Justin Bieber – Sandara Park, Surprise Kiss Picture Revealed ~ Birth of New Older Woman-Younger Man Couple?


A picture of international pop-star Justin Bieber giving a kiss to 2NE1 member, Sandara Park, has been revealed and subsequently gained a lot of attention from netizens and fans alike.

American jeweller and celebrity, Ben Baller, updated his Weibo account on the afternoon of the 11th with, “Last night at the VIP room with Justin & Dara,” uploading a picture along with his post. In the picture, Justin Bieber is seen giving a kiss on Sandara Park‘s cheek, catching the attention of many.

Justin Bieber, who is thought of as “America’s Younger Brother,” is ten years younger than Sandara Park, who he kissed, a fact that fueled the interest of netizens even more. Justin Bieber was bon in 1994, while Sandara Park was born in 1984, marking a ten-year difference between their ages, so their cozy picture gained a lot of attention from fans of both celebrities. Also, it has been pointed out, specially by male netizens that Sandara Park seemed to be a bit rigid and had an awkward atmosphere about her in the picture.

The photo was taken inside a club at Yeoksan-Dong, Gangnam-gu, for the launch of Jay Park’s AOMG, where other celebrities like G-Dragon, CL, Hyoyeon, Clara, Jang Wooy oung, Jun.K, Jo Kwon, Im Seulong, Ga-in, Min, Jia, Hye-Lim, Kang-in, Ryu Wook, G.Na, and others were present as well.

Netizens who saw the surprise kiss given by Justin Bieber to Sandara Park commented with, “Please take care Dara,” “Justin Bieber and Sandara Park, is a fresh combo,” “Seriously, Sandara Park is shy in real life, is she okay?” “Sandara, you even get a kiss from Justin,” “A gathering of shining stars,” “No one is even interested at Ben Baller,” “Nooooo. My Dara-noona,” “They must’ve talked a bit since Sandara Park can speak English well,” “Is this really true?” “Sandara Park is really pretty,” “Are they even close friends?” “Justin Bieber, please put into mind that she is a noona to you,” “I’m surprised seeing Justin Bieber kiss Sandara Park,” “Justin Bieber fell under Sandara Park’s charm,” “Justin Bieber’s force is no joke,” “Justin Bieber and Sandara Park match each other,” “Even Justin Bieber thinks Sandara Park is pretty” “Justin Bieber and Sandara Park kiss photo will spread all over the world,” “It seems that Sandara Park must’ve saved the country in her past life,” “A hot expression of affection,” “You guys surprisingly match well,” “Does Justin Bieber know that there’s a 10-year gap between him and Sandara Park?” “I wonder what happened between Sandara Park and Justin Bieber before that kiss?” “Sandara’s rabbit eyes,” “Justin Bieber, kiss me too,” “Sandara Park must be a saint,” “There’s a ten-year difference between this too,” “Justin Bieber is too liberated,” “It’s nothing, Sandara Park makes anyone look good,” “About Justin Bieber kissing Sandara Park, Justin Bieber’s fans are known to cause mischief, please be careful Sandara Park,” “What is Justin Bieber thinking, hitting on Sandara Park like that?” “Justin Bieber and Sandara Park became friends when he visited YG?” expressing their varied thoughts.

On the other hand, Justin Bieber held a successful concert at Olympic Park Stadium, Seoul, as part of his “Believe World Tour with AIA Life Real Music.


