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Missed 2NE1? sweeps sound source charts for two days in a row


[OSEN=Lee Hye-rin] Girl group 2NE1’s sad sensitive new song ‘Missing You’ is dominating sound source chart for two days in a row.

On 21 midnight, 2NE1 dropped their new song and is topping on 9 sound source charts like Melon, Mnet, Bugs, Soribada, Olleh Music, Naver Music, Daum Music, Monkey3 and Genie for two days on 22th at morning.

Usually, the new song is not as powerful on the second day but 2NE1 is maintaing its top on all 9 charts forewarning their long run of power.

2NE1 released their third single ‘Missing You’ after ‘Falling in love’ and ‘Do you love me’ all released in this year. It is a winter song full of sensitivity featuring members outstanding harmony. Leader CL performing naked in the music video also garnered attention.

2NE1 will start their new song ‘Missing You’ promotion in MAMA on 22. Also 2NE1 wil; begin their world tour at Seoul in next March, engaging with world fans in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan and so on.

Meanwhile, San E’s ‘Break Up Dinner’ dropped on 21, Lee Juck’s ‘Lie Lie Lie’, and Davichi’s ‘The Letter’ all ranked high on sound source.


2NE1 ‘Missing You’, dominates 9 daily charts ‘as usual’


[OSEN=Pyo Jae-min] Group 2NE1’s new song ‘Missing You’ is topping all 9 sound source daily charts in Korea.

According to YG Entertainment on 22th, the song is topping on 9 sound source daily charts including Melon, Mnet, Bugs, Olleh, Cyworld, Daum, Naver, Genie and Soribada.

‘Missing You’ swept in real time chart right after it dropped on 20th. Members beautiful harmony stands out in this song. 2NE1’s soul touching sad vocals are impressive with tantalizing high tone based chorus. ‘Missing You’ is a beloved winter song featuring sorrow and lonesome.

CL’s naked performance is also garnering attention with dream like music video. Especially CL’s nude was lauded by Billboard as “Look out for haters to call out the comparisons from Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball’ but CL does sad and naked with way more class.”

Currently 2NE1’s ‘Missing You’ video will soon hit 3million views. Starting in Seoul, March next year, they will be engaging with world wide fans in China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and so on.

Also, on 22 at ‘Mnet Asian Music Awards(MAMA)’ 2NE1 will perform their first ‘Missing You’ stage. On 24th they will begin their real Korean promotion in SBS ‘The Music Trend’.


Source: Naver Star Cast 1 2

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    The best girl group 🙂

  2. LOL I love the title!
    I’m happy for them, can’t wait for them to perform tomorrow!!

    @hero_shin For starters there’s nothing wrong whith being nude, but please don’t compare Miley with CL it’s totally a different nude, Miley in her MV is king of vulgar and CL was more artistic. And where do you read that CL isn’t respected?!

  3. actually as of this time M/V hits 3,789,837…..2ne1 Fighting!

  4. wow! daebak 2ne1.. congrats!

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