OH MY GREAKING GOODNESSSSS! 2NE1 is coming back and they are looking super duper good and cool! OMGGGG BLONDE DARAAAA! /screams and dies OMG!! Dara is blonde, you guys! She’s changed her hair color! The first time she’s changed it so drastically since their debut! She’s always been going for black and brown, and almost every shade in between, but never had hair this light! ❤ OUR GIRLS BE LOOKING GOOD! Cannot wait for July 7 for their comeback stage and July 8 for their single release! ❤



Source: YG-Life

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Official: YG-LIFE Reveals Teaser Pic for 2NE1’s “Falling In Love” – Blonde Angel Dara!!!" (55)

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  3. Admins..I am shocked you guys aren’t even removing comments calling CL a bitch…That is way out of hand and I think it is really degrading our fandom. It is obvious it is ONE person doing this.

    • Real Beyonce is gorgeous said:

      CL IS AN UGLY BITCH!!!!She is wearing a tacky swimsuit as appears on live TV!!!!yuck

  4. nHurs89 said:

    i want cl outfit 4 dara!!!hehehehe
    it will gorgous if she wear it w/ her blonde hair,,
    i hope so!!! i’m excited 2 what they will be wearing doing a comeback in sunday!
    i want dee sexy w/ heels^-^

  5. BJ4life said:

    LETS VOTE 2NE1 FOR BEST KPOP FEMALE GROUP, they are currently #1 but SNSD don’t have big difference, so lets vote to keep them on TOP.


  6. BJ4life said:

    DARA UNNIE IS BLONDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. hehe CL and Bom taking care of the legs and Dara and Minzy taking care of the abs. Will she finally reveal it? :O i hope she shows more skin since it’s summer does anyone remember how good she looked during this performance?? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpVgSJXuvjk she must show some skin! ^_^ 4 days more

  8. I wish they’d just let her hair down and make it look flowy, that way she’d look gorgeous! 😀

  9. I’ve been waiting for 2ne1’s comeback mainly because of Dara..but sadly the stylist or whoever give her these kind of outfits and hairstyles always disappoint me.. Well..her hair now is not bad actually it’s pretty good..but the outfit! Come on!!! she can pull off everything and she’s definitely beautiful, bit that doesn’t mean just give her anything? Urgh! Why can’t dara wear sexy clothes? Why can’t she have normal hair? I’m sorry guys..gotta say what I feel..I know some of u can understand me..:( anyway..bom is beautiful here same as cl who seemed to level up compared before..and minzy..uhmm..it’s alright..

  10. Pppppppppp said:

    I can see bits of abs showing up saying hello to us! Is Dara unnie ready to show a lil bit of skin? Yay! Sexy sexy sexy unnie!

  11. Pppppppppp said:

    Still I love how brave Dara is when it comes to changing her hairstyle. Dara unnie fighting!

  12. Pppppppppp said:

    I don’t get why do they focus mainly on CL’s visula here… They make her look more beautiful than the three… But they failed… I kind of feel sorry for Minzy cos they don’t pay much more attention on changing her looks! Why can’t she wear dresses just like the rest of them? Why is CL the main focus of this picture! Im not a CL hater but ai think each member deserve all the things that CL is getting right now! They are being overshadowed and it’s not fair.

    • It’s because of fans like you that I sometimes hate this fandom. Good lord, 2ne1 is about to make a comeback that we have all been waiting for. It’s annoying when people ruin the fun and positive feelings with all their complaining. Just enjoy it.

      • thats_what_she said:

        You tell ’em Aki!

      • Pppppppppp said:

        Lol of you hate it that much why bother and give your 2 cents when you can just completely ignore what I posted? There’s ths thing called opinion and I believe I am entitled to one. Haters gonna hate. Take a chill pill, hun. Spread the love! Saranghae! ❤

    • oh wow..you are just another CL hater..

    • why is everyone all up against CL these days? just for your information, CL has never really got the spotlight. It’s her time to shine. Finally she can wear nice clothes and her hair nice. She did promotions for TBF so it’s only natural since she kickstarted their comeback to continue with it. Leave her alone. Although I do agree with Minzy because she is feminine and it’s sad not to see her reciprocate that back on stage but we all know it’s because she’s maknae.

