For Missing You, the girls favored Saint Laurent quite heavily, with a touch of Versace and Balmain. Most of their outfits came straight from the runway, but some were more mix-and match. Let’s take a look at our darling Dara’s outfits which ranged from gloomy Marilyn-Monroe-esque, to colorful quirky, to alluring seductress, to toned down casual chic.


Dara’s first outfit from the group scene with the car is pure Saint Laurent. From head to toe. Like I’ve mentioned in the past, I love how the goth loli look works out for her. I love the dress, I love the fedora, and I love the boots.. What’s not to love in this $5500+ outfit, eh?


Dara’s second outfit from the first half of the song is more colorful and eccentric, with a bunch of colors and textures ranging animal prints to dyed fur. Her skirt (I believe it’s a skirt and top since I saw a model in a magazine wear the same yellow fur, leopard skirt from Versace) is from Versace’s F/W 2013 collection, while her top (which I couldn’t find)  is from Rick Owens Her head piece is from Fendi, a rather quirky one at that, which all models who walked the ramp during fashion week had to wear. I love her black and white shoes and I plan to add it as soon as I can find it. Anyone want to help? ^^


Her third outfit, which, safe to say, is everyone’s favorite (it’s mine, isn’t it yours too?) is all black with gold thrown in. But first off, I would like to salute the stylists for her up-do matched with this red lips! Dara doesn’t do red lips often, but when she does, BAM! Anyway, she’s wearing a (horrifyingly expensive, but great-looking) Balmain jacket from their recent collection. I love how the jacket actually accentuates her slim figure! The silk/satin dress she wears below is too nondescript in the video and photo that it’s quite hard to pinpoint. But if I should hazard a guess, I think it’s from YSL or Balenciaga, they have a couple black mini dresses that look so cool! And lastly, her wild Giuseppi Zanotti wedges that I absolutely adore! ❤


Dara’s last outfit came straight off the runway, minus the boots. Saint Laurent F/W 2013 collection debuted this cardigan-printed dress combination, and I love how it looks like on Dara. It’s a very simple (albeit super expensive) outfit that still looks chic and fashionable. Matched with another Saint Laurent boot, the outfit looks very country-ish to me. ^^



Source: Balmain + YSL + Net-A-Porter + Giuseppe Zanotti Design + Farfetch + Lyst

Collated by: OhDara/ WeLoveDara

Please do credit us when taking out. Thank you! ❤

Comments on: "Dara Fashion Find: Goddess Sandara’s Different Looks from “Missing You” MV – Saint Laurent, Balmain, Versace, Giuseppi Zanotti, Fendi" (7)

  1. I am super in love with Dara’s Missing You looks. Those boots, i want one!

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  3. I really love her in that Balmain Jacket. And of course, whatever she wears, she’ll forever be gorgeous!

  4. dara- saint laurent queen lol

  5. The styling of the girls was awesome. From the makeup to the hair, to the clothes, the shoes, absolutely beautiful. So happy for that after their home made video for DYLM. I’ve replayed each of Dara’s scenes close to 100x.. She’s so cute with her barely there pout in that first solo scene. Makes me more excited to see what they will wear on stage tonight.

  6. oh my gosh those Zanottis + Balmain, I love them on her. I love the Saint Laurent cardigan too. Can’t wait to see them on MAMA! 😀

  7. wow!

    i really love to see her in Silk Chiffon Floral Printed Dress w/o Cardigan 😀

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