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Dara wearing Comme Des Garcons Multi Zip Double Breasted Houndstooth Trench Coat by JUNYA WATANABE


Sources: @Jigsaw_03 +

Comments on: "Dara Fashion Find: Cool And Chic Dara Wears Junya Watanabe On Her Coffee Trip" (25)

  1. poohbearl0u said:

    yep and they both are called the female/male version of each other…BUT I’m happy as long as Dara is happy =)

  2. yeah but in yg its only them who wear the same clothes like most of the time they have similar not just similar but same from the beginning yeah some idol wear that clothes but in one company its only them not even cl who is known 4 being fashionista

  3. yaniedonna said:

    Maybe bcuz that guy love “blue”

  4. i think dara & the epic idol just share the same style & they shop & buy the latest “it” items. it just happens that they like the same labels. afterall dara prefers guys’ fashionwear. ke that’s what i tell myself to stop my delusional shipping of the two. lol. i still get giddy though. @_@

  5. JinriPark said:

    Its true that some idols belonging in the same company share clothes and accessories but the guy wore his blue plaid shirt when he was in Osaka then the goddess wore hers when she was in Seoul and posted her pic the next day after the guy posted himself wearing the same shirt. I dont think they share, they each have the shirt 😉 couple thing? Its ysl and who loves shopping ysl?:D

    • I saw that post!! But… A lot of Idols love the brand as well and I saw someone with the same plaid shirt and he’s not from YG 😀

      • really shows that artists there have the same kind of plaid shirt. Could it be a gift from someone on that company?? im so curious now.

    • If you look closely, that blue plaid shirt of that guy you mentioned is different from this blue plaid shirt.

  6. AlohaDara said:

    Because Dara wears a lot of men’s clothes,shoes,hats,shirts,jewelry etc. that there has been many instances where she has matched up with other idols.
    But these 2 guys, thru the years have so much of the same stuff…people have said they have the same closet. hahaha

  7. sum1 is also wearing that same blue plaid shirt this days”……hmmmmm… sumthings fishy”…. kyaaaaaaaa…∩_∩

  8. what’s up with that blue plaid shirt?? why does agassi always wear that? i’m getting suspicious over this! kekeke~~

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