2NE1’s Missing You Topped Music Chart For Two Weeks In A Row – MV Reaches 6 Million Views


[TV리포트=김예나 기자] Group 2NE1’s new single “Missing You” has topped music chart for two weeks in a row.

According to 2NE1’s agency on the 2 this month, “Missing You” has topped the real-time chart and then the daily chart of iChart.

An insider of the agency says, “2NE1 appealed with a differentiated charm, different from the strong image and extreme fashion they pursued in the past. “Missing You” is a pop-R&B style music, whose sentimental lyrics and appealing vocal catch ears.

Not only the music itself but also the music video of “Missing You” is enjoying much popularity. As of the morning on the 2, the music video garnered more than 6.1 million views on YouTube.

The dreamy music video of “Missing You” has also drawn much attention with CL’s naked performance.

2NE1 will hold a world tour next year, starting from Seoul in March and then in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Japan.


Source: YG Life


2NE1 ‘Missing You’ 1st Place Two Weeks In A Row On I-Chart ‘Long-Run’


[OSEN=Lee Hye Rin] With the new song ‘Missing You’, girl group 2NE1 became the first place for two weeks in a row on iChart.

After ‘Missing You’ showed unbeatable powers in the real-time chart and in the daily chart in Korea by recording 1st place on both charts. In addition, 2NE1 was recorded as 1st place two weeks in a row based on the records of iChart that was released on December 2, 2NE1 and got the attention.

Based on the records from the morning of December 2, the number the music video was watched on YouTube exceeded 6.1 million and is continuing the popularity. With the harmonious singing from the members and the dreamy mood, ‘Missing You’ music video is consistently breaking the record of numbers of being watched and is continuing to be loved.

Although 2NE1 did not show up on TV very much with the song, but with the power of the addictive music, they are still getting loved. With their one of the most well-known songs “I am the Best”, 2NE1 showed their differentiated charms with the strong image and powerful fashion. In ‘Missing You’, with the drumbeat being an exception, the POP R&B style, the sad lyrics and the appealing vocal of the members attracts the ears.

Through this, 2NE1 received the comments such as that they were successful in their effort to expand their style of music.

Starting from March of next year beginning from Seoul, 2NE1 will meet the fans around the world through the world tour in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan and so on.


Source: Naver Star Cast

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