Sources: Just check out all the Nate articles regarding the topic HERE if there are netizens comments, most likely, I translated them. ^^

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Comments on: "News: Justin Bieber – Sandara Park, Surprise Kiss Picture Revealed ~ Birth of New Older Woman-Younger Man Couple?" (41)

  1. Lucky JB many are wishing to kiss her.. Anyway dara is just being nice and friendly.. She’s one of a kind.

  2. Its just a friendly kiss nothing else.

  3. >.< lucky Justin! I'm not a fan of him or his music but whatever! I'm more so jealous of him right now not MAD! It's just a peck I'm SURE it's nothing!^^ She is so nice letting him do so and if she didn't know I'm sure she was kind and didn't get mad. GODESS DARA! So kind! She looks really pretty here! The only downside is that I'm sure the Beliebers in my school will see (I heard one that knew he was in Korea) and call her a "female dog" and stuff. D: They're so mean! But don't worry I will stand up for Dara with kind intelligent words! Fighting!^^

  4. Melovedaraeveryday said:

    Relax people~ its just a peck on the cheek, its no big deal! The rest of the world peck cheeks like drinking water. .why debate so much? Look at it this way, the people who are against this friendly flirty gesture is either jealous freaks, never-been-kissed loners, too old-fashioned (the ones who hates any kissing scene on tv haha!) or they just wish it was themselves (who kissed & got kissed)..hahaha! Anyway, if you are truly fans of Dara, please stop nitpicking all the good things that happened to her, be happy for her and stop complaining, okay? Okay!

  5. the Difference between Dara and CL kiss by Justin Bieber , was the word –AWARE–
    Dara was not aware while CL does.. 🙂
    I love them both anyway.

  6. there’s a photo of Justin kissing CL on the cheek too so I guess the hating on Dara will stop now

  7. Hey the kiss is so post to be just a kiss.Dara is pretty and friendly.Justin just tank her by kissing her.Dont be to malicious

  8. …as what I said before,,,,keep coming back here coz cant stil move on..to be honest…I though it will be CL. and no more surprised for that..coz We all know how sweet and friendly she is and her popularity with international artists is quite amazing…..but still… da untamed and rude young boy cant resist to fall in our Goddess D! lol! =)

  9. TheVSPinkCutie007 said:

    I’m not really a fan of Justin Bieber but I don’t hate him. I don’t really listen to his music, that’s all! 🙂

    Come on, it’s just a kiss on the cheeks. There’s nothing wrong with that. He’s just like a Fanboy of Sandara Park.

    This is a big news! 😀 They are all over the news! And this is a trending topic worldwide. Hahaha! 😀

  10. Ruffa Rea Ramos said:

    justin and sandara n0t much each other -_-!

  11. Welcome to Neverland, Wendy! said:

    Peter Pan, Wendy and Captain Hook

  12. O.O’~~~~ Justin Bieber?..i don’t like him..but i like Dara noona..

  13. janethabest said:

    beliebers vs daralings… bat s*** crazy vs cat s*** crazy its a win win situation the world would not be sad about this

  14. I hope k-netizens will not blame DARA ,she could’nt help it about the reaction of people she meet,besides DARA grew up in PHILS. where hug and peck on the cheek is a warm welcome to a person you admire and like.Even in Korea,i remember when the olh la-la boys met 2NE1 and one of the member was very excited and asked if he can hug DARA and his wish was granted, that’s how down 2 earth DARA is “NADA DELECADESA” when it comes 2 her fans. She really cares 4 their feelings.

  15. I love Sandy!!! She’s so beautiful inside and out. Clearly, you can see that this picture of Justin kissing her wasn’t planned. Dara and Ben Baller are both looking at the camera. I’m pretty sure that just before they took the picture Justin snuck in and kissed Dara on her cheek. That’s the same thing he did to Ariana Grande; she said they were getting ready to take the picture when Justin snuck in and gave her a kiss! It looks like they all enjoyed themselves and it soooo nice seeing Dara mingling with other artists. Love it!!!:)

  16. garfieldz marab said:

    justin bieber spilled the magic charm of dara i suddenly recall spider man carrying dara in front of the media,he is additional famous fanboys fr.dara s list/so,dont blame her.lets be proud of our dara;a kjss on her cheek make trending all over the world?wow!

  17. I agree it is just a friendly kiss. They do that in the States. They do that in the Philippines as well especially when friends greet each other. We call it “beso-beso”. I’m sure Dara is used to this custom.