    • oh please! shut the hell up! stop your hating!

  13. Really nice. i think Boms face looks more natural now.

  14. jaedoong said:

    I like her hair.. btw she can pull off any hairstyle and any hair color because she is naturally pretty. I am watching her clothes/outfits nowadays because I think Dara and Minzy’s clothing stylist’s are a bit… tsk tsk! I hope next time or maybe in other vids they will make Dara and Minzy more feminine.. let them wear skirt and flant their strong points stylist!!! please I’m begging!
    The only good thing here are Minzy and Dara can carry themselves anyway.but I think it’s about time to make this two have this girly,sexy and feminine style for God’s sake! Come’on!

  15. I’m so excited!! I love her hair~

  16. OMg im so shock!i did not expect this.. OMG our goddess dee… So pretty.. Gosh! Cant wait 🙂

  17. Although I have expected it that it will be blonde, there is part of me that wants her hair to be pink just like Cheondung ^.^

  18. love Daras blonde hair…….

  19. I feel sorry for Minzy b/c it doesn’t feel like stylists pay attention to her. I thought we will see a different side now that she is an adult, at least making her wear shorts or putting her hair up, but NO, we get the same old covered dark Minzy..

    Anyway, I love my girl Dara from top to bottom..

    • It’s every groups concept, more like rule for a group, even long long time ago.. way way back. One should wear dress, the other should wear pants (tight), the other should wear baggy pants or something, the other should wear skirt, or shorts. Like that.

  20. LOVING DARA’S BLONDE HAIR SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!! Can’t wait for their comeback!!!!! They’re finally back, baby!!!!! <333

  21. I KNEW IT

  22. nHurs89 said:

    ♥♥♥!!!Cl hair’s style is not changing always like that!!! i want her 2 change it if they gonna comeback in sunday~~~
    dee♡♥♡ always brand new style^:^^”^
    i hope this outfit will be were in inkigayo,
    (dee brother is pink color and sister in blode!!)
    (they are perfect in color if hair)

    • Agree about CL’s hair and mostly she always pulled it aside like that whenever taking photos.

  23. Dara looks superior in blonde hair! She’s so chic, her hair, her expression and her outfit is perfect! please throw all the baggy pants and oversize shirts for this comeback. lol! 🙂 Can’t wait to see you girls!!

  24. Love love blonde Dara, she looks like an angel! I just wish they gave her a different outfit. y I still hope they will still surprise us with new outfit for the comeback

    • Sunrise Angel said:

      100% AGREED!!!YG, Please give our Dee beautiful outfits!!!Dammit!!!ugh…Why always Dee have the weirdest outfit/hairstyle??it’s unfair!!!Those stylist will go to the bottom hell!!ugh

  25. cyndikrystelle said:

    Dara-unnie is rockin’ it! 😍

  26. daisang said:

    dara’s hair is daebak! omo girls so gorgeous .. COOL Summer ^_^ I’m so excited!

  27. Dara & Minzy are most chic here and they look different. Bom & CL look pretty but they don’t show a new image.

  28. angel's wings said:

    i knew it! =) blond dara… ♥♥♥ love it…

  29. Omoooooo! Blonde dara! they all look gorg! Can’t wait. Super miss my queens! Outdoor MV juseyo?

  30. So pretty dara! Thad I did not expect this! She looks more like a vampire now… Glad porcelain skin plus the hair!

  31. Mollycoddle said:

    I guessed right – a blonde dara! My feels are off the charts right now guys!

  32. BabyLove said:

    Somehow most of us guessed shes going blonde… But but but… I want sexy Dara…

  33. omg i love it. blonde hair really suits her! cant wait for mv

  34. omg… CL so beautiful…. but Dara is my biased,. so perfect… 2ne1 fighting!!

    • I agree… CL looks gorgeous here.

      I can’t wait to have a better look of Blonde Dara. Hehe… no need for manips anymore. We have the real thing now!

  35. Yeah. Cant wait…. >.<

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