SUPPORT 2ne1!!! ❤ BJs hwaiting!

  7. if SM delays again, YG WILL delay. he really doesn’t care what people will say, he gets what he wants. we all know how manipulative he is… and we’re all eating right out of his palm.

  8. desiweelovesapples said:

    Take a chill pill people! as much as it pains me to hear that 2ne1’s album is again delayed, we really can’t do anything about it. Reading the article again, i think that it’s a clever move from YG. They tried to stir-up the media causing them and us, the normal people to pay more attention on 2ne1’s comeback considering that they invested a lot on the music video, they are trying to get as much out of it. Plus there’s also a psychological battle between the 2 companies as to what moves they’ll do next. YG putting off the release date of 2ne1’s album on the same date the Girl’s Generation’s album will be released, SM delaying the release of GG’s music video due to some “technical problems” and stuff, YG then delaying 2ne1’s album release from the 24th to the 26th instead, they are trying to play in each other’s head as to who will fold first. I think it’s a win-win situation on both sides considering that all the media attention was on both girl groups now but yet to determine who’ll stand out. Sometimes you have to sacrifice some little things to bring out the big guns; kind of like a chess game. Now before you guys go ape-shit on me, I didn’t mean for it to sound as if YG is just playing with us Blackjacks because that is totally not the case. YG and 2ne1 would rather release an album that took a heck of time to write and produce but it’s a good-quality music rather than releasing albums here and there but the songs are mediocre. As what they say: Quality over quantity. This issue is a double-edged sword so us fans should not just look at this on our own standpoint but on the business standpoint as well. After all, they are in the show business so they’re also trying to make some moolah here. YG doesn’t poop out money all time, he has to earn it hahaha

  9. YG seriously needs to grow a pair of balls! what a wuss!!! They should meet SNSD head on, what is he so afraid off that he keeps running away from them with his tiny tail between his legs? He just made himself a laughing stock – and 2ne1 along with him. Their wussy stupid marketing strategy is destroying 2ne1 for crying out loud! Just drop them all on the 24th in one go – songs, pv and hardcopy and be done with it…. darn it!!!

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