    • i totally agree, but the problem is they are in Korea and in Korea they don’t greet like this. 🙂

  18. I pity those countless Dara fanboys out there..coz the bibz got to kiss the girl of the dreams. lol. But seriously, with that beauty of Dara who can’t resist giving a peck like that? 😉

  19. The comments are hilarious… and yeah “No one is even interested in Ben Baller.” LOL poor Ben

    anyway Dara unnie has charm.. tbh, JB nice choose lol i mean she’s pretty, kind.. even beliebers thought dara is 17 yo. and too young for JB! LMAO

  20. Lol~~ some comments are too hilarious! ‘Dara is a saint’ what kind of comment is this???!!! Ahahaha!! XD

  21. OH NO!!!!!, I’m worried for Dara unnie coz “some” Justin fans are known to be aggressive, obsessed and sometimes violent! i hope Dara won’t be bullied. NO NO just NO! ( no offense to Justin’s Fans but i don’t like him at all !!!)

    • yeah there are some who’s hating on Dara but based on what I read there are more who are hating on Justin. I’m actually surprised that a lot of fanboys took time to leave comments telling Bieber to stay away from Dara. A lot of Dara fans came out to protect her actually.

  22. OMG this news is spreading fast. Many Bieber fans has been asking who Sandara Park is LOL It’s all over instagram, twitter, blogs and forums LOL

  23. as what I said,,,,this gonna be a Breaking News! LOL!!!! =)
    but please not JB! Goddess D deserves the best…JB ” Be Carerful coz lot of Fanboys are planning to kick you out! =)

  24. Reblogged this on The Baddest Female and commented:
    Oh my God.. Justin what are you doing to my unnie ? -___________-“

  25. sorry…guys…wrong topic,,,but check this out….they cover dara’s kiss..although the vocalist…i think ,forgot the lyrics..kekke

  26. dee said her favorite song bievers is One time; oh my the
    lyrics are really sweet.hmmm.
    (Butterflies)u r the only one,,,sweet!!!

  27. the effing thing had the audacity to do this… why i oughta!! wash that face Dara please!!!

  28. this bievers hmm. be carefiul theres someone watching over
    this. btw; they cute each others except beller.toinks

  29. Best comment ever: “No one is even interested in Ben Baller.” lmao

    Srsly, what’s with this “birth of a new couple” thing? That’s just dumb. These journalists are just too much sometimes. Ugh.

  30. AlohaDara said:

    Its a friendly kiss. Americans do that everytime. Not a big deal except he was lucky enough to kiss our goddess Dara. He kisses lots of people. it is hilarious!

  31. lazybones said:

    Yeah, i get that Justin is a supercelebrity and he’s supertalented, and he’s cute too, and i don’t know, many people would say Dara’s so lucky to be kissed by JB…but NO. Just No. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Dara. In fact, she’s my bias among biases, but shipping her with JB? Nah. -_-

    It’s just me though. Don’t mind my opinion. ^_^

  32. wahhh…. i was in meeting when this pic was posted. super late reaction but i was soooooo giddy when i saw it! justinxdara ftw!

  33. what a news!!!… so happy and giddy… kekeke

  34. radulińa said:

    couple? i dont think so haha but i saw on twitter they are called darbie lol these shippers are really fast haha

  35. AforAppler said:

    Cant see the 10 years diference . And yes guys , Dara can make anyone , anything look good . Seriously ?? Couple ?? Lol .

  36. The comments are hilarious . Haha !! :DD though I agreed o some . Dara be careful of beliebers . Im kinda scared for her too .

  37. OMG I’m laughing so hard with these comments

    “It seems that Sandara Park must’ve saved the country in her past life,”
    “Sandara Park must be a saint,”

    Sandara really has a different charm that makes guys and even girls adore her. I have a friend who saw her in in person and she said if Dara looks good in photos, in person she is GORGEOUS!!!

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