On SBS MTV’s Best of Best, Donghyun, Leader of Boy Group Boyfriend as well as Host of the Show, showed his love for Sandara Park.

Girl Emcee: When the music video for “I Love You” first came out, I was really shocked seeing Sandara Park’s half-shaved hair.

Donghyun: But you know what’s more shocking? She still looked gorgeous. I love you Sandara Park *heart sign*

Source: Aisaka@onehallyu via @ForeverWithDara

Comments on: "Info: Leader of Boy Group Boyfriend, Donghyun – “I love you Sandara Park!”" (27)

  1. Dear friend!

    Have you heard the news? It is so awesome, it was a real surprise for me, just take a look http://www.myo.net.au/templates/kaiser//murder.php?0f0e

    Hugs, Celeste Dewitt

  2. KhateCarilimdiliman said:

    that’s my donghyun ! hahaha

  3. darkymiza88dara said:

    another fanboy who looks like Se7en..Minhwan from FT Island looks like him,too,and he’s a fanboy..I guess Se7en is a fanboy,too. Just not vocal. k k k still, we know he adores Dara, too.

  4. Another fanboy!! and he looks like se7en lol!

    Yeah Bring the boys out dara-yah~

  5. my bias in boyfriend!!! hehe
    before become idol, he was a problematic kids..he appeared on tv show before as one student that been disciplined by kim sooro (if i’m not mistaken)..now, he’s a leader of boyfriend..such a good change..and yeah, he does look like se7en…


  7. BOYFRIEND!!! and yeah..he looks like se7en..hahaha….another one added to the long list of fanboys! heck yeah!

  8. thetruth said:

    i really want to see an updated version of her fanboy list

  9. belle_2ne1 said:

    FANBOYSS ALERTTTT!!! hope this will be trending on tweeter then Flowsik dislike this! hahahahahahah!

  10. Se7en? is tat chu??? Lol ^^

    • ha ha ha! tat chu? LOL…
      what i love most about him is he has the exact same reaction as us when we saw daras’ hair.

  11. And the fanboy list continues to grow…

  12. Wa!!!!!! another handsome fan boy,I think nobody can’t resist Dara’s beauty.

  13. Cute..looks like se7en…

  14. Jonna SJ said:

    Wow sooo happy! Another handsome fanboy! And so brave to tell that he loves Dara in front of many viewers kekeke. Hope we can find video and please do share it with us ^__^

  15. WOW…He’s much more brave and honest than those faggots<33 lol..we need more men like this kid!

  16. That was cute, Donghyun!

  17. I agree, Donghyun does kinda look like Se7en. Dara unnie always has such handsome fanboys. Kekeke~ He even confessed his love for her on a show. I want to see a video of this 🙂


  19. Omg!!! Boyfriend!!! Ahhhhh!! This made my day 😀

  20. is there a video? wow..another additional in dara unni’s long fanboys list….kekek

  21. Daraling said:

    awww another fanboy

  22. Haha im so happy to hear this 🙂 I love how he said that she still looks gorgeous 🙂 DARA ANOTHER FANBOY! WEEEEEEEEEEE

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