But of course he was just teasing her… ^_^

If you guys are wondering why, its because S. Baek Kyung owns a Curry Restaurant in Korea and Dara uploaded a photo of her eating curry in Japan! ^^ 



DARA: Curry for today~ Curry curry curry~

BAEK KYUNG: Hey you traitor…Okay I see how it is…ㅜ

DARA: Huk…………… @.@ Oppa I’m in Japan nowㅠㅠI just went to the place near my hotelㅠㅠ

Source: @krungy21 and @superfunkboy

Translated by: @kristinekwak

Comments on: "Twitter: 1TYM’s Baek Kyung to Dara (@krungy21) – “Hey you traitor…”" (4)

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  3. Dara when are going back to Seoul, as If you are enjoying your stay in Tokyo right now.kkk.

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